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  1. This web site has a few zebra stipes with red http://libre.de/?q=en/node/265
  2. Tanilba Bay? is that near Port Stephens? I wouldn't mind a weekend at Birubi Beach again BobM
  3. After years of sitting in the cupboard, My Peter Lynn Reactor 8.3 is up for sale at $300 including postage.
  4. Welcome to the frustrations of in-land kiting. I am in Canberra and at least a two hour drive from the coast. There used to be a couple of ovals that weren't heavily used on weekends, but that has changed as the surrounding suburbs have filled up and organized sport has taken over. I'll keep an eye out as I drive through Toowoomba on Friday on my way to Brisbane/ Gold Coast for a wedding on the weekend BobM
  5. BobM

    Kingston 2021

    Wistful thinking just got converted into an action. Booked an el-cheapo cabin at the caravan park from Sunday 24th of Jan until Sat 30 Jan. See you there if you are there BobM
  6. I just realised that you are trying to organise a buggy event on Bathurst weekend. Who are you and what have you done to JDHot?
  7. I'm not familiar with the seller's name either. Looks like a PL MkII from the rear axle arrangement.
  8. I can probably make the Saturday, but will need to be back in Canberra on the Sunday. I'd better put air in the tyres between now and then.
  9. How are you at Skating? Hockey Stops in good order? Transitions? I would start with a smaller kite that wouldn't pull too hard to start with. By all means progress to a stronger kite as your skills develop. P.P.E. would be a must! particularly while learning - Deeply padded knee guards, elbow guards, double-sided wrist guards and of course a light-weight but durable (multi-impact) helmet. (I use all of this stuff for roller derby). Learn how to use the kite safety systems, and don't be afraid to bail out Hope you post lots of videos of you enjoying your kite and skates BobM
  10. Wow, I bought my first Flexifoil Stacker back in 1994, I didn't realize that there was a forum for this until just now. If you need a tester, let me know Cheers Bob
  11. Is anyone wistfully thinking about going to Kingston in 2021? I've had so many travel plans thwarted this year by the 'rona that I am looking at next year Hoping to get there (I found a route that does not go through Victoria) BobM
  12. I was just reminded that I should have spent this last weekend in Mackay, Qld.
  13. Did you get them to sign up to EK ?
  14. BobM

    Reaching out...

    This lock down has hit the hip pocket pretty hard. My daughter was due to graduate from Disney University in Orlando in June and we were all going over there for a month. We had booked and paid for the airfares and were in the process of working out accommodation when all this s*** hit the fan. It cost around $800 to get her flights changed to bring her back to Australia and around $700 each (times 3) to cancel our flights (if we see any of that money). I was also going to do three trips the Brisbane/Gold Coast over the next two months and had booked some non-refundable accommodation - about 11 nights at $110 per night. The flights from Virgin have been cancelled and hopefully we will get "vouchers" for future trips - if the company survives. The events will be rescheduled for later in the year, but whether the finances extend that far at the time remains to be seen. There was going to be an International Basketball Championship held here in Canberra and I was going to officiate at that tournament. That has been cancelled too. I am in a rotating shift (week on, week at WFH) to keep a Government Department running, but with my daughter coming back from US, I too have been put on WFH for 3 straight weeks - with a daily meeting to check that we are all OK. I think I'll have take up Trevor's suggestions and do those things around the house that I have been putting off for years. Grumpy and Bored BobM
  15. I had 3 trips to Queensland scheduled for the next 8 weeks, now all the events I was going to attend have been "re-scheduled" i.e. cancelled for now with no known new date. I was really looking forward to the two drives in the new car; the other was going to be a quick flight up and back over a weekend. My work has split my team into two groups, one continues to work in the office as usual, and the other works at a different location. Each of these two teams is divided into two sub-groups: one to actually attend the venue and the other to work from home. Last week week was my "office" week and the upcoming week is my "work from home" week. I'm pretty sure there are enough work-related things I can do to fully occupy my days. I just need the family to leave me alone long enough to do them.
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