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  1. What's the oldest kite people currently own that they still fly? Some of us have old kites that we keep for nostalgia, however what's the oldest one that's still part of your active kit that you pull out when you need it?
  2. If you're used to handling Vapors anything mid-aspect is going to frustrate you as it drifts back in the window early at speed. Chrono/Speed/Aurora, either one is dialed back enough for you to get used to in a light wind. With your experience on Vapors I'd bet a few months before you go looking for R1's/Sonics/Diablos etc so try and avoid spending too much on that first depower. @Chook went from Vapors to Depowers, he'd probably be better at answering this question than me.
  3. WB @grogamanda, I don't think much has changed over there other than it being a 'dog off leash' area. Once these lockdowns ease the family and I are off to Sandy Point or Venus Bay for a fortnight. PS: Do you still have that old Viokite?
  4. You should be fine now, you had two conflicting accounts which are now merged.
  5. Oh now this is a snazzy name..... Boom-Kites!
  6. Super! I've found a number of kite brands I didn't know even existed in the foil space over the past year sorting the Kite Reviews. Wow, I hadn't come across that yet. Nearly looks like where Under Armor got their inspiration
  7. Interesting Closed Cell kite by Pegas, a brand located in the Czech Republic. The colours have me won over More info: http://www.pegas2000.com/en/kites/153-kites-revo-race-foil Found Pegas when going through the reviews: https://www.extremekites.org/search/?q=pegas&quick=1&type=cms_records8
  8. .Joel

    Pegas Revo

    Closed cell depower kite by Pegas Kites founded in the Czech Republic.
  9. Version 2007


    Cabrinha Crossbow 3 2007 Kite Manual
  10. Version 2007


    Cabrinha Convert 2007 Kite Manual
  11. Version 2007


    Cabrinha 2007 Powerdrive 221 Control System with Pulley.
  12. Version 2007


    Cabrinha 2007 Powerdrive 121 Control System with No Pulley.
  13. Version 2007

    1 download

    Cabrinha Switchblade 2 2007 Kite Manual
  14. If you want your son to go back to the beach with you to fly a second time don't buy a single line kite Something new for you and your son to enjoy: http://panshkite.com/index.php?gOo=goods_details.dwt&goodsid=264&productname= Alternatively a second hand Flexifoil Buzz, Sting, Flexifoil Stacker, PKD Buster, Ozone Cult, HQ Beamer etc which there a loads of around the UK for £50 to £70. There's a good article here on buying your first power kite:
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