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  1. Is anyone wistfully thinking about going to Kingston in 2021? I've had so many travel plans thwarted this year by the 'rona that I am looking at next year Hoping to get there (I found a route that does not go through Victoria) BobM
  2. Must be time for an official 2020 Kingston thread. Dates will be however long you wish to stay up until Australia Day (26th Jan). (later if you wish). Some of us turn up two weeks prior, some one week prior. It's all very casual with no particular structure. I think the Blokarts will be there again this year - if you've got any details of that, pop it in below. Let's hope for a dry claypan and a clean beach. I'm booked in 13th - 26th and will bring a few more single liners this year as the foreshore fly is becoming more and more spectacular every year. Looking forward to seeing you all there.
  3. KINGSTON S.E 2019 Its that time again everyone, to start planning the main event of the Extreme Kites Group. (Correct me if I'm wrong @.Joel as the earliest thread I can see dates 2003) For the last 15 years, kiters have got together for the meet of the year and the best way to start the year with a catch up in Kingston S.E in South Australia. Kiters come from all corners of the country from Experience, WA to Canberra, ACT to buggy the long stretch of beach from The Blackford Drain up to the Granites, or if the weather is perfect, a ride out on the Lake Nadzab aka The Clay Pan. Members usually stay at the Kingston Foreshore Caravan Park for the duration of their trip, a fully equipment park with unpowered/powered sites, basic/delux cabins and decent bathroom and kitchen facilities and on Australia Day, put on a fantastic Ariel kite display for the general public. This is a non-organised event, it just happens as a way to celebrate a great meet up. This year, myself and @igeighty, along with @roblukin are planning on a slightly longer trip over. Arriving onsite on Saturday 5th January 2019 and heading back home on Sunday 27th January 2019. (Of cause we don't expect everyone to stay for 3 weeks, but its general idea of the dates) We have already made our site bookings and are now on the exciting countdown until we can head over. So if each year you've ummed and arrred about heading over, do it and you'll find that you'll return again and again each year as we have. Looking forwards to seeing you all! Mez
  4. Calendar Event Added If you're coming hit "going" so it adds you to the list. Well I have just sent through a booking request to Kingston S.E Caravan Park for January 2018. We anticipate to arrive Saturday 13th January and leave on Australia Day (as per usual) Who else will be heading over there in January?
  5. Has anybody thought about dates for this yet? 26 January falls on a Monday in 2015. (My work wants to know when I will be taking leave in Dec/Jan) BobM
  6. What: South Australia Kiteboarding Freestyle Titles 2014 . Where: Whyalla Foreshore, Whyalla, S.A. When: are happening from 6th December 2014 - Freestyle KIte Titles start at 2 p.m. Who: Presented by South Australia Kitesurfing Association and Xtreme Kites & Paddle Other info at: http://www.saksa.com.au/?p=685 http://www.whyalla.sa.gov.au/page.aspx?a=3&c=41897 http://www.whyallanewsonline.com.au/sto ... foreshore/
  7. Extreme Kites Kingston 2014 Meet When? Saturday January 18th -> Monday January 27th Where? Kingston SE, South Australia. View Larger Map Where to stay? You can camp on the beach, as has been done most years previously. You can also book in to the Kingston Caravan Park, where a lot of people stay either in cabins or camp sites. Social BBQ This was a blast in January 2013, so lets do it again! Once we work out numbers etc we will get more info out there, huge thanks to Jenny & Bull again for letting us have this at their place, it's just up the road from the caravan park. Thinking Saturday the 25th may be ideal, other suggestions welcome.
  8. With all the northerly and easterly wind we've been having in Adelaide, the normal venues for buggying and landboarding (the beach) offer no real option, so I've been using the Clipsal main straight and associated network of paved paths and open grassy space at the former Victoria Park racecourse, in the East City Parklands. There's nice long runs on N, NE, SW and S wind directions on the longboard. The grassy areas seem too soft for the landboard, but OK with the buggy. The open space is just big enough to give you a reasonably smooth wind patern in winds around 10 to 15 knots, despite being surrounded by trees and buildings. In any case, with the low rolling resistance of the longboard, you don't need a very big kite to get going. So who is coming to join me for a fly/buggy/landboard/skate?
