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  1. 90km/h! Disability my arse. You have them fooled. πŸ˜€ Nice one my dude. πŸ‘Š
  2. Perfectly understandable. Looking forward to your continuing paticipation in the forum, sharing all your buggy experiences and knowledge with us. πŸ‘
  3. It’s true, kitesurfing is a hobby. 😝 Whereas kite buggy is an extreme sport. Few rise to the challenge. πŸ˜‰ Hope you find a wingman to join you. I hear there are some great beaches that way.
  4. That was a tight race with plently of give and take but you should have stopped to clean the lens. ☺️
  5. Jaysus! That ups clip! 😡 πŸ˜€
  6. Mmmmm tasty fish soup. Good rear camera action at 2:35 πŸ‘
  7. My advice, don't mention the flaw . 🀣🀐 ...sorry I don't know.
  8. Hey, thanks Jason!
  9. Yes! I never made the connection until you mentioned it. Haha.
  10. The first kitesurfing kites. I still have a (flown once) Wipka WIP! That kite scares me.
  11. Genetrix Shame that it's now out of business. I own both the 7m and 8m Genetrix Hydra and also a 9m that was stolen out the back of my trailer. The bar pressure is too high for most it seems but it is a beautifully stable kite. Built for extreme high wind, it was almost completely flat in flight thanks to its unique bridle support system that connects straight to the struts! It has an insane depower range and was perhaps the only tube kite that could safely be hot launched. It was the first kite to break both the 50 and 55 knot kiteboarding speed record at Luderitz and I was fortunate enough to take the UK buggy speed record back in 2019 using the 7m.
  12. Welcome to the forum both Chris and Steve. Years go by without a single member from my neck of the woods and then suddenly two guys come along at the same time. xD If you guys find yourselves heading for either Purley or Camber at some stage, then post up, If I'm not working I'll try and meet you there. Hey Chris, that's a sweet ride man. We'll have to meet up after lockdown and get you performing some burnouts. Cambersands is best. The clean wind down there will supercharge your progress. Inland is fine but it will frustrate no end, especially in the early days. You have a big advantage having already flown power kites and imo that's more than half the battle. You'll be laying down rooster tails in no time. Until then just jump in the bug and go. You'll soon figure it out. See ya Tom
  13. RedSky

    Sysmic S3

    Great looking bug! Look forward to a review, some pictures and maybe video when you finally get going.
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