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  1. Interested in what people use for night kiting, I'd like to go for a few night sessions for something a little different. These certainly look interesting ( https://www.lightmodehelmets.com ).
  2. Back to the future? 🤣
  3. Curious as to who ended up going this year and taking the risk of being stuck over there ? Imagine being stranded in the same state as @sinbad for an extended period of time, I'd want to quarantine just to get away from him
  4. Version 1.0.0


    Manual for the F-One 2006 Tribal Kitesurf Kites.
  5. Interesting..... https://www.sej.com.au/properties/lots-4-8-beach-pde-sandy-point-vic-3959/
  6. Flexifoil Buggy with a Peter Lynn Composite Axle.
  7. .Joel

    The Chase

    Loved the video, that perspective especially from out back is great. What sort of speedometer is that? Did you retrofit something off a car?
  8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/merseyside/6229554.stm http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/england/merseyside/6234948.stm This one? It's nice to read a bit of history, well done.
  9. RaceKites Reviews are 100% imported and are now having tags and filters added to each review. RaceKites Forum Posts are still being worked on. Having some issues at the moment with importing the attachments and trying to find a solution
  10. For me personally my kiting habits changed, I went from kiting every weekend to taking 'Kiting Holidays' where I'd go away 3 to 4 times a year for 1 to 2 weeks. For a lot of people they become active around one of these holidays where everyone meets up and then it drops off again inbetween. I think that may be one of a number of different changes coming together at the same time, where individually they may only impact 1% to 2% but when added together the percentages became significant. They'll all come back as well, there were no less than about 200 pinned discussi
  11. .Joel

    Content Curators

    Extreme Kites over the past month has had an enormous influx of content, the challenge now is to make that content discoverable through different parts of the website. To meet that challenge many hands make light work, and I would like to thank @bakersdozen, @andy666, @Mfwetu and @igeighty for stepping up to help. The first step is for us to work through the 1600+ reviews that now exist on the website and apply the relevant tags and filters so that the reviews can be easily discovered and displayed alongside relevant content. This is a manual process now that each and every individual r
  12. @andy666 time to upgrade your bug
  13. Holyshmoly @andy666, thank you! I literally spent an hour going back through my old emails from over 10 years ago trying to find this Superstar, thanks for sharing!
  14. Reviews are done the Community Forum is next https://www.extremekites.org/reviews/ The next step for the reviews section is to manually go through each review and flag all the relevant options (Manufacturer, Kite Size, Foil/LEI/Arc, Fixed Bridle/Depower, Year Released etc) and once that completes all the reviews will tie in to the rest of the website where they'll show along side discussion topics and a new Newbies Q&A section to help people get started. There's also some amazing 'How To' guides which I'll get to cleaning up as well. On the topic if 'cleaning up' if y
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