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  1. Thank you Alan for the huge effort over the years. Thanks .Joel for bringing, and restoring, the kite world together. What a mammoth site this is going to be if you like power kites!! (someone might think I like emojis)
  2. Awesome!!!! A great bit of reading. I might be blind, but when was this first published??
  3. Well this is all dependent on what's going to happen in the next week or two...... But being the optimist, I am putting up the dates for weekends with great tides for Sandy Point. All depends on the weather as well. Sept. 26th low tide 12.17pm. Sept. 27th low tide 1.08pm. Oct. 10th low tide 12.19pm. Oct. 11th low tide 1.02pm. Oct. 24th low tide 12.09pm. Oct. 25th low tide 12.56pm. Nov. 7th low tide 11.15am. Nov. 8th low tide 11.56am. Nov. 21st low tide 11.06am. Nov. 22nd low tide 11.51am.
  4. New Blades!!! Wow! New land kites!! Even more Wow!! Are Flexi hanging on there to launch a new stacker to celebrate their 50th Birthday?? Only 2 years away!!! They started in 1972!
  5. Wow! Wow! Wow! Bringing back the good old days.......... Many a night was spent absorbing the Flexi forum in my miss spent youth. Time to drag out the Peel's and C-Quads, and hop in the Comp buggy, well only after our Covid lock down here in Melbourne...
  6. Melbourne, Victoria, one of the best cities to live in the world..........well Covid likes it alot! But Karen doesn't like being told what to do. NSFW!!
  7. Well I didn't see you offer to pay my $1600 fine if I got stopped by the police for picking up a kite.
  8. Decided to go out for a quick fly with the family today (as it's corona Kite fest weekend), and take some pics to add to the fun. But greeted with a buggy zipping around the field and a new kiter struggling with twisted lines. So a big Hello to the boys their today!! Don't be lurkers, say hello, post up a message, and we can include you in our events, or random banter. Plenty of old farts kiters here to help if you want it. Or even if you want a hand setting up a kite! Hope to catch you both next time!!! And a pic of what I set up for the Corona Kite Fest.
  9. Hi Kevin, We are all locked up and finding new things to do. The kids seem to be handling the virus shut down fine. Not sure how they will be in a few weeks time though? I've got plenty of kites and ground bouncers to make, let alone me grabbing a few plastic model kits from my mega stash. So I should be fine, it's how stir crazy the rest of the family will get!! Warmest wishes to you and Linda.
  10. nigel

    Reaching out...

    Hi All, Yes in lock down like the rest of Australia. My work is still running. At work we have removed all the doors, so you don't have to touch them. The kitchen area is being cleaned every day. We are all self distancing (easy to do with only 15 people in a factory as big as a footy oval). So as long as we can continue, I am working. The issue might be America, as most of our production eventually ends up there. If they slow down a lot we might have to put the brakes on production, but that will be a few weeks yet before that happens. On t
  11. nigel

    U turn kites

    Hey @the_hatman race kites like to bite, so be careful. If your not used to flying them; they like to be powered up, don't like gusty wind, and deliver power at a rapid pace, much faster than a lower aspect wing. If you want to bring them down to the next flash mob fly we can give then an airing and get them sorted if you have the lines and handles done. How will the folding buggy handle the race kites?? Should be fine, it's usually the pilot who gets ejected at 40kph that ends up needing the repair shop services.
  12. Glad you lot had a fine run!! Work always gets in the way @Mez Don't know how many are interested in another run, but mark it in your calendar, Saturday the 21st, and Sunday the 22nd of December. Low tide at 1:40pm and 2:36pm. Being so close to Christmas some people might have finished for the year, and it still gives you a few days to finish the shopping if you leave it to the last minute. Fingers crossed for a good SW'er.
  13. Find all the clubs that are local to you. Then let the kids decide. I'd rule photography out. I know how much time, effort, and money goes into it. It can be done cheap, but if you get the photographic itch, it starts costing ......... And digital images need a computer to edit.
  14. Done it as well. Except we had no moon. The only way to tell where the kite was, was by seeing what stars the kite blocked out. Tie a light stick (chemical lights) to the bridle, or chuck into the foil, as long as you don't turn the kite upside down it wont fall out. Chuck some push bike lights (red and white flashers) on the buggy, just so others can see you coming. Have fun!!
  15. Nothing wrong with a land board on the beach. @bakersdozen has a nice land board with "grannys" (big over sized wheels), so it can be done. The buggy has the advantage of being able to sit down, but size is it's nemesis. A land board is very easy to carry and store. Check out the tassie kite flyiers: www.taskite.org.au Checkout face book as well. As a kite club, I think there is more single line and static flyiers than power kiters, but you might be able to find a local to you. Yes a 5m+ fixed bridle would be a good start to jump on, any less and you will get spanked
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