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  1. Might yet get another run out of these either at Sandy or Kingston, so I will hold on to them for now.
  2. I believe everyone referred to that as 'Dangerous'.
  3. Congrats guys! Looks like you're getting Olivia trained nice and early.
  4. I was listening to the ABC radio the other day and Lucy Tink from Serviceton was talking about the debacle of the border closure for residents/farmers etc that have property both sides of the border. Related to Jenny & @bull31 ? Got the new van almost ready to go too.... @mik333 have you still got #456? How are you finding it? We're #458.
  5. Wistfully thinking is about right! Yep, me too.....if they let us out of Vic.
  6. Also, further down is my Libre Vmax & LongStar 2 9.5m & Peak 6m in Ballarat.
  7. Bump for $450. Buy this and Trev's 3.5 & 7m's and you've got a great set of long star 2's
  8. Sad to see you selling your gear, Trev. But great kites and a bargain for someone. One thing I absolutely loved about my 3.5m is not only is it grunty for it's size in lighter wind - I think we could actually buggy in 12 knots and up - but even in 25 knots, let the bar out and very little pull at all. Easily betters the Peak 2 4m and Access XT 4m.
  9. How about $420 for the Libre Vmax and $420 for the Peak 2 6m?
  10. No problems, Luke. Sold.
  11. I can get a price for you if you'd like - it's fairly compact so I don't think it would be unreasonable.
  12. Bump for $220. Stand out from the crowd as I've not seen anyone else with one of these!
  13. $450 each or $995 for both.
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