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  1. I'm keeping an eye on the weather for Saturday or Sunday 👍
  2. .Joel

    New Toy

    Nice! Hope it's insured, once @bakersdozen sees it I wouldn't leave it laying around
  3. Kite Buggy $250 in Victoria. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/frankston-south/other-sports-fitness/kite-buggy/1301844755 Peter Lynn Bomba 10.5m $70NZD https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/sports/kites-kitesurfing/kitesurfing/listing/3861944672
  4. We're booked in, 21st-28th. Need a name for this one, thinking it should be called 'shoulda boughta buggy' for all the new puff-karters. Apparently even @The Duke is now riding between safety rails.... I wonder if they put pool noodles over those things too... 😂
  5. 12M Phantom1 in excellent condition. NZ $350 https://www.trademe.co.nz/a/marketplace/sports/kites-kitesurfing/kitesurfing/listing/3747525533
  6. @Martin Faber makes them. I have one for my GT and personally I don't like it as I find it too short when going up steep sand dunes. Seeing as we're all doodling.... I use this now.... 1. Two loops on the end, larks head around my footpegs. 2. Handle (just a piece of garden hose) closest to them I use when I'm walking beside the buggy, 75cm is approximate I can't remember what I extended it to so it avoided catching the headstem from behind. 3. I like a really long tow rope, it means when I'm pulling it pulls the buggy over the sand, especially uphills or soft sand instead of pulling the front wheel off the ground and having all the weight on my arms. So I'll walk about 4M in front of my buggy. 4. I use the two knots at the top of the tow rope when I'm walking behind my buggy on a downward slope, and control it like a chariot. The chariot racing can be quite entertaining if you stand on the back axle on the downhill slopes. @nigel cruises half of Sandy Point like this. @techno decided to abandon ship jumping off the axle at speed and his buggy hit a tree trunk.... Walk behind it instead?
  7. .Joel

    Cooper Kites Motor

    Cooper Kites Motor is a high-performance foil kite designed in the Netherlands ranging from 1.6m to 13m. More information is available on Cooper Kite's website: https://www.cooperkites.de/?page_id=60
  8. .Joel

    Sysmic S3

    The way that folded out from the back of the car was just brilliant! Here I am buying new rear light clusters for the buggy rack so I don't get a fine when driving with it on and you just pull this thing out of your boot and kick it Looks like you had some decent wind too, great video.
  9. @bakersdozen 👆
  10. @roblukin makes the ABC News. Article: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2022-04-01/encephalitis-survivor-doing-extreme-sports-kite-buggying/100951660
  11. Videos you see are from both, it depends on the wind direction. Anything SE to SW in it will be the main beach, anything from NW to E will be on the inlet. Hit up @nigel he was planning a trip down there and maybe wake up @bakersdozen. @igeighty doesn't fly anything with more than 1 line, so you're a bit out of luck there ðŸĪĄ If you've power kited before and were comfortable with it, I'd probably go with a 6M or 8M Ozone Explore, the 4M is going to be more of a storm kite.
  12. Hi Jess, thanks for stopping by and rekindling some thoughts of your Dad. I have many fond memories of trips around Australia and meeting up with him to kite, two of my most memorable were night kiting with him. One of the nights in Yeppoon we decided to risk it through the creek and go all the way up north in the buggies, we were going pretty quick on the way back but had really poor visibility as there was not much moonlight and things on the beach were visible at the last second. One of those was a Crocodile just past Bangalee beach, he only realised it wasn't a log as he went past the front of it, we were literally on edge coming back through the creek The second was another night kite on the clay pan at Kingston in South Australia, usually under moonlight it's all lit up but we had no moon that night over the clay pan and it was pitch black. We went out with @roblukin around 11pm at night, and threw some glow sticks in to our kites to sort of tell where they were in the sky hoping we could avoid running in to each other. It was pitch black and your Dad decided to come across behind me and throw a massive buggy jump, all I could hear was a faint whirring of the bearings as he was in the air with wheels spinning, no idea where he was then 'SLAM' he dropped right next to me as if we were sitting side by side. 'F##k, I had no idea you were there' he goes to me. We ran off the clay pan in to scrub l I don't know how many times that night ðŸĪŠ
  13. That little beamer still did really well! Old depowers that did well with crappy winds (ie: Ozone Access) are cheap as beans now I'll pop one in to the Files Database 👍
  14. What's the oldest kite people currently own that they still fly? Some of us have old kites that we keep for nostalgia, however what's the oldest one that's still part of your active kit that you pull out when you need it?
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