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  2. Look open cell depower kites. Probably around the 8m mark to start with. kites like the ozone access are ideal. try to buy a kite that come with the original bar. A lot of the land based kites have different safety systems then water based kites.
  3. Hi All, New to land boarding and after some advice on gear. After lots of reading between the cons and pros of FB Vs Depower, I think I’d like to go down the depower route long term. Do you have some recommendations on kites I should look at, and also some recommendations on control bars? I'm Tassie based, have access to both beach and inland and weigh around 100kgs. I’d like to work upto being able to jump and trick when more experienced. I will also be putting tine in on a trainer kite as well. Thanks in advance for the info. Cheers, Donkey
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  5. My advice, don't mention the flaw . 🤣🤐 ...sorry I don't know.
  6. Hello - back in 2008, I think, I bought a HQ NEO 8m de-power kite, first generation. My son and me were flying flexifoil kites on nearby heath, and thought we'd experiment, but just used this a few times and am under pressure to clear out / sell it!. I do remember reading once that there was a fundamental flaw in this first generation NEO's - does anyone with very long memories know anything about this??
  7. They are nice and warm in their big round bag. From 1.4m to 8.5m, a big quiver should I need it. Tend to use either ARC's or foils these days. BUT, their is one little kite that gets a run every now and then, the old Mark one 1.8m Beamer!! The kite I was told, was not designed to be used in a buggy. It's so soft and floppy, hours of use in silly winds. It just keeps flying!! It folds it's self up when you land it, even when your not finished flying! You should see @Jason cringe when I pull this kite out. There is a two string arrow head shaped stunter from 1988 (my first kite) in my kite quiver, got a run with Alex last time out. And there is a 2.5m (3.6m wing span) Peel from 1998, that I have kept.
  8. the old Peter Lynn F-arcs usually get a fly when I buggy at Easter. for kitesurfing my go to kites are still the peter Lynn venom2’s or flysurfer speed 3’s. All of them great kites, which I can’t justify replacing just yet. Now where is @nigel with his old c-quads 😂
  9. PL Phantom 1 FTW! On land board mainly (speeds/souls on water). Though more and more I reach for my 12m speed 5 instead. But definitely something to be said for that Phantom spongy goodness in crappy wind I'm sure folks here are on older arcs or farcs... What's yours Joel?
  10. What's the oldest kite people currently own that they still fly? Some of us have old kites that we keep for nostalgia, however what's the oldest one that's still part of your active kit that you pull out when you need it?
  11. Absolute bargain 9m sonic 2 for only $150!! https://m.facebook.com/groups/567372513400899/permalink/2029727497165386/
  12. Course special: The chase
  13. $380 for the Vmax. I'll hold on to the cheesburger wrapper.
  14. $100 buggy Lake Macquarie NSW http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/1281471354?
  15. Did you come up with a draft design in the end?
  16. I would really like to try and use the program i.c.w. the work posted on Laboratori d'envol to try some single skin kite designs -- perhaps in co operation with some savvy diy-ers to try different variables. I've got a bunch of decertified // outdated paragliders at my disposal for the cutting so I'm not short on fabric & bridle material.
  17. Hi Axe, Unfortunately I don't have any other videos. The hang time seemed average to me for a kite this size and it's aspect ratio. But also I fly a Flysurfer Soul as my main kite and have only had a couple of sessions on the Unik, so I'm used to insane hang time and wasn't expecting anything special with the Gong Unik. But I am still very impressed with it for the purpose I got it for, which was an occasional high wind kite and for the odd lesson I might get.
  18. hi Pari...how is hang time in Gong Unik? do you have more videos?
  19. That's incredible. Nice work. I always love the BMX bike action.
  20. I have no experience with them or any other 5 line kites sorry. My Chrono's are a bit more forgiving (lower aspect ratio)than the full race kites but still perform well. Just not quite as quick.
  21. I notice that there is the Chrono and the Chrono exp, right? The chrone exp is used as a snow kite, and the vid shows you can easily land alone! what about this kite for the buggy? would it be a good engine, fast enough compared to my vapors?
  22. Yes I mainly kite buggy by myself. I use the Ozone 4 line race bar and when you release the chicken loop the bar slides up a single power line. I fly as low to the ground as possible and then release. Best to get someone to wrap their arms around the bottom 1/3 of the kite to land you to avoid this. Dont grab a tip of a race foil as the internal reinforcing straps dont go all the way to the last few cells on each side and can tear easily. I have to be honest sometimes the lines and bridle does get really tangled in strong winds as it flaps about while I'm getting to the kite it to sand it down. I have the original Ozone R1's and they are MUCH more robust than the series 2's,3's or 4's. The material is much stronger on the originals and it's great, as they will wear on the front leading edges where the plastic profile retainers are inserted at the front of the ribs, if used on sharp salt, clay or shells. I also have an 8m R1 Version 2 and it's a much more delicate/thinner material (but much lighter) thats easily prone to ripping, or cells ripping through the air holes if it hits the ground badly. I bought it cheaply damaged and it was an increadible amount of work to repair it. Never flown an PL Aero so cant compare their performance. You wont be disapointed with depower!
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