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  1. there is a review for the 3.6 here thanks Joel for bringing racekites back to life edit : lol, trumped by the benevolent dictator above
  2. its a quadrifoil. As it states in the description.. 'Mentone 3194. Quadrifoil "Party" model power kite. Super fun either just to fly or to pull buggy, skis, etc. Comes with instructions and bonus 13 editions of "Kite Passion" magazine from the 90s...Contactless pick up.' $120
  3. igeighty

    Happy Birthday

    I do not know how I missed this thanks Mezz, Joel and Trevor. Thanks, I had a good day. drank some scotch. looked outside, ate some food. Reminds me of an old midnight oil lyric. 'One more day of eating and sleeping' 50 years ? far out I didn't think I would make 30
  4. Gday, the larger 36, which has a body about 5.5m wide by 6.5 long has a fair amount of pull, we generally anchor it down to the car with 1200 kg spectra. It is probably a little overkill however I generally do not fly it over 15 knots. Being so large it can fly in as low as 3-5 knots with no problems and is very floaty. the little 3m guys do not have a very large lifting surface at all and can be flown on 120 pound spectra. the larger two 36 and 16 I generally launch with long line launch. Once they are in place and no children are hanging off the tails. The smaller ones can g
  5. We have increased the trilobite family to 8 now. They are all white with red eyes. The new additions are a pair of small 3 m another 7m and a 10m The collection is now 3,3,3,7,7,10,16 and 36m The smaller 6 can effectively fly themselves tethered. But the larger 16 and 36 definitely need a minder i can’t get photos in the air just yet, but the day will come when we can get outside to fly again.
  6. Thanks Joel. For being tenacious enough to persevere with this project. Your passion for this is amazing. Also for your dedication to the sport and its history. If anyone can do this mate, its you.
  7. thanks Nigel, that's a great list of tides. we will be there
  8. Three of the 'Tribe' 36,16 and baby 3. Taken from this angle, they all appear roughly same dimensions. have fun dougie..
  9. digging up an old thread.. I just finished watching this film. you can view it here in its entirety. https://www.imdb.com/videoplayer/vi4216763673 quite amazing skill,
  10. Hi Grants, If you do get the landseglers. It may be an idea to get the 100mm wide ones, they are excellent as Skinnies but still wide enough to allow you to run on the softer beach, Ill Give you a run on mine at Kingston. regards. Dougie
  11. glad you are still getting out there for him mate. He will always be there watching. regards. Dougie.
  12. hi @Chookie, Yes mate, I love them, a couple of weeks ago at a small kite event in western Victoria I had a good play with Ricky Bakers 10m Trilobite. I think I was hooked. then I saw these white ones for sale on Ali, I knew I had to have them. I bought myself some decent spectra, 100m of 175kg,750kg and 1200kg and ordered the 36 and 7, and the jellyfish (Blob Marley) for mezz. Up at the Eden whale festival, Ian Burrell had a 2m the wind was cracking 35-40 knots and the little 2m was right at home. I will get myself a 3 and a 16 also this Monday all in white.. (Ali express has
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