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  1. My Sysmic S2 buggy is for sale. This is a great stable buggy in good condition. It has been washed with fresh water and sprayed with silicon spray after all beach rides, but predominantly used in-land on grass ovals. MidiXL tyres. Front wheel mud flap. The rear axle is removed quickly and easily with 4 bolts, enabling the buggy to be transported easily. It fits in the back of my Subaru Impreza hatch. With my buggy, I am including a number of free items to allow somebody new to buggying to start immediately having learnt how to fly power kites. Included for free in the sale of this Sysmic
  2. Late model PL Buggy with all the upgrades done. Midi Wheels Siderail Pads Wide Axle 20mm rear axle bolts Spray guard $620 including Freight
  3. Nice drone footage from today on Farnborough Beach at Yeppoon. Step-daughter's boyfriend Johnnie just trying out his new drone and camera. Ant out on his board and me on the Sysmic with 5m Method - a perfect winters day in Qld...?
  4. Hi All, I thought I would get the ball rolling with the 2017 Kingston SE trip. Last year was an amazing experience and we're up for it again in January. Now please do not let all the politics with the Blokarter put you off, the Clay Pan (Lake Nadzab) is plenty big to share as it covers an area of approx 600 hectares. I have been looking at the calendar and for me, its a later start for Term One of school, so arriving on Saturday 14th January, leaving on Saturday 28th January 2017 is a possibility for Doug and myself. Staying at Kingston Caravan Park, the same plot as before.
  5. A bit of land kiting action from the french where have I heard that track before
  6. Hey, am new here but just wanted to share my entry to the sport as someone with the disability (paraplegic) Here is a little video of my recent experience on new brighton beach in CHCH, NZ. Have been lucky enough to have the help of Gav Mulvay to set up a buggy with hand controls and am having a great time with it. (thanks gav). It is a pretty simple and easily removable mod that seems to work great.
  7. Day 1 (19 April 2015) We walk out of Bayankhongor and kite a few kilometers down a riverbed until the wind changes to headwind. Its 10km to Olziit where our course changes to a crosswind direction so we use our motor/generator setup to motor 7km, it worked ok on flat sealed road, unfortunately the next sealed road is thousands of km's away. The rest of the is was difficult going through spectacular hilly terrain with big thorn bushes and bad wind, not the easiest conditions to get used to new kites but happy to be underway. Distance traveled 34km. leaving bayankhongor Tergun bogd mountain,
  8. Mad Way Mongolia Wrap Up We have done almost twice the distance we set out to do and done about 1500km upwind, the route for the next trip will need to be longer and more ambitious. The wide open plains of the Eurasian steppes are great for high speed and long distance but I miss the challenge of crossing high mountain passes like we had on the 2014 trip. We spend 3 days in Holangol, its hard to stop after so many days of nomadic life. We are using our unloaded buggy's with the electric drive to get around town. We eventually pack up the buggy's and ship them to some friends in China for stora
  9. Day 29 (17 May 2015) The morning brings head winds with big lulls so we tack upwind through the long grass but have only made 8km by 6pm. Suddenly there's a wall of dark brown cloud approaching, we quickly pitch our tents behind some rushes, the dust storm is on us in minutes, quickly followed by driving rain, then sleet, then snow. Everything is white by sundown, hard to believe it was hot and sunny 4 hours ago. Distance traveled 8.5km Total distance 2141km
  10. Day 26 (14 May 2015) Wind arrives at 7 and we are cruising down a road under construction for 30km, then the road turns off towards another oil rig and the rest of the day is bumpy rutted tracks and extremely gusty cross upwind, we pick small kites to handle the gusts then cant move in the lulls, slow going and dangerous. we see a few foxes running around. Dinner is our standard meal of fried salami, cheese and mayonnaise on bread fried in butter, followed by a drink of hot seabuckthorn juice. Distance traveled 130km Total distance 2048km
  11. Day 21 (9 May 2015) No wind for most of the day, we walk and kite to a fork in the road, we hear there may be a military base with a small shop down one of the roads, dont know which road yet. 2 cold Mongolians on a motorbike stop at our camp and we gave them a hot cup of tea, this situation is usually round the other way. Today it was warm enough to take off our down jackets, we have been wearing every piece of clothing we have day and night for the last 10 days. Distance traveled 32 km Total distance 1625 km
  12. Day 20 (8 May 2015) Unpredictable wind all day, no prevailing direction, Joe lifted out of his buggy by a dust devil, he releases the kite which then gets lifted up and lands 500m out in tick land, Joe dresses up in all his wet weather gear and wades out to retrieve it. Two army guys stop us to check our passports in the evening, I got pulled out of my buggy while demonstrating buggying, much to everyone's amusement, then the army guys had a try, to our amusement. We stay the night at their nearby base and filled up on some much needed food and water. We pass the unsupported kite buggy distanc
  13. Day 18 (6 May 2015) No wind so walk to town for breakfast and supplies, Joes phone is missing, our phones are our only navigation aid and connection to the outside world so Joe backtracks to our campsite to look for it, no luck so he starts asking around town and miraculously tracks down the kid that pinched it out of his bag. This was the only dishonesty we encountered, Mongolians are generally very honest people. I say goodbye to the mob of lambs and goats that have been chewing everything on our buggys and we walk a few km out of town and camp, our first no wind day. Distance traveled 14
