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  1. I have been jumping "badly" in my buggy for about a year and its starting to show as you can see in the pic the front wheel is skewed and the rear axle is bent slightly. I have decided to modify a second buggy in these areas in an attempt to stop the buggy getting damaged from bad/heavy landings. After doing some research into the different ways other people modified there buggies it became apparent that most people do there own thing. If you look at other buggies on the beach or in the forums this becomes obvious quite quickly. So it really is a bit of an open book as far as what is
  2. I’m having a love affair- with my kite! I love Kitesurfing, but these days I want to go out for a session just so I can get on the Soul. I’ve been flying my Flysurfer Soul 12m since February 2019, getting lots of sessions on it and I have to say, I’m in love. Previous kites were always a nice piece of kit to get me on the water, I never really thought much about them once I was out there having fun and maybe that’s a good thing too. But when I’m out on the Soul I find myself looking up at it and saying “I love this kite “ or “ I f—-king love this kite” usually with a very big grin on my
  3. .Joel

    Extreme Kites Reviews

    A brilliant new Extreme Kites Reviews section is now live! We've put together a stunning view of the reviews homepage that works across Desktop, Tablet and Mobile so you can enjoy the latest content on whatever device you're using. For years people have contributed reviews throughout a Discussion Forum or as a Reply to a Topic. That information has been helpful, however revisiting that information later on when you need it again has been difficult and the longer time went on the harder revisiting that information becomes. With the new Extreme Kites Reviews to which anyone can contribute
  4. I thought i might add this as i have done this little mod to my deck , and thought some others out there might be interested in the results . Having ridden and been very happy with a Scrub Silver Reef for over a year now , not to mention not wanting to part with another 200 quid for a lighter board , i decided to see what can be done with the silver reef as it stands . What can be taken off to reduce weight ? Pretty much everything except the deck , and you would be hard pressed to find lighter trucks (possibly this years new trucks ) I started with the tires , those 9 inch striker
  5. As I'm relatively new to powerkites, and my main flying site is popular with kids, dogs, etc., I use kite killers whenever I fly (alongside other safety measures - mainly allowing a big margin for error). Having bought a 9m PKD Buster (review to follow, maybe), I decided to buy a new pair of killers, rather than keep swapping the pair from my Beamer between kites. The Spirit of Air killers cost me about £8.50, and basically consist of decent velcro straps and less-than-decent cords. I found the cords too short to connect at the ends of the Buster's brake line headers, so fitted them neare
  6. Like most people, i did not want to spend a lot on my first buggy, so decided to go for the radbuggy. looked at a lot of different reviews , and liked the fact that the back axle could be taken apart for easy storage and travel. Buggy arrived and set about building it. instructions were clear and easy to work out. i no time at all it was built nad i could not wait to try it out, but as with all new toys had to wait for the wind to come up. First time out the buggy was good . Had to adjust a few things to get comfortable in the buggy. i found for me i had to move the down tube a coupl
  7. Pansh Sprint 2.3m to 5m Background The Pansh Sprint has been a long time in development but it has been worth the wait. I've been involved with the Sprint since the early prototypes and charted the effort that has gone into refining the profile, features and materials used in the production of the kite. The production version is available in a whole range of sizes from 1.9m up to 12.5m. Only a couple of sizes are missing from the range at the time of writing. I have the 5m, 4m, 3.3m and 2.3m. Now that I have had a chance to fly them all I feel that the time is right to make some co
  8. Well, i purchased my cirrus pro just yesterday and was amazed how well built the kite was for the price very good quality materials and an "Ok" set of instructions, the bag it came in i must say was a bit ugly and not very attractive. But it does its job and thats good enough for me, i took it out for the first time and it was fairly windy with roughly around 15 mph winds, it was very gusty and maybe not the ideal test flight weather for a brand new kite but ow well. It was easy enough to set up and was ready to used within a few minutes of tying the lines on, when i first launched t
  9. I am moslty into downhill mountainboarding. I had two other boards other then this but the Pro 6 has been the best board so far. I am only 14 so it is a perfect free stlye board for me because of its reduced spin weight (its shorter so it is easyer to spin) I have used it with a kite twice is it is a very good board for this I did not buy this board compleat but it it mostly how it is supposed to be other then i have regular matrix trucks on it rather then the lighter versions The Deck: The deck is a power lamnit deck, very stiff and you get a lot of pop out of it. Bindin
  10. RaceKites

