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  1. Really excited about snowkiting this winter, Last year i had a broken shoulder and new born son, so this year im doing double to make up for my lack of riding in 2016. In Preperation:- My wife and work have been informed of my plans to ride lots. I have purchased seasons and resort access passes for Falls creek (because conditions can never be counted on). Lodge bookings have been made, with flexibility. Lots of good deeds and Karma points, which will hopefully be exchanged for great conditions. Share the stoke, so please make yourself known if you plan on ri
  2. I've gone through and looked at the Autumn tides for Waratah Bay, spotting the best days available for us to land kite. We can either do day trips down there, or quick over-nighters staying in the Waratah Bay Caravan Park. Subscribe/Follow this topic to keep up to date etc.
  3. Just wondering if anyone is available on Friday or Saturday? Need someone who can fly depower kites to help with some photos. Require a big open space so I'll come to you if that's easier.
  4. Sandy Point Christmas Run, Monday 21st December Nigel & I are heading down to Sandy Point for the day, anyone that wishes to join us is welcome. Fantastic time for low tide and excellent winds on the horizon.
  5. House 1 is now FULL.Now taking bookings for House 2.BOOK HERE: http://www.extremekites.com.au/store/category/2-event-passes/ Forthcoming Camping Accommodation is extremely limited, we have about 4 spots in total and they will be made available once we've filled House 2.
  6. We're hitting the beach for Christmas. Come join us on a Sandy Point day trip this Monday! Meet at the carpark 11:00am.
  7. Nigel and I are meeting at BP around 11am for a couple of hours to rig up, briefly test fly and photograph some new kites and make sure they're setup correctly before going off for review. Anyone is welcome to come toy around with some gear I'll have with me.
  8. I'm just wondering if any of you fine gentlemen are free from work encumbrances this coming week? I have Wednesday and Thursday free and the wind forecast looks pretty promising. Assuming the rain stays away, there might be a chance of getting out on the buggy. Failing that I was thinking of maybe attending the Energy Storage Council Conference at Jeff's Shed on one of those days https://www.energystorage.org.au/event/energy-storage-council-conference/ Anyone interested? OBEwan
  9. Was originally planning a trip to Box Hill for some lens buying, but some machinery replacement costs have killed that idea. However, Sunday's low tide is really low for 13th (.11m) at 12.46pm so maybe a trip to 13th? Moderate southerlys predicted. What say ye?
  10. Rosebud Kite Festival is running over the Labour Day Weekend, seeing as we are making the trip to Sandy Point before Labour Day then perhaps a trip to this years festival for some of us may be of interest. The festival runs on Sunday 8th March, from 11am to 5pm. More info can be found at http://rosebudkitefestival.com.au
  11. Sandy Point Pre-Labour 2015 Meet Majority has voted, dates and information below. Anyone requiring accommodation, I need to know by Sunday 15th Feb if you're coming and staying. Where is it happening? We meet at Sandy Point, a small town based on the coast of Waratah bay. It is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Dates / Tides / Agenda Friday 27th : 1:01pm Low Tide : Check In Saturday 28th : 1:45pm Low Tide Sunday 1st : 2:33pm Low Tide Monday 2nd : 3:29pm Low Tide : Check Out Accommodation You can book yourself some accommodation through Extreme Kites or organise
  12. Short notice..... Tomorrow looking pretty good both on willy weather and guru , no rain 3pm low tide 0.3 m Any interest ?
  13. Straight onshore wind forecast of 16-17 knots. Low tide at 5pm. Beach was in really good nic on Friday so I'm thinking one last quick trip down before work kicks in.
  14. That's tomorrow folks Low tide around midday, SE'erly wind 14 knots, weekday, kiddies back at school.....what say ye? (or 13th Beach is wind doesn't turn out to be easterly enough)
  15. Anyone up for session today at Elwood westerly for sure. Jolli
  16. We head down for a week at Narrawomg Victoria camp site are limited (non power only ) I be there from the 4/01/15 to 10/01/15 anyone like to join please let me know by text organize the camp site today or tomorrow my number is 0490.176.986 ps Mary and Dough I have not get your number pls send me a text lovely to meet you but away rita said hello to everyone she also ask me way ta frack you guis let me go back home in time
  17. Hi Folks, anyone up for a session at Elwood tommorow afternoon, looks like a westerly later in thed day 2 pm onwards. JOLLI
  18. Just got to Elwood waiting for the cool change Anyone untested Jolli
  19. Hi All, Below are the details for the Speed Week 2014 meet. Where is it happening? We meet at Sandy Point, a small town based on the coast of Waratah bay. It is approximately 2.5 hours drive from Melbourne. Event Agenda Saturday 1st November: Arrival / Casual Flying Sunday 2nd November: BBQ Night from 7:00pm onwards. Prizes & Giveaways. Monday 3rd November: Casual Flying, 7:00pm - 8:00pm GKC/VKA Club Discussion. Tuesday 4th November: Departure / Casual Flying Accommodation You can book yourself some accommodation through Extreme Kites or organise your own. $139 Singl
  20. have first run today and my bill as not finish there split axle manage to repair whit super silicon tape
  21. As many know, I wound up my retail kite business in Geelong earlier this year. I am now finally getting around to following up on the kite club (as the registered 'public officer' and treasurer, I am still getting bank statements and requests for annual statements to consumer affairs). I emailed Joel twice in 2012 (6/10 and 15/10) to try and complete the cancellation process but received no reply. It seems the creation of the VKA has stalled / gone nowhere, but this unfortunately raises issues as to how the funds of the GKC was spent. As a club that was there for the benefit of member
  22. Might head to Elwood In the morning tomorrow if anyone's interested ? He there around 10 ish
  23. Spent Friday arvo at 13th beach - in good nic and even though it's not a really low tide, still easily managed a couple hours on it. Sat's forecast is a 12 knot southerly (pretty similar to today's (fri)). Wasn't really thinking of another trip down so soon but the forecast does look a little tempting. What say ye?
  24. Low tides between 1 and 2:30 pm for coming week end and light onshore winds, so why not have a Fathers Day land kite session at 13th Beach? Do we need an excuse? Zac (Son) and I (Dad) will be heading out on the Sunday to 13th beach after a breakfast (translate, a long breakfast) with kites and landboards (perhaps even the gliders). Winds are light, will keep an eye on the weather to see if Saturday is more suitable. But gunning for Sunday at the moment. None Dads welcome as well. . Regards, Norman.
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