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  1. Its the next big trip. Anyone that hasn't been or has been. try and get to Kingston, I heard a rumour that the godfather of kite buggy will be gracing us with his presence. Kingston is located 6 hours west of Melbourne and 3 hours from Adelaide. Great beaches. the beach from Kingston to goolwa is approx 150klm. When it is dry, there is a gypsum dry lake just out of town. the main week is the week leading up to and including Australia Day. but most are heading from the 13th Jan onwards. 2 weeks of buggy and kiting fun. see you there ?
  2. igeighty


    Let me know how much it sells for I’d be keen to offload a few of mine. good luck with the sale.
  3. igeighty


    Here is a few I prepared earlier.. how much do you want for yours @Tj ha ? please post up a price when selling:)
  4. igeighty


    @Angus Johnstone I wonder if you are into American version ?
  5. Nice one mate. Portable and lightweight. @Chook would be proud of your ingenuity.
  6. A few years back we had Trevor from Canberra come and have a buggy on the field. the kites are inside the local horse track. And there is a massive area for any kind of kites. I will see you there. Look for the yobbo with the mullet. PS al the fields are bright yellow at the moment. Making a surrea backdrop for any kites. hope to see you there Matt. It’s been a while
  7. Or else Martin at GT Race would probably be able to fab one for you ? with the garden fork, remove the two centre tangs. And onto the outer two, weld a couple of washers. justa thought while in the office with the plumbing.
  8. How good are you with a welder ? A garden fork with a few mods could work. Strap it across the axle. I know what you mean about the rope. I had our expert splicer mr Rob lukin make me up a shame line. the GT is lovely also to sit in and hand paddle:)
  9. I fly with fixed bridle kites. That is with two handles. Each controlling two lines. Front and brakes. the ozone explore and most (all?) fly surfers are flown with a bar control method. it depends what you want to fly really. Or can already fly ? I admit I tried to fly a depower (bar) fllysurfer sonic. I bought it an thought you beaut. How hard could it be.. well I could not get my head around it. 30 of years of two and four line power kites just trained me the wrong way. I could launch and land the sucker for sure, but my brain wouldn’t let me fly it. I couldn’t get past the ‘it’s not got four lines’ I passed it to a friend who instantly tamed it and pegged 70+ kph. TLDR handles versus bar.. I think most kites these days will be bar only ? Not sure of anyone but flexifoil selling fixed bridle kites anymore. another mate fly bar kites and nothing else. whatever you fly. Just send it! and yes I am keen to head to a beach. Time to ignite the old crew ?
  10. I can be dragged out for a run if you twist the arm better do it sooner than later while we still afford the juice
  11. I wish you the very best Trevor. I’m glad to have met you and buggies together.. Most of Adelaide buggy pilots are in blokarts now. So not a lot of us around any more All the best mate. Hope to catch up again one day. best regards. Dougie
  12. Bill can you please post photos. Your location and a price asking.
  13. Hi kite, peter Lynn reactor is still available.. they show as ‘instock’ https://www.buggykiteshop.com/kite/peter-lynn-reactor-ii.html flexifoil are also remaking the blade.
  14. Exactly that. That is a ‘delta’ they fly pretty well if balanced and are quite stable. and if he doesn’t like it, it looks good on the wall. just beware that the line might not be tied onto the end of the handle. So when you let it all out you buy another kite
  15. igeighty


    Gday Wesley. howsit going mate ?
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