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  1. To my fellow kinsman, all the best to you. Please do not become a stranger. We hope to see you out and about. All the best, Mez xxx
  2. Canceled as the wind has completed changed! Strong easterlies now.
  3. Hey all, I haven’t posted on here for AGES! @igeighty and myself are heading down for a weekend Buggy & Blokart at Sandy Point (arriving Saturday and having a fly Sunday & Monday) Anyone else keen?
  4. Sorry Mark, I did t see you’re post. Looks like you had fun. What’s the camping situation down there now. The park was planning to sell off the camping area.
  5. Might come down for a day trip at least
  6. After a fabulous time over in SA, we've both got the feel again to be back in the buggy and blofly. With the COVID situation settling here in Victoria, what about re-booting a speed week? Thoughts?
  7. Mez

    Kingston 2021

    @cris italy just rocked up!
  8. Mez

    Kingston 2021

    Well Kingston SE 2021 is almost coming to an end for @igeightyand I. We’ve managed to get a buggy and a sail on both the beach and the Clay Pan this year. Both were in excellent condition. Lots of people in town this year, this year’s trip has coincided with the annual fishing competition, which means for two days, the beach is out of bounds, the Victorian Blokart Club have returned and a new arrival this year have been a 4x4 club with an expected attendance of roughly 400 vehicles. I’m sitting here in our annex and for the first time since we arrived, the rain is gently falling, @jhn.holgateand @Angus Johnstonewere venturing out to the pan, hopefully it’s not too sticky for them. This year’s attendance role :- @Mez @igeighty @roblukin@jhn.holgate @Angus Johnstone @Grants @BobM @Darren Tibbey @The Duke@AliNev and Most of the SA crew! Dougie Dougie Rob Dougie Rob Dougie Mez Mez
  9. I vaguely recall it was @OBEwan playing the music wasn’t it @jhn.holgate?
  10. Wind depending (and of cause restrictions lift) How does the 21st November sound for you all? @igeighty @jhn.holgate @nigel@bakersdozen @OBEwan @Angus Johnstone @.Joel @The Duke
  11. Awesome job @Angus Johnstone When this lockdown lifts, hopefully you can make it out for a buggy run with us! Might have to pull an over nighter at Sandy Point!
  12. I just got butterflies in my stomach from the excitement of possible dates!.......The Blow-fly will need a service!
  13. Mez

    Kingston 2021

    Hey @Kozzie, Kingston SE in an annual trip over to South Australia mid January with most of the Victorian's (and a handful from NSW and ACT and one WA) heading over to have a couple of weeks flying, buggying, chasing me in my blo-fly (Land Yacht) etc. But with the current boarder closures, it might be on hold for a while. All the best Mez
  14. Mez

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday @igeighty - Have a great day!
  15. Sorry @KaoS - I missed this post before posting my own "reach out" Hoping you and Mrs. Kaos are both well? It seems as though your lockdowns are a little different than Victoria's, seeing some kite flying in SA obeying social distancing. Victorian police are fining anyone who shouldn't be out. Essential Shopping, Education/Work, Exercise and Medical are the only activities we are allowed to attend. Exercise....I wonder if taking Tula the 38 Trilobite out for a walk is classified exercise? We're blessed with a big garden to keep us busy, but also blessed with the tall trees, so no garden flying. Stay safe, be strong, and KEEP SMILING Mez
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