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  1. Thanks mate sound advice again hope you are well
  2. Hi mate would post at my cost ? To Australia?
  3. Want to grab a couple kites a big boy for low to no wind Ive got a 11 mt would consider almost any size but want to stick with foils and ozone but I'm no pro so others might fit the bill
  4. Finally got my fork fixed from when Rob crashed into my buggy and had a solid couple hours in the seat chasing Rob up and down the beach felt a little rusty but once I got going felt good actually really good but being a freak off season day its re fueling my desire to get back into it again
  5. Hi all , Looking at buying some parts from gt race being landseglers and some other stuff any skinny rims avaiable ? In australia
  6. First day without him yesterday as I hit the beach mentioned I expect a good day now Quite rusty but nice to get a good day in
  7. Any dates for moose 

  8. It's with a heavy heart that we lost a avid member and my best mate yesterday he is now our angel his passion to still kite till couple weeks ago was strong and even at a low point asked had I seen the forecast and tides made me laugh but life is short please go and see the doctors more often and make your health number one
  9. Add to collection? @Jase Shepperd Kids? Where is this buggy in Australia
  10. Grants

    Bye Dad.

    So sorry to hear this my thoughts are with you and your family mate
  11. How's the weather shaping up for this so far our weather is starting to come through for us which is about a month later than last year a cameo might be on the cards
  12. I'm def intrested and are looking at the costs involved in it I'm thinking about the possibility to maybe do both as one is in October 2018 and les hemmes is June July 2019 Appreciate the invitation to come it's some thing on the radar just trying to get permission from the war office will be the hard bit @roblukin @Jase Shepperd
  13. I see what you did there ? Lack of winds create time to ponder ?
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