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  1. @.Joel Really appreciate all the hard work you have put into this. Great job Joel. Thank you.
  2. Peter Lynn F Lynn concept with front wheel suspension
  3. Tiger37


    @.Joel Thanks. I’m sure I’ll find my way round the site. . Hope you and your young family are keeping well and staying safe down there.
  4. Tiger37


    Opened up EK for my usual morning browse and the format has changed! What have you done Joel? Us oldies can’t cope!
  5. @jhn.holgate congratulations on the Eccotourer. Great van! When these restrictions lift hopefully we will see you out on the open road. Our van has only moved when we moved house since Feb when we had a week on the south coast after the fires. Just sitting there waiting to get away.
  6. Congratulations to you both and all the very best. Stay safe down there!
  7. Good to hear from you @Chook and to know you are safe and well. Yup I reckon international travel is off for a while - I was planning a return trip to UK next year but reckon that’s off. Looks like internal interstate travel will also be restricted for a while Sold my Sysmic and quite a few kites. Now moved and settling into downsized house but still have my Peter Lyn F buggy, 2 kites, a harness and helmet. ...... so! Take care over there in the Wild West. Good to hear from you @Chook and to know you are safe and well. Yup I reckon international travel is off for a while - I wa
  8. Tiger37

    Happy Birthday

    Happy Birthday Doug! Have a great one
  9. Single skin lite weight kites designed for the snow!
  10. Interesting to compare with Born Kites
  11. Ready for the snow season when it starts!
  12. Please see my reply to you above. Thanks.
  13. See my advert for sale of my Born Kite Longstar kites 3.5 and 7m plus control bar.
  14. I’ve got 2 interested EK members but due to COVID 19 restrictions I’ve not been able to get to a post office for a quote, so people interested but not yet sold.
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