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  1. Why not try single skin depower kites? They are light weight and easy to launch, control and land. I have 3 and 7m Born Kites LongStar 2 as well as other single skin kites and love them.
  2. Lovely Lisburn. I’m in Canberra but originally from UK.
  3. Got to be Irish BB - you’ve got a vertical beach:) Where are you?
  4. One word - jealous. So pleased you all had a great time.
  5. Happy 2021 everybody- let’s hope there is more opportunity to get those kites out this year. Take care one and all!
  6. and you have even got port and starboard colors! Good solution.
  7. I’m sure John would also speak highly of Born kites Longstar 2
  8. Errol Kavanagh Memorial oval next to Canberra Cavalry ground.
  9. Thanks for everybody’s advice. Second attempt today on an oval in Canberra. Wind about 10 knots and sadly still a bit gusty but managed to launch, take straight up and land again. Still putting too much control in thinking it’s a power kite but managed to move it around a bit in the wind window. More practice required!
  10. Thanks @KaoS. That gliding forward you mentioned is exactly what appeared to happen after I had launched it about 4m straight up. I could not turn the kite and it floated forward. There are not multiple knots on my leader lines but I’ll look at the possibility of adding some to adjust break line length. Will try again when we get a stronger wind here. Thanks for the advice. I’ll get back to you all after my next flight. Cheers
  11. @nigel, @Chook, @igeighty, @AdrianB plus you other stunt kite experts! I recently took delivery of a Revolution Supersonic from Adrian. It looks a really great kite in excellent condition. I’ve been flying various power kites now for over 25 years but this is my first stunt kite. Today I took it to my local oval for a trial flight. As per usual in Canberra, winds were gusty and not consistent but blowing probably between 5 and 12 knots. I set up the kite but could only manage to launch it a few meters into the air before it either flopped forward floating to the ground or I managed to control it left or right in the wind window but could not turn it and it floated to the ground again. I seemed to have no positive control. Despite google, I’m still not sure which side of the kite the vertical bars should be? I had them on the front of the kite. To be absolutely sure, I consider that this is the side facing me on launch. I changed them to the back of the kite and it seemed a little better but still no real control. Bridle is in good condition and lines are all the same length. Is it my skill level, the wrong set up or just inconsistent wind? Appreciate any advice. Cheers to all.
  12. Thanks very much @AdrianB . I’ve only ever flown these style of kites at Kingston when other EK members have got them out in the evenings or when winds were low. I’ve recently sold a number of my depower kites and my Sysmic buggy but still have a strong interest in flying kites! I’ve kept my PL buggy and 2 Born kite Longstar 2s, so I might still get some buggying done! Hence my interest in your kite for sale. Looks good. I am interested so will do a bit of research and get back to you with a PM. Any advice from @nigel and @igeighty would be appreciated
  13. Interested to see photos of the kite properly set up and photos of the lines and handles?
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