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  1. Well the only thing I like to kitesurf with is a $20 note so I can catch a cab back to my car when I get blown in the wrong direction Wellington point is a good example. I did have a baby experience once at Conway beach when I kiteboarded a long way out to sea and snapped a line and had to swim back it took 5 hours to get back and I was no longer in Conway I ended up on Long Island and to top it off I didn’t tell anyone I was going out that day. Points to note before going kitesurfing .tell a friend Your going Ore Have a friend with you that can help you in need. Best advice is to get the new Apple Watch that can call someone to come get you . No point getting a 2 way radio as it’s old tech .
  2. Drones are definitely a good lite wind hobby . I play sim racing games and I do vr rendering for work,well that’s what I told the wife ?
  3. Thanks Andy !! It’s going to be a slow start for me but I will be ready for summer ?
  4. @.Joel I work at Gjames and 50% of the guy use stand desk and I find that thy like to stand about 40% of the time. the comments I get is that it is nice to have the option but it’s important to note that you need to stand up straight when using a stand desk otherwise it’s just as bad as sitting. I don’t have one as my desk has 4 monitors And I find a ergonomic chair better for my back.
  5. Hey all I was a member on extreme kites a long time ago but I’m finely back after 9 years and if anyone can remember me please add me again. my reasons for coming back are simply that I love kites and You all . @.Joel I would like my old account back if it’s still available please
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