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  1. We use transdirect.com.au for all our interstate parcels. They are a broker, so they get quotes from multiple companies and you get to choose which one suits your needs. I have also used them for bulky items (motorcycle engine, wide format printer, and such). Always had satisfactory results - good luck
  2. ... and selling manjha 🥵
  3. $103... Someone got a bargain! 😮
  4. What length are the handles? Rev used to supply 11" long handles with all their kites. Nowadays they supply 13" handles and the extra length makes a huge difference in kite control. Some people even go as far as using 15" handles, but most people find the 13" ones give the best control - MUCH better than 11"
  5. The Shockwave and Supersonic kites are a lot more sensitive than the traditional Revs. They react very quickly to small handle movements. And because of the curl along the leading edge, they tend to glide forward by themselves. Revolution claim this design feature was to allow you to launch the kite when it was lying face down on the ground. You can just tug on the upper lines and the kite will catch the wind and flip to the upright, forward flight position. If the handles that you use have "leaders" with multiple knots for line length adjustment, try shortening the lower lines (or lengthening the top lines) so that you have more control over the forward speed of the kite. If the lower lines are too long, it takes a lot of wrist movement before the brake lines start coming into effect. On a kite as sensitive as this, that can lead to a lot of over-correction. (Sort of like trying to straighten a sliding car on an icy road) Hope this helps. If not, keep asking questions 🙂
  6. The same thing can be achieved by packing the pipe with dry sand, and plugging the ends so the sand doesn't pour out while bending. I've seen a mate bend a new motorcycle exhaust header pipe this way. ...Well done, by the way!
  7. I have used method number 1, but as you say it is extra weight. Maybe try method number 3, but have a spar in the white sleeve of the flag to keep that edge straight?
  8. Not sure why, but the SA government is still allowing quite a range of social activity (albeit with appropriate distancing). Having worked in public hospital biochemistry laboratories for 20 years, I'm probably a bit more cautious than Joe and Jenny Average. But I am not convinced our government is being as responsible as it should be. ...AND there are plenty of morons out there who aren't even following the guidelines that are in place anyway ? Stay safe, everyone!
  9. It took a while, but I found a little bit of unoccupied sand on the weekend
  10. I hope everyone is (and continues to be) fit and healthy, and coping. I suspect a major effect of the current situation will be a significant impact on people's emotional well-being, especially as it drags on. Remember, we can all use forums to keep in touch, air our thoughts/worries, and offer each other support. Fingers crossed, we'll all be catching up in person sooner rather than later. Kingston 2021 may end up being HUGE. Stay safe, and keep in touch
  11. Apparently the Lions club are buying a bunch of printed banners to use instead. As you say, not the same, but the average member of the public probably won't realize there's much of a difference. C'est la vie. We'll just have to change the location of our annual get together... Kingston 2021??
  12. Sadly, we won't be at Emu Park 2020 ... the local Lions club sent a short email email stating "we will not require your services this year". ?
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