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  2. Yeh Bob. I fly in on the 30th March and depart on the 27th April. Rob Lukin's organized and Pete from New Zealand is coming as well.
  3. Will be at Driftwood from the 5th to the 12th of April
  4. This one I might be able to get to Arboretum Kite Fest - National Arboretum (act.gov.au) BobM
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    Free land board and a box of kite spares. I’m clearing out so it comes as a lot, collection only.
  8. Hi @Branden Lawsonwelcome to Extreme Kites! Your on the right track with what your looking for in depower kite size ie. you mention an 8 meter. 8 - 10 meter depowers should have you going in the wind range you mentioned. Not sure what the used market is like in your area, however you could look for a used Ozone Access 10m which is friendly to learn depower with and is very forgiving with gusts. You could even look for a 9m frenzy too if available which would have as much power as the 10, just a little more advanced kite great for land boarding. Depends on what is around for you - second hand is always a good option to learn depower kites and then if you wanted to buy a new kite, you'd probably then be more comfortable going bigger as you'll know how to manage the kite and utilise the depower and power when you need it. Many advantages with the safety systems too in gusty weather. Let us know what your options might be and someone will always chime in to give you a helping hand.
  9. I’ve been using an assortment of fixed bridle kites for the last year including the 5&6meter twisters, 4.9 blade, and 3.5 rage. I’ve recently started Land boarding and my usual winds are 7-15mph with some inland/ mountain gusts in the upper end. I’m interested in trying a Depower foil but I’m not really sure what size and model to buy to provide good power in lower to moderate winds but not kill me in gusts. I like the speed that the FB blade provides but it’s sketchy in gusty conditions. I’ve been looking at the HQ Apex and Peter lynn Lynx in the 8meter range but I’m not sure if those are going to be sluggish or even the right size to get me going. I really like the performance of my FB 3.5 rage on the board but it typically doesn’t have enough power so I think I’m after a more powerful Depower equivalent. And help and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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  11. I got a set of barrows from my local tyre shop. Take the rims with you and see what they say - it can't hurt to ask
  12. Yep it's got to go $2000 for this rig or make an offer ! Shipping at YOUR COST ! Some kites also available message or call me 0415484866
  13. Thanks for sharing @Chaos! It's great to see more companies being mindful of our planet and what a great way to power the ship.
  14. From the Canary Media Site French startup Airseas have started trials of kite power supplementing the energy used on cargo shipping. https://www.canarymedia.com/articles/sea-transport/watch-this-cargo-ship-fly-a-giant-kite-to-save-fuel-and-cut-emissions Airseas deployed both a 2,700-square-foot kite and a 5,400-square-foot version. Airseas estimates that its Seawing system will eventually be able to curb ships’ fuel consumption — and associated greenhouse gas emissions — by an average of 20 percent. I believe there are some trials of onshore based systems in Scotland and will update when information is available / appropriate. I haven't been out on either with Board, buggy or indeed static over the last 3 or 4 months, fingers crossed for some 1/2 decent weather. Regards from the UK
  15. Welcome. most buggies use wheel barrow tyres and tubes as standard. Just check the sizing written on the side wall of the original tyre and you should be able to find the same size at the local hardware store. if not, google is your friend. Search for a kite shop that sells kite buggies and they should be able to ship something out to you.
  16. Hi all, I am a newbie here so thanks for having me! I have some powerkites that have been in my garage a long time and need dusting off so to speak!.So am keen to give Buggying a crack and maybe can get a buggy but it may need some tyres? Any ideas from anyone where i would get?I am in Hawkes Bay so prob would have to get couriered from Auckland,Wellington?? Thanks Happy Flying Andrew
  17. When you say SW Victoria, where abouts are you? I am driving from Canberra to Kingston SE on the 19/20 of this month (there is a buggy meeting on) I'll be going through Camperdown, Port Campbell, Warrnambool and Mt Gambier
  18. Would love to buy this from you, but can’t get to Canberra. Don’t have anyone coming to SW Victoria in near future do you? Cheers Murray
  19. Try south Maroubra or La Peruse in any westerly
  20. Hi All, I love flying stunt kites and foil quad line kites I normally drive up to the central coast mainly Avoca beach. where else is a good place area around Sydney to go have a bash around. Cheers
  21. andy666

    New Toy

    @nigel that is a thing of beauty 😍
  22. .Joel

    New Toy

    Nice! Hope it's insured, once @bakersdozen sees it I wouldn't leave it laying around
  23. If memory serves me correctly, this is a fighter kite event. No personal kites can be flown, you must use the ones available at the event.
  24. I just received an invitation to this event. Some others here might be in town for it I will be away in Kingston S.E. in S.A. with the other buggy people Kite Festival – Canberra – Free Entry @ 10:00 am – 22/01/2023 – Get My Tickets
  25. nigel

    New Toy

    Got my hands on an original Dirtsurfer. A bit of a polish, some grease in the bearings (still could do with new ones), and some new rubber. I am good to go!! My 9 year old son read the warning on the bottom of the board (a you will injure yourself using this device warning) and now doesn't want to have a go. And he's the one with a mountain board? Go figure? I am sure he will come around once he see's me using it, or falling off it.
  26. Awesome. These guys will be hard to beat for the America Cup races. So innovative!
  27. They did it!!!! 222.4 kph in only 40.7 kph of wind!!! That's 5.5 times wind speed!!
  28. nigel

    REV B Series

    It's not worth fluffing around with odd sized lines, these kites perform best with a full matching line set. Take the hit and get a matching set of lines. About 80lbs lines should be perfect. I use a 50lbs line set for light winds (0-5 knots).
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