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Encephalitis No Barrier for Kitebuggy Enthusiast
@roblukin makes the ABC News.

Rob Lukin may struggle to walk every day, but that does not stop him from flying down the beach at up to 90kph.
For the past 12 years, the Port Lincoln man has been doing the extreme sport of kitebuggying.
"I guess I am chasing the adrenaline," Mr Lukin said.
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10 years since we said goodbye to AndyFly
Hello all! 

Now this might go unseen as I am not sure how many people may remember my father AndyFly (Andrew, Andy) who sadly passed in 2011 from a seizure. His passion was kiting, buggying, and mostly, being apart of the BrisKites & Extremekites community. On the long weekend of Easter in 2012 my family and I travelled to Yeppoon to meet with many of the kiting community as we remembered dad for who he was, alongside an event that he loved attending (with us AndyFly "maggots" joining the fun 😂) as we scattered some of his ashes on the beach out the front of Driftwood. Our family has so many fond memories of so many different people within this community, and the joy that it their friendship brought Andrew. 

For the first time since 2011, my mum Linda and I have travelled to Yeppoon to spend the last few weeks remembering the adventures we use to have with dad on these kiting trips and the people that we met. We walked along the same beach today, in front of Driftwood, drawing his name once again in the sands that he once loved. I watched a kite surfer today and it reminded me of the times I use to go and kite with dad in Canberra at the Amaroo ovals at 14 years old, learning how to kite and watching dad fly through the sky in his buggy for hours.

So here is a big thank you from our AndyFly family to everyone who remembers dad. To everyone who brought such strong friendships, fun, banter, love and support to dad's life. For everyone who left such kind words after he passed, and who posted such amazing pictures of dad (some of which I am only seeing for the first time ❤️) We are all doing well and hold these memories of you all close to our hearts. 

Hope to see you in Yeppoon sometime in the future! 


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Super Tracks 360 Kite Buggy Video
Never has a video cost me so much in time and expense. I hope its not a total waste of yours.:)
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12000 Reasons to View The Gallery
Do you have your own Members' Album? The Extreme Kites Gallery has reached over 12,000 images dating back 15 years, to my knowledge this makes it the largest member-contributed gallery of power kiting photos available anywhere on the internet. 

If you’re not already a part of it join us by creating an Album for yourself, you will be sharing the journey with us in creating this amazing visual timeline of kiting history.
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New Sysmic S3 photos by BobbyO
More detailed photos from BobbyO sharing closeups of his new Sysmic S3 Buggy with Blue accents throughout. Photos give a further interesting look at the unique design of the S3 buggy.
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Plans for a Flexifoil Belly Pan
Printable full size plans for a Flexfoil Buggy Belly Pan also know as 'RIPS' aka the Rectal Impact Protection System. DIY print over multiple A4 pages.
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THE pimped board thread!
This is the thread to show off your creativity! I have seen some gorgeous looking boards on random threads but nothing that has them all together, like one big garage of super sexy boards.

Feel free to post your board, whether it is just an exit toaster painted black or a super duper carbon and titanium super light freestyle machine!
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Flexifoil Modified Jump Buggy
I have been jumping "badly" in my buggy for about a year and its starting to show as you can see in the pic the front wheel is skewed and the rear axle is bent slightly.

I have decided to modify a second buggy in these areas in an attempt to stop the buggy getting damaged from bad/heavy landings.

After doing some research into the different ways other people modified there buggies it became apparent that most people do there own thing. If you look at other buggies on the beach or in the forums this becomes obvious quite quickly. So it really is a bit of an open book as far as what is the right way to do this. This is the way I have chosen. Time will tell me if it's a good way or not.

Before I continue a word of caution.

One school of thought says you should never modify the buggy at all. The logic behind this is that if your buggy is being damaged due to impact it is absorbing forces that could potentially damage "you". Also by strengthening the buggy in various areas you might just cause the next weakest part to fail. Taking this into consideration I decided to continue any way as I am heavier than the average buggy jumper.
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Content Curators
Extreme Kites over the past month has had an enormous influx of content, the challenge now is to make that content discoverable through different parts of the website.  To meet that challenge many hands make light work, and I would like to thank @bakersdozen, @andy666, @Mfwetu and @igeighty for stepping up to help.

The first step is for us to work through the 1600+ reviews that now exist on the website and apply the relevant tags and filters so that the reviews can be easily discovered and displayed alongside relevant content.  This is a manual process now that each and every individual review is filtered, tagged and saved.
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Restoring 15 Years of Kite Reviews
RaceKites was an example of a collective human effort coming together to build the largest, dedicated online repository of kiting reviews.  In 2019 RaceKites went offline, today I would like to share that the sum of all that knowledge is coming to Extreme Kites.  

