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  1. Any interested takers? With the weather getting worse (Winter is coming), it means some nice South Westers, or Southerlies could be around. So with that in mind, low tides at 10:11am (Sat), 11:02am (Sun), 11:55am (Mon), and three days off, anyone?? Got a Buggy here that had it's last run pre Covid, and a Dirtsurfer to try on the beach.
  2. nigel


    Nice. My daughter would love that colour. Pity I'm in Vic.
  3. I second bakers comments above. And Welcome! A 10m depower is mid range and should be a good fit. You might even want a little bigger if your looking at the lower performance end of a kite range. My tip is to get a higher performance kite in the larger sizes (less wind, better performance, faster turning and handling), and go for the lower aspect kites in the bottom sizes. They will have more gust munching ability (they will be used in stronger winds) and not be as "on edge" to fly compared to a higher performance kite.
  4. https://www.fallshaw.com.au/ Melbourne based and they sell the "normal" buggy tyres, and plastic rims. Got a set or two of these tyres and rims, and the plastic rims are almost indestructible. And as mentioned, a hardware store or tyre shop can help you. Used both before.
  5. nigel

    New Toy

    Got my hands on an original Dirtsurfer. A bit of a polish, some grease in the bearings (still could do with new ones), and some new rubber. I am good to go!! My 9 year old son read the warning on the bottom of the board (a you will injure yourself using this device warning) and now doesn't want to have a go. And he's the one with a mountain board? Go figure? I am sure he will come around once he see's me using it, or falling off it.
  6. They did it!!!! 222.4 kph in only 40.7 kph of wind!!! That's 5.5 times wind speed!!
  7. nigel

    REV B Series

    It's not worth fluffing around with odd sized lines, these kites perform best with a full matching line set. Take the hit and get a matching set of lines. About 80lbs lines should be perfect. I use a 50lbs line set for light winds (0-5 knots).
  8. I have been watching these boys with baited breath for quite some time. As has been the case with most of Southern and Eastern Australia this year, there has been bucket loads of rain. Not good for trying to get a dry lake, dry. I don't know how long they are planning to stay out on the lake, but if they can get a break of a few days with the right conditions, it is going to be interesting to see how fast they are going to go. https://emirates-team-new-zealand.americascup.com/
  9. I too use a rope, as it can be stashed away in the buggy when you get to the beach. And if you need it, can be used to tow another buggy pilot home. Very hard to store a solid metal bar on the buggy, or take the risk and leave it sitting on the beach for some random to pick up and take off with.
  10. They are nice and warm in their big round bag. From 1.4m to 8.5m, a big quiver should I need it. Tend to use either ARC's or foils these days. BUT, their is one little kite that gets a run every now and then, the old Mark one 1.8m Beamer!! The kite I was told, was not designed to be used in a buggy. It's so soft and floppy, hours of use in silly winds. It just keeps flying!! It folds it's self up when you land it, even when your not finished flying! You should see @Jason cringe when I pull this kite out. There is a two string arrow head shaped stunter from 1988 (my first kite) in my kite quiver, got a run with Alex last time out. And there is a 2.5m (3.6m wing span) Peel from 1998, that I have kept.
  11. No Rosebud kite fest this year, so we could have three days hooning on the beach over Labor Day long weekend?? March 6th-8th. Sandy Point tides are great, low tide, Saturday 12:01pm, Sunday 12:48pm, and Monday 1:39pm. Only issue is going to be accommodation. Most places will be booked, or very pricey. Otherwise we just wait for the weather to be right and do day trips, if it ever gets right? Or cause some chaos and hit Dingley with a stack of wind toys one day over the long weekend?
  12. For those needing a buggy........ This Wednesday and Thursday, Venus bay. A perfect onshore at 11-16 knots, low tide at 1pm and 1:50pm
  13. Thank you Alan for the huge effort over the years. Thanks .Joel for bringing, and restoring, the kite world together. What a mammoth site this is going to be if you like power kites!! (someone might think I like emojis)
  14. Awesome!!!! A great bit of reading. I might be blind, but when was this first published??
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