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About Me

joel-buggy_jump.png.fc14c7367f32d12e7942My name is Joel Theodore, I live in Australia and I have been kiting since 2003.  Throughout my journey I have experienced and enjoyed a variety of kiting disciplines, starting with a kite buggy and learning ground based freestyle then moving to aerial freestyle and buggy jumping.  After a few years I moved on to Kiteboarding and enjoyed many seasons on the water, however after a bit of a break i'm back in the buggy and this time chasing my goal of outright speed.

In 2006 I joined Extreme Kites and my involvement over the years with the community grew.  In 2011 I took on ownership of Extreme Kites to preserve the website in an endeavour to keep the Land Kiting community in Australia together.  After a few of life's events and some time away in 2014 the flame to chase speed records has re-ignighted.  

In 2015 I launched the new Extreme Kites website with the help of a newly appointed Team and moved ownership to my private company, this has enabled me to lay back a bit and enjoy partaking in the community in a more relaxed role.  My role here is now Website Support where I code, develop and create new and exciting features for the Extreme Kites community.  

My goals going forward for Extreme Kites are that it continues to foster a positive, welcoming and warm community spirit for those entering the world of kiting.  Over the years I have seen various websites, communities, blogs and social media platforms come and go, however for more than a decade Extreme Kites has stood by and supported the spread of kiting knowledge.  I believe information for those interested in kiting should be made public and available, it shouldn't be hidden behind paywalls and closed groups unable to be found.  The easier we make information accessible here the greater the community benefits, so I hope the time I spend on improving Extreme Kites enhances your experience here with the community.

To keep up to date with what I'm doing in the world of kiting read & subscribe to my blog below:

To keep up to date with changes to Extreme Kites read & subscribe to the XK blog below:

See you around the website or when I'm out with a kite in my hands.

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