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  3. Cheers @RedSky! I've already invested in a kite upgrade (a NS2 3.2m thanks to @jhn.holgate) and am hoping to get out for a session this arvo. Updates to follow
  4. This is how it starts. Enjoy the journey!
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  6. Hello Pari. How are your impressions of the wheels? Unfortunately the wheels that I printed on PLA broke on their own, even without using the skateboard, it was enough to put 20 pounds of pressure on them and they broke like yours, the ABS wheels are still firm, the problem that printing in ABS is very difficult due to the detachment of the table piece and the warp. But let's try.
  7. Looks good John, new to this forum business (excuse my ignorance), can we private message? also I’ve got a reply from Germany Angus, again can we private message & I’ll forward info to you. thanks guys looking forward to connecting with you both.
  8. This one sold right away, but I have another one available.
  9. Cheers @jhn.holgate, sometimes simple is best eh?! Can’t wait to try it out with the NS2, auspost tracking tells me it could be here tomorrow! 🤞
  10. I have a well used 2.5m NS 2, spare bar and should be able to sus out a pair of lines for it. This one without the handles. ps: this thing has a lot of pull for a 2.5m. Way more than my 2.5m Ozone Imp Quattro.
  11. Yep, pool noodles are essential buggyier kit!!
  12. I’ve sent an email enquiry, awaiting a response @"Angus Johnstone" I’ll let you know how I get on.
  13. This is a Cavaliers du Ciel STX 2.1 standard, made in France, in very good condition. It has 6mm leading edge and upper spreader spars, P200 spine, and Avia G-Force lower spreaders. The STX series of kites were very popular on the competition circuit in the earlier 2000s. There is a small cut near the upper spreader rub patch; the cut has been patched neatly with clear tape, see photo. There is also some staining on the Icarex in places, most noticeable on the white panels. The outer standoff fittings have punched through the mylar reinforcement, which seems to be typical of these kites.
  14. Hi @Muzhen - I'm looking out for some larger size Nasa Stars, so have just replied on that forum regarding the 4m and 5.5m kites. If they are still available and ok to be sent to Aus, we could even share the postage (if you are keen on the 2.5 😀). Just a thought!
  15. Glad you noticed! I couldn't resist when I saw the red and blue... Cheers @Tiger37 - looking forward to testing it out!
  16. and you have even got port and starboard colors! Good solution.
  17. I saw add for nasa star kites on french forum, many sizes http://lesfoilz.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=18&t=5003
  18. My wife has been asking me about the strange bruises on my hips - it took me a while to work out what they are from too... A possible solution?
  19. Anyone wanting to sell a 2.5sqm Born-Kite NASA STAR -3 or -4? Preferably complete with bar & lines, wanting to get the kids into kiting & need something to tow their billy cart (large wheels) around the park. Joel from this forum, also my son's name recommended these kites & the reviews look pretty impressive. cheers MUZ (Port Fairy)
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  21. Awesome, something for me to work towards perhaps!
  22. Absolutely! Though the performance / speed / versatility is no doubt superior with the Longstar 2's, it comes at increased cost and complexity. Same with the Flysurfer Peak 2. Great kites for getting into depowers while maintaining a pretty gentle learning curve.
  23. Same as the title WTB Flysurfer 10m SOUL
  24. I’m sure John would also speak highly of Born kites Longstar 2
  25. You're a champion @jhn.holgate! Gusty inland winds are EXACTLY what I'm contending with. I'm definitely keen to try flying with a bar too... Ok, I'll send you a message!
  26. I've got a 3.2m black and white NS2 which may suit. It's the same as the one in the Dreams of Sand vid but just not the XK colors. Not sure if I've rigged it with a z bridle but that's not too tricky to do. I still think they're better on the bar - just bloody simple. And I'm a big fan of just popping the trapeze loop onto the harness and taking a load off the arms. With the 3.2m, you'd lose a couple of knots on the low end but gain 'em back on the top end. Can't beat them for gusty inland winds but performance is a little slower than a low aspect foil as everyone who has gone blasting p
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