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  1. Handles or bar? Both sets of equipment have a safety mechanism where you can completely lose all power from the kite. The bar will have a "quick release" of the power lines and the kite will behave like a plastic bag in the wind. Handles will have "kite killers". In either case, the first thing you should do is to become familiar with the safety! Then you can fly with the confidence that you can easily get out out of any situation. And practice using the safety when you can, so that your confidence in the equipment grows. BobM
  2. I'll be visiting Tweed Heads/Kingscliff on the 12/13 of March. I might be able to say G'day on the Saturday, but I have family event on the Sunday
  3. Speaking of which, I assume that nothing is happening this year? I have a trip to Yeppoon pencilled in for 2023 :-)
  4. I got mine from BrisKites many years ago, but they might be worth a phone call https://www.briskites.com.au/libre-deluxe-harness-medium
  5. One less buggier in Canberra (not that I get out that much these days) I'm glad you'll still be around with your stunt kite
  6. Have a chat to the people at BrisKites. They used to be into buggying and might know if anyone is still involved in the area. BobM
  7. Geez Trevor, We will be sorry to see you leave this great past-time. I have enjoyed our (very) occasional meetups both here in Canberra and at the coast (and Kingston). All the best for the future, and who knows, when I retire myself in a few year's time I might bump into you somewhere in Canberra Cheers BobM
  8. If the wind is from the NE, try Currarong NSW 2540 which is just south of Nowra and has a NE aspect. Post the trip in the Events/NSW and see if anyone is still out there and wants to join in, JDHot looks in occasionally
  9. Not too bad I am hoping to drive down to Kingston S.E. SA for the Australia Day meetup there, but the SA government is still being tight with its border crossings. I've nearly given up flying in Canberra as the winds are just too fickle. There sure has been a lot of development and changes at Amaroo since I was there last.
  10. Wow, Which oval was this filmed at? I too haven't been out for a while. I want to take some pictures of Lake George with the water lapping the road, just to contrast the dry Lake bed from a couple of years ago Cheers BobM
  11. This web site has a few zebra stipes with red http://libre.de/?q=en/node/265
  12. Tanilba Bay? is that near Port Stephens? I wouldn't mind a weekend at Birubi Beach again BobM
  13. After years of sitting in the cupboard, My Peter Lynn Reactor 8.3 is up for sale at $300 including postage.
  14. Welcome to the frustrations of in-land kiting. I am in Canberra and at least a two hour drive from the coast. There used to be a couple of ovals that weren't heavily used on weekends, but that has changed as the surrounding suburbs have filled up and organized sport has taken over. I'll keep an eye out as I drive through Toowoomba on Friday on my way to Brisbane/ Gold Coast for a wedding on the weekend BobM
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