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  1. A video of the buggy as it stands at the moment. And, if you have your own set of wheels somewhere, I'd sell it for $300 without the two rear sysmic rims which I'd keep for my alloy bug. Or $380 with the rear wheels.
  2. $380 for the Vmax. I'll hold on to the cheesburger wrapper.
  3. Some of the static flying.....
  4. And Dougie flew the drone on this one....
  5. Mezz mentioned that she had her permits to me yesterday and I thought 'permits'? What permits? Thought I'd better look it up. Sure enough, if you're coming from interstate you need to fill in an online form and print it out so you can show it to police if stopped. Only takes a couple of minutes and I got an approval email within minutes of doing it. I have no idea how many of the roads into S.A. are patrolled and if you're likely to be stopped, but I didn't know we needed a permit to travel to S.A. from Vic (or elsewhere). Online form is here: S.A. Police travel application I'll be heading over on Monday - assuming Covid stays under control in Vic - looking forward to catching up. And maybe even having a buggy (think my last outing was Kingston 2019)
  6. Bugger. If they sell that, there'll be nowhere left for vans/tents at the caravan park. Waratah Bay was getting $$$ and Shallow Inlet was Yobboville last time I was there. (Doug and Mez were playing loud music till 3am). Anakie CP is nice but a bit of a drive. We'll have to all jump on @mik333's site at Foster. Surely Mick won't mind.....
  7. I have a well used 2.5m NS 2, spare bar and should be able to sus out a pair of lines for it. This one without the handles. ps: this thing has a lot of pull for a 2.5m. Way more than my 2.5m Ozone Imp Quattro.
  8. Yep, pool noodles are essential buggyier kit!!
  9. Absolutely! Though the performance / speed / versatility is no doubt superior with the Longstar 2's, it comes at increased cost and complexity. Same with the Flysurfer Peak 2. Great kites for getting into depowers while maintaining a pretty gentle learning curve.
  10. I've got a 3.2m black and white NS2 which may suit. It's the same as the one in the Dreams of Sand vid but just not the XK colors. Not sure if I've rigged it with a z bridle but that's not too tricky to do. I still think they're better on the bar - just bloody simple. And I'm a big fan of just popping the trapeze loop onto the harness and taking a load off the arms. With the 3.2m, you'd lose a couple of knots on the low end but gain 'em back on the top end. Can't beat them for gusty inland winds but performance is a little slower than a low aspect foil as everyone who has gone blasting past me will testify to
  11. Yep, ditto what Tom said! Two words for you Angus... Lawn Mower!! cut yourself a nice wide track - you'll also find all the rocks that might cause you a problem Thick spring grass and large wet sheep poo's (don't even mention cow patties) are the main problem for buggying in the paddock at this time of year.
  12. While I'd love to be able to go, I think November is out for me.
  13. Awesome Angus! Way better than any of my first efforts. I think it took me literally dozens of attempts before I started to 'get it'.
  14. Nice one, Tom! That 360 cam footage is wild! Must have a hellavu good stabilizer on it. Cheers.
  15. Looks good! I find them tricky on short lines as there's quite a bit of turbulence down low and from your body. Once you get a bit of speed, it will really start to pull.
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