  14. Day 17 (5 May 2015) Kited to Javhlant for lunch, an annoying guy tries to guide us round town for money. We crossed the river and headed for the town of Tumentsogt, its 30km off our course but we have time and wind to spare. We soon found ourselves in a vast area of rolling hills and short green grass, we spent the afternoon hooning around and chasing deer, the wind is still cranking so we aim for the small town of Bayan 57km away, screaming down a wide dirt road until dark when the wind dies as it does most days, unfortunately 4km short of town. Distance traveled 121 km Total distance 1329 k
  15. Day 16 (4 May 2015) Still northerly wind in the morning so we abandon our plans of going to Onon and head along the north side of the river. The wind is cross or cross upwind and steadily increasing, we start on 4 meter kites then 2.5 then 1.5, we hold onto the 1.5m kites as long as we can, both laughing at the huge amount of power these tiny 2 line kites were making, after hours of sliding sideways down an old road with huge muddy potholes we hve to change to our smallest 1 meter kites. Joe gets chased by a pack of dogs. The wind keeps getting stronger, colder and more upwind with low dark cl
  16. Day 15 (3 May 2015) Leftover goats head for breakfast, warmed up by putting it in your tea, kited to city of Ondorhann through bumpy frozen swamp. Lunch, groceries and continue along north bank of Herlen river. We took a turnoff to go even further north to the Onon river, the birthplace of Chinggis Khann (Genghis Khan) but the persistent freezing northerly wind isn't helping. Distance traveled 56 km Total distance 1124 km
  17. Day 14 (2 May 2015) Rain in the morning then good wind, we make 45km before it switches to a strong headwind with driving snow. We shelter in our tents until it clears in the evening then make a few more km before dark. We are invited into a ger for the night, it was going to be a very cold night so we gladly accepted, dinner is a goats head boiled on a dung fueled fire, we sleep on the floor with the children. Distance traveled 49 km Total distance 1068 km
  18. Day 13 (1 May 2015)Gusty crosswind run to Darhan in the morning, the regenerative braking system is doing a good job of charging our batteries with excess kite power, we stop for lunch and groceries. Fast downwind run to Ulaan-ereg located on the Herlen river, stopped for dinner, luxury buggying today. Nice crosswind road through small hills in the evening, the sunset is spectacular as ever, we camp where road turned too far upwind. Distance traveled 120 km Total distance 1018 km
  19. Day 12 (30 April 2015) Freezing headwind all day, cant zig zag upwind because of the long grass, stayed in the tent. I celebrate my birthday by eating all the chocolate.
  20. Day 11 (29 April 2015) We learn of an abandoned soviet mig base 10km upwind of us so we zig-zag our way over smooth green fields to the area and found a ghost town with soviet arches and mig statues, I triy to buggy on the runway but got told off. We have lunch in the ruins then use our trick of kiting upwind in both directions then looking at our GPS track on the map and seeing where we can get to with our best angle. The only option was Darhan, 90 km away cross/upwind with no roads. The next 60 km is a nightmare of dense tick infested 1m high grass and unpredictable wind, we are stopping eve
  21. Day 10 (28 April 2015) Good strong crosswind from 8, we stop in a rough town for lunch, 10 Mongolian pies each. I almost had a head on collision with a motorbike on the way into town. In the afternoon the dry brown surroundings we had been traveling through for the last 10 days gave way to short green grass. We walk through the town of Choir on the trans-mongolian railway and head north in the dark, lots of powerlines looming out of the dark, hard on the nerves. Distance traveled 182 km Total distance 813 km
  22. Day 9 (27 April 2015) No wind until 1:30, we leave town in super light wind, nice smooth terrain with a few hills. Distance traveled 38 km Total distance 631 km
  23. Day 8 (26 April 2015) We awake to a sandstorm, it appears to be easing at 4pm so we leave town on 1.5m kites. After 10km the wind gets much stronger and sandier so we turn back, it gets even windier so change to 1m kites then 1m lines and return to the same spooky hotel. The storm howls all night, im glad we turned back. Distance traveled 19 km Total distance 592 km
  24. Day 7 (25 April 2015) Good wind from 9am increasing all day. flying across vast featureless desert plains on small 2 line nasa kites, we pass through another ghost town beside an abandoned mine. The hot dry conditions and long distances between real towns are hard on our dwindling water supply. We arrive in the city of Mandalgovi in the afternoon, find a ghostly looking hotel and much needed shower. We decide we had seen enough of the Gobi desert and change our route further north to follow the Herlen river. Distance traveled 131 km Total distance 573 km
  25. Day 6 (24 April 2015) Good wind all day but roads on the map are non existent, we spend most of the day bashing through thorn bushes and long grass. The only town on the map turned out to be a ghost town by an abandoned mine. We stop at a camel herders ger for a meal including camel yogurt which gives out digestive system a good fright, fortunately they filled up some of out water bottles. We found a good track through some foothills in the evening and camped in some old ruins. Distance traveled 64 km Total distance 441 km
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