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  1. I'd love a Top of the Line North Shore Radical to add to my growing collection of TOTL kites. A long shot I'm sure, but I just thought I'd put it out there in case anyone has one which they'd be willing to part with... Cheers all!
  2. Happy new year all! Just spotted this buggy on Facebook if anyone is in the market - location is VIC and price has been reduced to $250: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1042082622933234/
  3. Thanks so much for the invite @igeighty! Have got some friends visiting this weekend, but would definitely love to join another time!
  4. So glad to hear it @andy666! I love that kites can be so relaxing, but also so exciting. I look forward to getting good enough with the buggy to film something at the other end of the scale! With the stars of the show. The Hawaiian might just be my favourite kite...
  5. Even before I found ExtremeKites and buggying, flying kites had brought me so much relaxation and joy during these wild times - and I'm incredibly lucky to live in such a beautiful spot for it. So to share the love, I present to you: 3 minutes of 'guided Kite-ful Meditation'. Make sure you have the sound on! A_Tale_of_Two_Kites_final.mp4
  6. Cheers @RedSky! I've already invested in a kite upgrade (a NS2 3.2m thanks to @jhn.holgate) and am hoping to get out for a session this arvo. Updates to follow
  7. Cheers @jhn.holgate, sometimes simple is best eh?! Can’t wait to try it out with the NS2, auspost tracking tells me it could be here tomorrow! 🤞
  8. Hi @Muzhen - I'm looking out for some larger size Nasa Stars, so have just replied on that forum regarding the 4m and 5.5m kites. If they are still available and ok to be sent to Aus, we could even share the postage (if you are keen on the 2.5 😀). Just a thought!
  9. Glad you noticed! I couldn't resist when I saw the red and blue... Cheers @Tiger37 - looking forward to testing it out!
  10. My wife has been asking me about the strange bruises on my hips - it took me a while to work out what they are from too... A possible solution?
  11. Awesome, something for me to work towards perhaps!
  12. You're a champion @jhn.holgate! Gusty inland winds are EXACTLY what I'm contending with. I'm definitely keen to try flying with a bar too... Ok, I'll send you a message!
  13. Hi everyone - am enjoying learning the very basics of buggying with my vintage 3m Quadrifoil, but am starting to realise that it may have some limitations... From what I've read and seen here (especially from @jhn.holgate) I'm thinking that a 4m Nasa Star (with a Z bridle so I can still just use my handles) might be the way to go. Just thought I'd check if anyone out there has one they're not using before I pull the trigger on a new one? Open to any other suggestions people might have too! Cheers!
  14. A lawn mower! Genius @jhn.holgate! I had previously dismissed it as too big a job, but you're right that if I just focus on a track rather than the whole paddock then it's absolutely do-able. Stay tuned... and thanks again for your support!
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