  9. On our monthly club fly day in October, we are planning to run a come and try day. Refreshments provided.
  10. I have been contatced by Totally Wild who want to do a story about kite buggying in Adelaide. The tentative date is the afternoon of Friday 12 July. Location may be Victoria Park racecourse or Semaphore Beach. Contact me if you are interested.
  11. And I do mean ancient! I haven't done much kiting since the World Cup back in 1995, you could call me one of the victims of what happened around it (although I thought I did a pretty good job as Field Director), but I'm heading over to Adelaide next weekend for Skatetacular, and I thought I'd try and track down some of the old mob. Of course, once I start looking, I can't find any one! I found out that the AKFA fly day is today, so I've missed that! Anne-Marie's sold the shop, Arista has done a(nother) disappearing act, and the rest are just first names, or nick names - Woody, Grant, and so on. On the off-chance that there might be some hanging around who recall the old days, I thought I'd bung a message up here. Oh, I'm Gary Schmidt, if that rings any bells, I used to fly various kites made by Highly Strung (what used to be here in Melbourne) (and if that doesn't age me, what will?!?!?), and a few other bits and pieces. So, are there any left? Cheers, Gary B-)
  12. Anyone with experience buggying anywhere on the Yorke Peninsula? We are heading over next weekend and I'm keen to get out for a spin, just dont know of any suitable beaches
  13. Hi Bull. I was wondering how the seaweed was going down on Kinston beach got a bit of time of looking to go bugging down there or wether lake neszab is dry cheers.
  14. Hi guys, Moana flayer get together every sunday at moana beach, i'm looking for ppl who wants to fly rev together and maybe put up a team and have some fun. of course everyone is welcome to come and fly any kind of kite. please email me before, schedule can change due to wind and weather condition. 5/5/13 we are there
  15. Jords


    Heading to the beach in the morning, should be perfect for it with decent wind forecast! Still waiting for the Toxicto arrive so will put up the radsail and see how it feels... tempremental ol bugger that one.
  16. I'm planning to head to North Haven this Saturday morning, is there any rules/restrictions that I need to know about? Its looking like southwesterlies at 25-35km/h so should be perfect as long as the rain holds
  17. me and kevin Sunder have been to the Redcliff kite festival, IQuad team was also participating at the event. It has been a fantastic time and to see many others South australian kite flyer participating to the festival was a pleasant surprise. I hope we can get more ppl interested in flying revs and make an SA team Cheers Davide
  18. [align=]Its on THE KINGSTON JANUARY 2013 AUSTRALIA DAY LONG WEEKEND WINDCUBE GET TOGETHER. Start Date Monday 21st January 2013 Finish Date monday the 28th January 2013[/align] That great South Australian Road trip is on again, if you missed out last year and are not coming this year well what can i say !!!! (Marty excluded) Events include Beach fishing (What ever you catch we will give to Zac so he can actually have a decent meal on this trip.) Beach Cricket Beach Bowls Beach Volly ball Beach soccer Greeks V the Rest of the world Beach Camping Beach BBQ Greek Style BYO And also it might be a good idea to bring a kite or two and what ever might take your fancy. Also looking at having a comp for the funniest video of the trip, so GoPros and imagination at the ready. Have to see what we can dig up as a prize. (Hint Hint any site advertiser free plug on this thread ) Please put your name down below if your going so we can look at accommodation, it could be limited there is only about 90 miles of beach Attendees Sinbad Son of Sinbad Other Son of sinbad
  19. hi all, where do you guys get your wheels and tires from ?? I am looking to put a set of "fat wheels and tires" on one of my land yachts to allow me to sail on soft sand and maybe dunes, something which i haven't tried yet,,,,thanks
  20. Winds are looking sweet Saturday morning. Low tide at 10:45am. Anyone interested?
  21. It's looking sweet! Anyone in? The winds are turning a little but it still looks pretty damn good. Low tide at 1826 (:
  22. Looks like another perfect weekend for Goolwa is upon us: 10kn Southerlies, 0.30m tide Anyone else in???
  23. please if any one like joel know the date for kingstone will very much appreciate for it thancks
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