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  3. Yes, hard to believe 10 years have passed. Andy was pretty quick to come say G'day and welcome any new comers to the oval. Definitely earned the name AndyFly. He loved to jump that buggy of his. Braver than me on those inland winds.
  4. The videos with NASA stars show these are stable kites which make me think that these are excellent and good value for money. Would a NASA Star4 in 4 or even 5.5 metres be good choices. Would I need at least a 5.5 metres. I have reorganised my Peter Lynn buggy and put a Kayak Seat “Seak”, tied to the side rails with steel hose clamps, once the straps are adjusted correctly, It feels much better, with a good back rest, a bit on the side which stabilises the body.
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  6. Hi @Tomato, thanks for the response! I’m happy to report that since putting the call out I’ve come into possession of THREE! So that will do me, but thanks again! Angus
  7. Are you still looking for North Shore Radical kites? I have 2 let me know “reply to the thread I will get a notification.” Al “Edit:email removed”
  8. 90km/h! Disability my arse. You have them fooled. 😀 Nice one my dude. 👊
  9. oops, I'm back in nz now
  10. Hi @hd1pwelcome to Extreme Kites! Where about are you from and what kind of buggy do you have?
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    Buying Your First Landboard

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  12. hi guys and gals, my 10 year old is hooked after 1 session on my buggy that is 25 years old! I need a new seat for mine and a new buggy for him, anyone know or have 1 to sell please?
  13. Amzing photos and looks like you really had great time. I've been to Italy a lot of times, it's my dream to buy property in Sicily here. I hope I will be able to do so in the nearest 5 years.
  14. Hello! Nice to meet you 🙂
  15. Looks very nice!
  16. Coyotes are so old at this point I'd think the only way to really find them (beyond crazy good luck at some flea market or garage sale) would be on eBay or some similar type of online second-hand portal. I did see a couple of pairs of Coyotes for sale on eBay just now in the US that might work for you. If you do end up needing to venture beyond the Rollerblade brand then I would recommend looking here: https://www.der-rollenshop.de/Offroad-Crossskates Good luck!
  17. Have a look at posts by @windstruckon this forum. He put together a few pairs of skates a couple of years ago and may be able to help you with sourcing boots for your Coyotes. If he doesn’t see this post try send him a pm. He’s also active on the PkF site
  18. How long are you in yeppoon for mate? I’m heading up on early Friday morning.
  19. Well, I've seen the Powerslide site a few times. I have 6 Powerslide wheels on my Coyotes. They do sell 150mm wheels, but they initially didn't make inline skates for these wheels. Only recently they began making two models, one with three 150mm inflatable wheels and one with two, that are pretty much a copy of the Coyote. I just don't want to throw away the Coyote frames and wheels (tires). Also, I'm not gonna pay 500€ for a pair of skates to use them a few times a year. Also, I live in Brazil, and there's shipping and 60% tax on top of that (price + shipping costs). So, that would get pretty close to 1000€. All I want is a pair of boots. And Rollerblade was no help at all.
  20. I don't know if the boots would fit the Coyote frames but it might be an idea to check out the powerslide skates https://powerslide.com/
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