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    • THE pimped board thread!
      This is the thread to show off your creativity! I have seen some gorgeous looking boards on random threads but nothing that has them all together, like one big garage of super sexy boards.

      Feel free to post your board, whether it is just an exit toaster painted black or a super duper carbon and titanium super light freestyle machine!
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    • Flexifoil Modified Jump Buggy
      I have been jumping "badly" in my buggy for about a year and its starting to show as you can see in the pic the front wheel is skewed and the rear axle is bent slightly.

      I have decided to modify a second buggy in these areas in an attempt to stop the buggy getting damaged from bad/heavy landings.

      After doing some research into the different ways other people modified there buggies it became apparent that most people do there own thing. If you look at other buggies on the beach or in the forums this becomes obvious quite quickly. So it really is a bit of an open book as far as what is the right way to do this. This is the way I have chosen. Time will tell me if it's a good way or not.

      Before I continue a word of caution.

      One school of thought says you should never modify the buggy at all. The logic behind this is that if your buggy is being damaged due to impact it is absorbing forces that could potentially damage "you". Also by strengthening the buggy in various areas you might just cause the next weakest part to fail. Taking this into consideration I decided to continue any way as I am heavier than the average buggy jumper.
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    • Content Curators
      Extreme Kites over the past month has had an enormous influx of content, the challenge now is to make that content discoverable through different parts of the website.  To meet that challenge many hands make light work, and I would like to thank @bakersdozen, @andy666, @Mfwetu and @igeighty for stepping up to help.

      The first step is for us to work through the 1600+ reviews that now exist on the website and apply the relevant tags and filters so that the reviews can be easily discovered and displayed alongside relevant content.  This is a manual process now that each and every individual review is filtered, tagged and saved.
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