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  1. Super cool! Now I've just gone back and watched Super Tracks 😱. Am yet to get a buggy, but you've really inspired me!
  2. That is awesome. Just watched with headphones cranked all the way up - excellent musical selection too!
  3. I just saw this buggy and kites for sale in Canberra and thought it must be yours @Tiger37! But not so on closer inspection: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/651839022197228
  4. Thanks so much @igeighty! Very happy to have found you all. I'm also lucky enough to be living on a farm just north of Sunbury, so plenty of space and wind. Will definitely follow the events section cos I'd love to come down and check out the action at Sandy Point sometime. Cheers again! Angus
  5. Hi everyone, first post. Thanks for having me! I actually just bought this very kite (the Quadrifoil 3M) and came here separately to check out your site and *maybe* look for a second hand buggy Nice coincidence to see it mentioned here! It's in good condition and flew well in its first outing today. Cheers all!
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