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  1. I'm curious/interested, if the buggy is that old what are the 3 kites that were packed with it?
  2. Juki Industrial Sewing Machine in Melbourne - FREE. Needs some TLC https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/474990366871159/
  3. Totally jealous, great shot btw 👍
  4. I think we can start adding FB finds in here too Ozone R1 V2 11M & 15M $600 in Perth, WA https://www.facebook.com/groups/567372513400899/permalink/1935600013244802/
  5. @Grants R1 V2 15M, $350 https://www.facebook.com/groups/567372513400899/permalink/1935600013244802/ I *think* it's $600 for both the 11M and 15M.
  6. I would be looking for a 15M or 17M to go above that, the 13M you'll be burning cash on overlap instead of extending the wind range as much as possible. My R1's are 7M, 10M and 15M just as an FYI. Here's a link worth bookmarking, it'll filter all the R1's for you: https://c.ikitesurf.com/classifieds?search=R1&type=4&location=all&price=all&c_states=all&brand=Ozone&year=all&size=all&views=all&sortby=date&page=1&orderby=dsc&expires=0&wanted=0&terms=all There's a 15M R1 V2 for sale here as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/kit
  7. What is the 11m kite you already have?
  8. I just sent an email to the real estate agent for a house for the family, we will be there
  9. I need to pay better attention to this topic 😂
  10. .Joel

    Sysmic S3

    Enjoyed dinner in the buggy yet?
  11. Peter Lynn's personal newsletter with a mild dose of rant or the Peter Lynn Kites/Kiteboarding newsletter?
  12. That's the idea, I've had quite a few close calls night kiting Most memorable is the time Andyfly nearly landed on my head. I wear a motorcycle helmet Har har har. I'd at least have a legitimate reason for not seeing you, not sure what your excuse would be...... "I was admirin ta stars i didun see ya dere"
  13. Interested in what people use for night kiting, I'd like to go for a few night sessions for something a little different. These certainly look interesting ( https://www.lightmodehelmets.com ).
  14. Back to the future? 🤣
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