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  1. Don't be ashamed. Here is my attempt at a repair. If I were you I would send the Rhino off for professional repair or try your hand with those aftermarket bladders. I've used a similar bladder company, I think it was U-Stick. You have to position and stick the new valves on yourself, but it was easy enough.
  2. Wow, that graph really tapered off to nothing. It feels accurate with my own experiences and of buggy friends who drifted away. Social media fragmented the forums but I did not follow them onto those platforms so I stayed and watched it get quieter and quieter. I'm optimistic, however, that the sport will one day make a return, because no matter how sophisticated people become in their lives, there's nothing like harnessing the power of the wind for a free ride. Just as there'll always be sailing, so too will the possibility of kite traction. It has a future, it will be rediscovered and t
  3. (P) Peter Lynn Race ( rear suspension ) (U) VTT series of bugs by Van (U) Trikbitz Dust Devil (NFI) Ivanpah Race Buggy (U) PTW Superbug
  4. I'd be first in the queue for a couple of super 10s. 😍
  5. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.... I hope you succeed. There were some great kite and buggy reviews on Racekites I remember, in particular the Libre SuperTruck that convinced me to buy one. Shame we lost the Arc calculator recently. These archives need saving.
  6. Go big or go back to bed.
  7. Thanks Mfwetu, Thanks andy. Yeah I got lucky with the wind that weekend. Perfect timing, for once. Just got back from another evening session. Soaked through, a long drive home with wet sandy socks and gritty underpants. The wind strength and direction wasn't quite as good this time but if the footage is worth something then I will post up. ? Cheers.
  8. A video from last Sunday testing a gps speedometer that finally arrived from China on the Friday before. I bought it on Amazon without checking the delivery times or where it was coming from. I just assumed it was being shipped locally, so I ended up waiting a whole month for it to arrive. So I was impatient to try it out that same weekend and hurriedly mounted onto the bug using an old funnel which I had laying around, but it worked out better than expected, although it did cause a lot of vibration as you will see. I have since modded it to hopefully prevent this for next time. In t
  9. I hadn't followed them in a while, not since around 2010. Had thought they were still in the game with tube kites. Yeah, a real shame, and yes, the Blades will forever be my favourite FB too.
  10. Some speculation on another forum that Flexifoil is gone. Does anyone know more? Pity, seems like the end of an era.
  11. Hey John, how you doing?
  12. Wow, 5 times in a row! So you're the one. Thanks A year is too long. I'm about the same as you. Less than a handful of sessions last year. Summertime here means a packed beach full of families, loose dogs and a hundred kiteboarders all on top of each other. Maybe that will be my next video, just avoiding gear, and power sliding into sand castles. I do miss the winter storms and empty beaches. Not to wish the summer away of course, it can wait. Enjoy your beach time and consider uploading a video sometime, I'm always keen to see where and how other people fly.
  13. Great choice of kite!!!! Well done, you now own the fastest kite on earth. The 6m is my dream purchase but its prohibitively expensive. We now expect some buggy speed records from you. Before that happens, fly to Gatwick airport. I will pick you up, drive you to Cambersands, spend the day showing you the ropes and drive you back to the airport. Take a look at the guy doing 0-142kph in just 5 seconds using a 6m switchblade. @jeffnyc Did you get out ? I had a session yesterday, my first since January I think. Heading out again on Tuesday. Hopefully to get some footage for Super
  14. Unlike jeffnyc I am stalking you. And i know what you did last summer. The 8m Jeff suggests would be a great starting point. Also roblukin is quite correct, LEI's are a different beast and you really do need to know what you're doing. We can help with set up procedure. Out of interest, what are you riding ?
  15. Hey Tiger, You are correct my good sir. I believe you mentioned that you had your honeymoon close by in Rye? I do love this beach, although its less than ideal for speed runs. You have to get the power down straight away if you want to go fast or you'll run out of room quick, so gale force winds at a minimum. The kite is a Genetrix Hydra 7m, a great storm kite yet pulls strongly from 35kph. The canopy is extremely flat, held rigid by a bridle that connects directly to the struts. This makes it possible for the kite to be that flat. The canopy stiffens also as the wind increases
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