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  3. Haakon K

    Sysmic S3

    I'll surely do that, when I get axles and wheels. If you take it all apart, it fits nicely into a bag, considering wheels ofc. The frame feels very well made, sadly I wont get to ride it for months, probably - we got snow now, and freezing temperatures for weeks ahead.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Manual for the F-One 2006 Tribal Kitesurf Kites.
  5. I'd love a Top of the Line North Shore Radical to add to my growing collection of TOTL kites. A long shot I'm sure, but I just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone has one which they'd be willing to part with... Cheers all!
  6. Randy

    Sysmic S3

    When you have a bit of time I would love to see some pictures of how it folds up into the bag, how big it is and that sort of thing. Be nice to know how long it takes to set up also. It really looks great!
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  8. Haakon K

    Sysmic S3

    yeah-well, not under the tree after all. But half a buggy arrived express just the other day, from China even(!). Also e-mailed with Chris, wheels, pegs and backaxle is on the way soon. It all fit together nicely, just slightly excessive long straps... 😄
  9. Mezz mentioned that she had her permits to me yesterday and I thought 'permits'? What permits? Thought I'd better look it up. Sure enough, if you're coming from interstate you need to fill in an online form and print it out so you can show it to police if stopped. Only takes a couple of minutes and I got an approval email within minutes of doing it. I have no idea how many of the roads into S.A. are patrolled and if you're likely to be stopped, but I didn't know we needed a permit to travel to S.A. from Vic (or elsewhere). Online form is here: S.A. Police travel application I'll be hea
  10. Happy new year all! Just spotted this buggy on Facebook if anyone is in the market - location is VIC and price has been reduced to $250: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1042082622933234/
  11. Happy 2021 everybody- let’s hope there is more opportunity to get those kites out this year. Take care one and all!
  12. I vaguely recall it was @OBEwan playing the music wasn’t it @jhn.holgate?
  13. Bugger. If they sell that, there'll be nowhere left for vans/tents at the caravan park. Waratah Bay was getting $$$ and Shallow Inlet was Yobboville last time I was there. (Doug and Mez were playing loud music till 3am). Anakie CP is nice but a bit of a drive. We'll have to all jump on @mik333's site at Foster. Surely Mick won't mind.....
  14. @.Joel are you thinking about setting up a permanent kiting HQ? It would make last minute weekend trips a lot easier So has anyone in Vic been out for a kite lately?
  15. Interesting..... https://www.sej.com.au/properties/lots-4-8-beach-pde-sandy-point-vic-3959/
  16. Cheers mate, but I already have one 😄
  17. I have a few different sizes of Coyotes available without brakes. I also am in need of coyote brake parts.
  18. For those needing a buggy........ This Wednesday and Thursday, Venus bay. A perfect onshore at 11-16 knots, low tide at 1pm and 1:50pm
  19. Found this when moving house in amongst my kite stuff. If anyone is interested let me know. @andy666 ??
  20. Hello, I need coyote brake parts or entire skates. Please contact me if you have any.
  21. Haha, yes there is a gallery dedicated to the boards out of this thread. Now, we want a video please 😃
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