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  1. Welcome to the forum both Chris and Steve. Years go by without a single member from my neck of the woods and then suddenly two guys come along at the same time. xD If you guys find yourselves heading for either Purley or Camber at some stage, then post up, If I'm not working I'll try and meet you there. Hey Chris, that's a sweet ride man. We'll have to meet up after lockdown and get you performing some burnouts. Cambersands is best. The clean wind down there will supercharge your progress. Inland is fine but it will frustrate no end, especially in the early day
  2. RedSky

    Sysmic S3

    Great looking bug! Look forward to a review, some pictures and maybe video when you finally get going.
  3. This is how it starts. Enjoy the journey!
  4. I know, the title sucks. This is a short video. Just me out riding while testing my new storm kite, a secondhand eBay special, a barely used 5m Cabrinha SwitchBlade. I have been wanting one for years but they've always been too expensive new and I have never known them to come up for sale second-hand in this size, until now. To be honest, this video is not worth watching expect maybe for the squall at the beginning which i found interesting. No speed run this time as the wind died down after the squall to about 24 -27 knots with a cross-cross-on direction which meant I was bugg
  5. Love that scenery! You're doing really well especially when you consider the less than ideal surface. Just one word of advice for future reference, please ensure that you capture all OBE's on video for our entertainment. This is a must. Keep them coming. 😃
  6. Yeah I was watching it last night, a couple of times in fact. I was thinking you should be dragging a lawn mower behind you. You did better than my first attempt! I could only travel in one direction and then walk back. I was also curious to find your location on Google maps and realised that I past through the Geelong area when I was travelling around Australia back in 2009. It's not everyday we get to hear that someone has decided to start buggying, so I hope you keep with it and keep posting up your progress with more videos.
  7. RedSky

    The Chase

    Thanks John! Yeah i think these cameras are great. The stabilisation on the new gopros are really impressive now. Checkout my video from last year called Super Tracks where i really go all out on the 360.
  8. RedSky

    The Chase

    Thanks! Yes, the dreamy vibe.That's the vibe I was getting too whilst editing so I just went with it. Before I start editing videos I first choose the music and then edit the footage around it, letting the video go its own way. There is never a plan. 😄 It's just the way it turns out. I used a gopro fusion, so two lenses, one either side of the camera. You may have noticed that one of the lenses is a bit cloudy in the video which probably contributed to the dream like feel. So the lenses are very easily damaged. Over the summer I bought the GoPro Max which comes with lens protectors.
  9. RedSky

    The Chase

    Thanks Joel ! Haha, the speedometer is a GPS unit running off a 12v battery. It works great. I also stuck a funnel over the speedo as I thought it would provide some shade making it more readable in strong sunlight but the opposite was true, so I have since removed it. Here's a video of my first outing with it if you're interested.
  10. RedSky

    The Chase

    Thanks Angus! Yeah, I've been wanting to use that piece of music for a long time but I wasn't sure if anyone would appreciate it, especially coming from 1978. Glad that you and Randy liked it. Maybe I do have taste in music after-all ! xD
  11. RedSky

    The Chase

    Video silliness from my last outing back in July. Hope you enjoy
  12. Don't be ashamed. Here is my attempt at a repair. If I were you I would send the Rhino off for professional repair or try your hand with those aftermarket bladders. I've used a similar bladder company, I think it was U-Stick. You have to position and stick the new valves on yourself, but it was easy enough.
  13. Wow, that graph really tapered off to nothing. It feels accurate with my own experiences and of buggy friends who drifted away. Social media fragmented the forums but I did not follow them onto those platforms so I stayed and watched it get quieter and quieter. I'm optimistic, however, that the sport will one day make a return, because no matter how sophisticated people become in their lives, there's nothing like harnessing the power of the wind for a free ride. Just as there'll always be sailing, so too will the possibility of kite traction. It has a future, it will be rediscovered and t
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