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  1. LOL.... yeah I feel the same away about iTunes John. I have a degree in computer science and still can't work out how to use it I never knew what was going to happen when I pressed that bloody Sync button. That's why I am on Android these days.... no iTunes and am free to do what ever I want on my phone Thanks Joel for your honest and raw feedback.....Can always rely on you telling it how it is. Yeah graphs are very similar to your's mate and forecast's definitely need a lot more work. I did pick a bad day but hey I just displayed what the BOM gave me which goes to show you that forecasts can be wrong sometimes Will fix up the mobile site and can look at deploying a windows app (Just need to find someone that uses one so we can test because no one I know uses windows phones!!!!) Anyways, thanks again guys and will hopefully join you at one of your meetups this summer down at Sandy Point. Cheers
  2. That's weird...it's an Aussie app and about 300 people have already downloaded it from Melbourne and Sydney etc. Can you please send me a screen shot if possible of the message you get? Cheers
  3. Hey John, Thanks a lot for the feedback, appreciate it. The links to the app on are on the homepage of the website but I have also included them below for you. Yeah the graphs on the website are a bit cluttered in mobile mode and we need to fix this but I think you will find the graphs on the mobile app much cleaner once you find where to download it In regards to searching for Warrnambool, Ocean Grove etc. We don't currently offer this, instead we give you the info based on the region which gives you a better idea of what the overall wind is doing for a given area. So if you want to see what the wind is doing down at Warrnambool you can see this under the menu VIC - West Coast and for Ocean Grove you can see this under the menu VIC - Central Coast. Might be a good idea though for us to show the related region pages if you do a search on the site for a suburb so thanks for the idea. The app is free and will always be, my mate and I built it for us because we love to kite and liked the idea of being sent notifications to our phone for our favourite spots when the wind is blowing instead of always checking the BOM etc. We just want to see it grow and I think you will find the mobile app a lot nicer than the website. Anyways thanks again for the feedback. Here are the links to the app: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/windjunky/id1039798072?mt=8 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=au.com.windjunky.mobile&hl=en Cheers.
  4. Hey guys, Just wanting to get some feedback about a weather app that we built for wind junkies like us Be keen to hear if there are any features that you guys think would be useful for buggying and landkiters etc? Eg. I haven't added the inland wind stations but think this would be useful for you guys. It's called "WindJunky" and is free on the playstore and appstore. There is also a website with the links to the app. https://windjunky.com.au/ Anyways, any feedback would be great since we just launched. Cheers, Brett
  5. Thanks heaps Joel for all the advice and the artwork, I appreciate it …. and yeah you helped me launch down that end when I crashed the kite in the water. I definitely agree that I need heaps of practice especially with launching and landing. I feel alright once I am out on the water and can relaunch the kite alright after I crash it but haven’t tried self landing without IDS. A mate from work who is an experienced kiter helped me the time before and showed me how he self lands his Crossbow 11 mtr by pulling on the middle lines and then pulling on one of the steering lines but wasn’t exactly sure if I would be alright doing this. It was good having him around but he lives out in the east so he can’t always make it to Altona. He also said that I was trying to cut too much upwind when taking off, so really need to work on that and think your graphic makes it clearer in my head now. If the wind is SE and will be blowing me into the beach then your right about the pier side being the way to go for me because there is a lot more beach available and other learners in the same situation but it does seem a bit chaotic down there and am worried that I will run into someone or crash my kite on someone. The reason I like the dog park side is because I live in Point Cook and the Mrs and I take the dogs down there for a run so it would be good if I could just take off from there but I will get some more practice down near the pier first until I am more confident. I will definitely say g’day and will be asking for advice when I am down the west side. I think it’s awesome how all you guys are sharing all your advice and lookin out for the sport. Good on yas. Thanks again. Brett.
  6. Hi All, I have just started kite boarding and was after some advice from the Altona regulars so I don't end up getting in anyone's way or ending up in the powerlines. I have had 3 lessons with Kite Republic down at St Kilda and was able to get up on the board in the end. I have bought my own gear now, a 10m cabrinha Switchblade IDS and a 136 Caliber and been kiting twice with the new gear in a SW 15knot wind. I am about 70kgs. I have a wakeboarding / snowboarding background so think this is helping me with the board skills but am finding it's all about the kite. People say you eventually don't watch your kite but for me it's all I am looking at I can't go upwind at the moment so I figure the best place for me to start in a SW wind is at the end closest to the dog park because this allows me to get more practice edging upwind before I end up down at the pier end and then have to start my walk of shame back upwind : ) Is it ok to launch down that end even though there is not much beach and is it alright to use the kites safety line to self land the kite if no one is down the other end? It seemed to work alright last time I was down there but still wanted to check. Also, if anyone is interested in adopting a learner and giving me a hand down there please let me know? You will be rewarded with beer and lots of gratitude. Can't wait to get out there again. Cheers Brogz
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