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  4. Wanted Flexifoil Hyper 12 or larger - ideally from UK seller
  5. Hi guys looking for a flexifoil blade 6.5m IV or V must be in mint condition no rips or repairs. What have you got i am based in the e UK
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  7. Not too sure dealers want to talk margins and projected delivery dates due to covid figured it was something more of a discussion to have with thr actual rep/distributer
  8. Both of these guys have decades of having flown Flysurfer kites in Oz, one however is a little grumpier than the other. I'll let you work out which @Jason from BrisKites or @Peace from Kitepower Sydney. What's your question?
  9. Oh wow Mike! Absolutely! I'll send you a message
  10. Hello everyone. Just wondering best way to get in touch with the aussie flysurfer rep just have a few product enquiries Cheers
  11. Thanks or the reply Joel, i am flying flexifoil balde kites, i will have a go with a rock climbing harness on my rage 3.5m,
  12. Yes, I must admit I’ve been very impressed with mine. It’s a really small for me to have, 6.8m, but on those high wind days it's up against others using 9m kites and has plenty of power. I still love the feel of my foil kite, but they are a pain in high winds especially landing them, so usually when I think I’m going to be overpowered on my FS SOUL 12m, I go for my Gong.
  13. That's a great spot mate. Back in my surfing days, I used to just take a sickie just for a surf. That gut feeling cannot be denied.
  14. And almost a year later... So how's the Gong kites Pari? There are three guys up here in Townsville, that love them. However, they have a different version with the batton slider instead of a single inflatable strutt bladder. Because of the baton, the trailing edge hardly flutters, as it's designed to give as much rigidity to the canopy. For a single "strut" kite I was quite impressed, and the low end on the 9m gong was impressive. Guys were riding in 8 knots. Us twin-tippers just looking on, even those with Soul kites. lol... but a great kite I've heard.
  15. Back after 10 months
  16. Wesley


    Hi guys
  17. What sort of kite is it for? If it's for static flying a kite on handles I'd probably go for a backstrap over a harness as the seat harnesses when you're standing tend to want to pull you off balance from the legs. With that said, I used to use a Black Diamond climbing harness and an Ozone harness.
  18. I still have mine. Hasn’t flown in several years. I also have a Hawaiian. Shoot me an email. I’ll get it down and take some pics if you are interested.
  19. Update: I found the Silent Dart! Thanks to Lawrie at KiteSmart in Geelong 🤘 I'll continue dreaming of the others...
  20. Hi guys, Any one recommend a rock climbing harness its for static flying, its for on the days i want to get some air due to a shoulder injury i stopped kiting but desperate to get back out. Many thanks
  21. Pari

    Juice D-Lab

    Yes, exactly😄!
  22. Current bid $49 with 1 day to go. Bargain there for someone in Sydney.
  23. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164932328672?hash=item2666bb9ce0:g:QqIAAOSwrlJg2DuZ&frcectupt=true
  24. Joel like you pictures of the Parastorm Typhoon 2 was it made in Italy? Can’t find any details a need a new rear axle any ideas?
  25. Hi John i have an Elliot big foot virus who make a sailing mast conversion i have a 4m sail but want to use a bigger windsurf sail the blokart sails are silly money and they need their mast which is £1000! I'm thinking say a 6m but rotational windsurf sails need a lot of down haul to rotate the batons wondering whether you had any suggestions on best type of sail?
  26. After years of sitting in the cupboard, My Peter Lynn Reactor 8.3 is up for sale at $300 including postage.
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