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  1. Yes that is always my pre launch check, to see if the blocks are all rotating smoothly. I haven't had a problem with the fine sand (actually our arctic white beaches in Esperance are calcium carbonate not silica. See pic below.), but the course sand in Yeppoon Queensland does bind up the small pulley blocks on my 18m2 ELF easily. The Ozone R1's have slightly larger Ronstan 20mm blocks with dyneema loop and haven't given me any problems after freeing them up after I bought them second hand.
  2. Well I received confirmation of my accommodation at the caravan park in Kingston yesterday for next year. After a telephone conversation with them this morning they are really going over and above to work through these covid times and Western Australia's hard border policy. If I give them at least 7 days notice my deposit will be refunded in full. Less than 7 days I will be charged a $20.00 cancelation fee. How good is that. So............. Fingers crossed we will arrive in Kingston on the 16th Jan and depart on the 27th Jan 2021. I have also booked for 2022 incase next ye
  3. 3 downloads

    The original Flexifoil Stranger kite manual with kite specifications and setup guide.
  4. Chook


    Wow!! Very impressive build with front and rear suspension.
  5. I took a punt on a bag of kites out of Sydney sight unseen from a lady I had purchased some "Blade" power kites from from many years ago. She rang me out of the blue when she found this bag when shifting house. (See it always pays to send a postcard of Esperance and a few $5.00 "Scratchies", thanking the seller for her help, when buying from her. She had done the extra yards by getting the blades into a box/packaged and into the post for me. She still had this post card on her fridge with my mobile number on it). This new parcel arrived a few weeks back and the postage and bubble w
  6. Awesome viewing Juan. Thanks for the English subtitles too.
  7. Glad your still in the game @Tiger37 and more importantly doing well. Take care and would love to kite with you again one day. Cheers.
  8. At the end of last month I got the confirmation of my booking for the caravan cabin in Kingston SE. Not liking my chances of getting there now. Not that I want to go through our WA hard border. I have always loved the Nullabor and I like it EVEN MORE now it's keeping us safer. I still have $1,483 in credit with Virgin for my Yeppoon trip that didn't happen and I recon I've kissed that credit goodbye. Kingston is a bit too close to Sicktoria at the moment anyway. Anything that happens next year is a bonus I'd say. I'm only planning my international trip for 2022 at the m
  9. Neatly done Andy. Looks real professionally finished off with its cover.
  10. Hey a huge thankyou to Bernie in Yeppoon for sorting out the return of my kite gear. Cheers mate. AUS $126.00 is the cheapest It's ever been to post one way so well done Bernie. Is it ok for you to hang onto the other parcel/bar till next Easter Bernie? If not please give me a yell. I always post my box a month ahead to allow for any delays and it includes spares etc, ready for our annual months pilgrimage over Easter in Yeppoon. Then the world turned to shit and the wheels fell off with Covid 19. Boy have I missed catching up with everyone and the beaches. It'
  11. I use #3 with a spar. The angle of the flag still does change slightly with wind speed but I can live with this small amount. Took a bit of fiddling to get it right as the "pull angle" is different the further up the lifter line you go.
  12. Thanks Andy. I still have a bit to do to the sail as you can see there are a few wrinkles where I've flattened out the top 4 panels (tapered them in at the leech "trailing edge" along the batten pockets and restitched) so the top of the sail doesn't twist off as much but still has a slight belly at the 1/4 cord point when fully sheeted in at high speed. Got to take the luff pocket in a bit over winter and smooth out these wrinkles. It's a 7m2 sail and goes well. At 80kmh I can now throw out the sheet rope and it just sits there feathered with the wind. No shaking at all. Slowly getting th
  13. Yeh sad to see. We have an emergency campground here the shire is servicing for those stranded with the lockdown of our shire. Police road blocks on all roads. Went past the campground yesterday when returning from our farm and the group were on the oval playing rugby together. All good here with no cases so far in around Esperance. I'm social distancing at our local Pink Lake. Getting out a bit too in great winds most afternoons for a quick run. Stay safe my friends and catch you after this mess is all done and dusted. Gunna be quite some time I'd say. Tak
  14. Travel for us is classed as non essential movement so totally grounded in WA.
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