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  1. .Joel

    Flexifoil Blade VI

    The Flexifoil Blade VI was released by Flexifoil International Ltd in September 2020. It is the sixth generation of Blade to be released.
  2. One thing is for sure, there's no confusing left and right on this model
  3. Just a small update Reviews have been imported quite successfully, a handful of these will need manual cleaning up so I've created a little label that just has 'pending cleanup' on there. On the bottom of all the reviews imported from Race Kites there will be something similar to what's here: \ I'm estimating I'll have the reviews accessible to everyone over the weekend, just a few small things left to clean up which I'll do after the kids go Zzz each night.
  4. 2 downloads

    PKD Buster kite manual covering sizes 0.7, 1.4, 2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 5.5 and 7.0 meter kites. Includes details on setting and adjusting the Angle of Attack (AoA) Adjuster, technical aspect ratio and cell count information and wind ranges.
  5. 0 downloads

    Original manual from Peter Lynn covering the Guerilla V1 kite and bar setup published in 2003.
  6. 0 downloads

    Layout and bridle plan for the Peter Lynn Aero V2 depower race kite.
  7. 0 downloads

    A full catalog featuring all the 2012/2013 lineup of kites from Peter Lynn Kitesports.
  8. 0 downloads

    Brochure featuring the wind ranges for 2.2, 2.8, 3.5, 4.5, 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 12.5M Soulfly II fixed bridle foil kites.
  9. 0 downloads

    Original PKD Landkite Manual.
  10. 0 downloads

    Original HQ Powerkites 2002 Traction Quad Kite Manual
  11. 0 downloads

    Original HQ Powerkites 2006 Foil Kite Manual
  12. 0 downloads

    Original HQ Powerkites Beamer TSR Kite Manual
  13. 0 downloads

    Original HQ Powerkites Beamer V2 Kite Manual
  14. 0 downloads

    Original HQ Powerkites Beamer V3 Kite Manual
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