Alan Short, the owner of RaceKites was responsible for building and maintaining the platform for nearly 15 years containing over 1500 reviews.  I’d like to acknowledge the thousands of hours Alan put in to the RaceKites community, and his immense generosity in providing that content to Extreme Kites.  
RaceKites as a platform in my opinion was one of the most important online resources available when looking to purchase that never ending ‘next’ kite.  And even when you weren’t, it was still a bloody good read!  With most of the manufacturers either having packed up or moved on from Land Kiting it’s increasingly likely that someone new entering kiting is going to purchase a second hand kite.  Restoring this incredible resource to the Internet gives those individuals access to the information we had years ago when we were making those decisions for ourselves.  

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Freestyle UK Zine 01 Magazine
This Magazine has been digitised by Extreme Kites with the express permission from Andy Preston, the original Publisher/Editor of Freestyle UK Zine.

Table of Contents

Inflight Entertainment [2]
Stacks of shots to inspire and motivate.

Get Off The Fence [4]
Your chance to have your say.

Rider Dossier 1 [5]
Appo and Mark Everitt

Nooz Page 1 [6]
Peter Lynn Core and Kheo Boards

Nooz Page 2 [7]
Radsails Aztec starter kite

Nooz Page 3 [8]
Flexifoil Blade 5 information

Nooz Page 4 [9]
Radsails Savage 2 information

Giving it Beans [10]
Dedicated to those who tear it up

Sessions 1....N Wales [11]
A round up of North Wales action

Sequences Page [12]
Learn how to do the moves, get a magnifying glass.

In Flight Entertainment 2 [14]

Rider Dossier 2 [15]
Will Mckean and "Doc" Green

The Road to Nirvana [16]
How it all began until now PT 1

Vision [18]
Some great shots from the archives of the faithfull.

Ouch [20]
Slams and hurty stuff.

Rider Dossier 3 [21]
"Stupid" Dave and "Icarus"

BKSA Swansea comp results [22]

Rider Dossier 4 [23]
Andy Preston and Mikee

Gone Butch But Not Forgotten [24]

Party Page [25]

Games for Windless Days [26]

Rider Dossier 5 [27]
Sean Turpin and Sukie Robertson

Earbockers [28]
Max air in no wind.

Rider Dossier 6 [29]
Craig Sparkes and Andrew Jones

Mewsick [30]
Killer links for your ears by REPLICANT2009

Rider Dossier 7 [31]
Lewis Wilby and Glen Butcher

Sessions 2 ....Branny [32]
Sylenz gets wet for your entertainment

Nooz Page 5 [34]
Radsails Evo 3 1st test review

Rider Dossier 8 [35]
Mark Berry and Richy Stones

Nooz Page 6 [36]
DarkSkyKites and The Wind Farm

Parting Fun [37]
A happy sionara until next time.

Back Cover
Here is all the info on all the contributors to this first episode of Freestyle UK.
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3D Printed Landboard Parts by Pari
During this COVID lock down and losing employment because of it I decide I liked being home and it was time to start my own business. I bought a 3D printer to help with design projects- prototypes etc.

It’s been fun trying stuff out, and I’m going to see if I can rebuild my old Revo truck board using printed parts.

I’ve designed the main truck housing to use tradition skate truck hole setup as the original Revos have a specific setup which means drilling into your board.

I’ve printed this first test setup with PETG, which it the same plastic used in plastic drink bottles. So I’m hoping they will be less prone to shatter and may have a little flex. 
I also printed the bushings using TPU filament, not an easy thing to get right, damn stuff just wants to keep clogging up the extruder. But I managed to get two pairs done and they are a perfect fit, if a little stiffer than I want at shore 30D.

I’m no plastics expert, so I don’t know what to expect when I try them out. The wheels may break as soon as I start kiting, the truck housing could just shatter on my first turn- no idea.

But I’ve got new tires and tubes, will re- laminate my favourite board, probably treat myself to some new bindings and see if I can make it work.
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Extreme Kites moves to .ORG
It’s no secret that Land Kiting over the past decade has suffered a loss of momentum, as the number of kiters has reduced the fragmentation of the community has increased.  This has accelerated how disjointed we are as a community from resources that were once easier to access.

Today Extreme Kites has moved to a .ORG domain to clearly signal to everyone that we want you to join us and be part of our community.  To help bring more of us together from all over the world, and in turn hopefully together reconnect and enjoy information and content that we thought had been lost forever.

There’s some amazing projects in the pipeline for this community, the process of recovering the old KiteCrowd website is only step one and arguably one of the easier goals to achieve.  Yesterday I announced the new Downloads Section which is already starting to see some updates. 

Thank you for being a part of Extreme Kites, more updates to keep rolling out  
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Launching the Library : Downloads
Today I’m adding an additional section to Extreme Kites called ‘The Library.’   

The first part of the Library is the downloads area and this is a place where the community can share files, PDFs, Drawings, Line Plans, Tweaks, Manuals and even old brochures that evoke a feeling of nostalgia.  I’ve kept it simple to start and as each category grows they’ll be sub-divided in to clearer and more identifiable categories. 

It’s in its early infancy, however keep an eye on it as I feed more and more information in and encourage you to do the same 👍

Link: https://www.extremekites.com.au/files/
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