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  1. Today I sold the final elements of my kite buggy equipment as advertised in the for sale section. (tear in my eye). Good luck to Tony from Brisbane who purchased it all from me. I just wanted to say a big thank you for the friendships that I formed from this website at the meetings I attended in Kingston and at Sandy Point, plus Bob here in Canberra. I learnt so much from members of EK and progressed my skills through your help. I have many fond memories of kite buggying with you all but it is time to stop due to nothing more than age! The body just cannot do it anymore as I reach 70! Good luck to you all and safe kiting. I shall remain on this website because I hope to continue playing around with my one remaining stunt kite! Thanks again for your friendship - I won't list names; you know who you are!!
  2. Thanks @KaoS for the advice on transact couriers. I’ve now purchased a box intended to move a golf bag from Kings Storage and have stripped this unique and rare buggy to prepare it for transit!
  3. Tony, give me time to get some quotes. Kites etc are all light weight and easy to use Australia Post. The buggy will be the main issue. Anybody on EK have experience of freighting a buggy within Australia?
  4. Yes I can investigate shipping to Brisbane at your expense.
  5. HUGE PRICE REDUCTION FROM $800 TO $500! Get in quickly at this ridiculous price.
  6. Longstar is a kite made by Born Kites in Germany. Really great kites. See the video John H made a few years back when we trialed them at Kingston. Very responsive and very light. I’m not sure if the composite axle will fit a Flexifoil buggy. Sorry Thanks Bob. Enjoyed your company too. I just know that it’s time to sadly stop. My body tells me! cheers
  7. The weight is about 15kg. Its easily lifted by one person. By just removing one of the rear wheels, I could easily get the buggy into the back of my Subaru Impreza with the rear seats folded down.
  8. Hi Rob, The kites are 4 line kites but they are not fixed bridle kites, they are de-power kites and therefore require a harness and bar to fly them. My head size is 58 but the insides of the helmet are adjusted with different foam inserts. I will dig it out and take some photos for you. The bits and pieces I mention are things like a ground spike with velcro case to fix to the buggy, gloves and some spares etc. I am happy to try to organise postage or freight but it would be at your expense. I am negotiable on price to a certain extent but you may not be interested as the kites cannot be flown on handles. Let me know what you think.
  9. Age has caught up with me and so I am sadly selling off my final bits and pieces. This would make a great package for anybody new to the sport or who just wants an excellent set up. For sale I have the following, plus a selection of odds and end spares: 1. Peter Lynn "F Lynn" experimental buggy. This has a composite axle and rubber front wheel suspension. Better geometry than the standard Lynn Buggy and with a Flexifoil Scout seat fitted. 2. Two Born Kite Longstar 2 kites in perfect condition. Still very crispy! Sizes 3.5m and 7.5m. 3. Born Kites control bar with 25m lines. 4. Peter Lynn harness (size small) 5. Helmet. Selling as a package for $800 now reduced to $500!!! Items are located in Canberra. kage for $800
  10. Why not try single skin depower kites? They are light weight and easy to launch, control and land. I have 3 and 7m Born Kites LongStar 2 as well as other single skin kites and love them.
  11. Lovely Lisburn. I’m in Canberra but originally from UK.
  12. Got to be Irish BB - you’ve got a vertical beach:) Where are you?
  13. One word - jealous. So pleased you all had a great time.
  14. Happy 2021 everybody- let’s hope there is more opportunity to get those kites out this year. Take care one and all!
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