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  1. thanks @igeighty and @mik333 if my left arm needs a splint I'm in deep shit PS @mik333 the only bones I've broken in the buggy (technically just after leaving the buggy) are my little finger (used a bi-roe to splint that) and a rib. So probably just to splint a limb.
  2. I remember the fun of hand held scanners....it looks so easy in the add!
  3. @nigel will do if I can, made up one set of line with handles & can always nick the lines of my Sky tiger Hi 40. And yes I can see it may be a bit twitchy, had the 6.1 rolled out, it locks nearly as long as my 12m peel but anorexic.
  4. @mik333 this is me moving into the 21st century, need to make up a couple of line sets and get some quad hands, then we will see how the folding buggy handles race kites?
  5. OK old thread any one know any thing about the Nitro pre evo 2? Just got a 3.9 & 6.1 in black & gold.
  6. Hi mez are you and Ig going to be at Geelong tomorrow?


    1. Mez


      Hi @the_hatman

      We were, but looking at the forecast, we've decided to pull the plug. Not sure where the others are getting their forecasts from (saying the weather is meant to improve) Mine says showers up until noon, then showers again after 3pm with thunder storms and putting away wet kites isn't fun. Its a long way to go for an hour or two of "possible" good weather.

    2. the_hatman


      Bill Withers weather hear and now, my forecasts gave as clear till noon then 25% chance of rain till 3 then the heavens open

  7. So is any one going to be there next Sunday?
  8. Thanks all had a drag on a sig last night for the first time in 4-5 months, it tasted shit to, which I suppose is good
  9. hay that's just how my food tastes now since my stroke, maybe I should stop cooking.
  10. I haven’t been there since 1995 for the AKA annual event
  11. Sorry I missed it but I was other wise engaged with a stroke. All good now or just about
  12. OK @.Joel this has gone on too long. The quick fix is take it to you next meet let every one use it and the one it kills us it to drape over the coffin.
  13. are the seats the same as the one on the 4 wheel buggy, reckon it may be used as an integral part of a folding buggy frame, if so I'll have one. and a quick number 2, are any of the P.L. "aly rims",the flow spun rim bits, standard barrow size, if so I could use a spare, s mine are the first set soled(probably) (Bristol Kite Festival 1996)
  14. the_hatman


    it's cool when I've got EK open on my laptop I can point my iphone at it and open EK on that, what ever next
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