    Flexifoil Viper

    Described by Flexifoil as "a new range of traction kites designed primarily for traction and competition kite buggying...for the serious buggier...great upwind performance", and more supprisingly as "the ultimate buggy kite". Described by almost everyone else as "past it". Ok, to start with, lets get a few things straight here. The Viper is not a competition level traction kite. It is not for the serious buggier [Flexi, would you please define your definition of "serious"...?] It does not have great upwind performance and mostly it is not and never will be, the ultimate buggy kite. O
  11. Well, when I first heard of Pansh, this cheap kite company from China, that sold dirt cheap kites I imagined them to be like some paper bag kites you see on Ebay.I had help set a cheap n nasty kite at the local flying site, someone was trying to work out ,...and it was terrible !, when I flew it , it was like it was on elastic bands,and the kite looked like it was going to fall in pieces. So thats what my pre-conceived ideas were based on ...another cheap and nasty kite. Don't know why I swapped my Liquid Force Flight 9.5 LEI for them ,but I did, a 3mtr and a 4.5mtr ,still crispy ,like ne
  12. HQ Symphony 1.8, 2.2, and 2.7 sport foils. I got these kites in fall of '07, and I write this review in mar 08, so I've had a bit of time with them. I see I am still unable to write a short review. Sorry, y'all. I've tried to make it easy to read, at least. I'm about 155 lbs, 40 yrs old, and fly lots on beaches with very little room to fly, so all static up to this point. I've got too many kites, about 6 of which I fly a lot: the 2.2 and 2.7 symphonies, the 2 & 3 m china special legends, and the 5m china ace. I'll have an 8m soon, just in time for summer light winds! I
  13. Ive been flying Flexifoil for the last few years and I fancied a change. Risky when your forking out a lot of money. Ozone was my first port of call as the build quality on these kites are the best. After reading a few reviews on the Haka and the Cult I decided on opting for the Cult due to the write ups saying they were a little more user friendly. The kite comes in a good size bag which makes a change from the Flexifoil bags where you have to get the kite down to a postage stamp size to get it back in the bag. In fact there is enough room to fit a bottle of stella, packet of Jaffa Cakes and
  14. Back to the classics again. I have done a review of a single stacker some while ago but have added two more to the combination.The stackers come with 75 kg lines which are fine for a single kite use but being a bit tight decided to fly two on the original lines.This worked surprisingly well but i had the thought of snapped lines and broken spars in the back of my mind. With this i bought a set of 200Kg 30 meter flexi lines which are the coloured dyneema variety.If you wish to stack them you will also need to purchase the flexifoil stacking kit (approx £4.00) for each kite). Friends had said ju
  15. seattle airgear winddance 3 13.1 sq m / 14.1 sq ft pull = speed = flying! what else can i say about this kite that already hasn't been said? Seattle Airgear will be closing soon (due to retirement), and is offering a significant discount on their kites (only the Winddance 3 size is available). when i heard about this, i visited their website and started researching their product. upon reading the convuluted website, 2 things become exceptionally clear. 1. the website was designed by an engineer (too much data, no clear organization) i should know, i grew up in a fa
  16. I thought I'd see what all the fuss is about...So, after a failed delivery, I shot up the airport and collected my new Turbo bar... Got home, unpacked it and wasn't suprised to find what looks like a regular Ozone depower bar...Exact same megatron chicken loop and virtually indestructible Beal loop line, Amsteel leaders with 3 of the usual Ronstan stainless pulleys, and nice non-slip rubber grip zones with 2 safety releases.... If you're thinking that 115 quid's a lot of money to part company with when it comes to a fixed bridle control bar, maybe it is, but if you get your mitts on one y
  17. I have been buggying and landboarding for a few years now and decided to upgrade my old second hand Prolimit harness to a new one and after spending many hours trawling though various websites i decided a Dakine Storm would be the ideal choice. I came to my decision atfer working out the pros and cons of many different harnesses and the fact it met two criteria, one I liked the look of it and two, it was inside my merger budget!!!! But before I parted with my hard earnt cash and went to one of the websites I had been to, I wanted to try one on so the other day I took a trip down to t
  18. I got my Ozone Access SB (Spreader Bar) Harness as a Christmas present last year. Before the harness I could only manage about two hours and I would have to give up. After 4 Months of buggying without a harness I swear my arms were both a couple of centimeters longer than when I started kiting! Mark's arms had grown longer since he started kiting! The harness is designed like a rock climbing harness, with ergonomically designed leg straps to prevent it riding up. It has loads of padding in the legs and back-straps and the spreader is attached to the leg stra
  19. I have owned my Peter Lynn Competition XR+ for nearly 6 months now and have been lucky enough to get out with it in varying conditions regularly so have had a good opportunity to put it through its paces… I looked into various options when hunting for a bug, including getting one shipped from the UK – the choice in Australia and my budget limited me to as what I could get. Eventually, after much research, opted for the comp XR+ – ordered it online to be shipped to Perth from Brisbane. Delivery was set to take a week to ten days. I arrived at the depot, dock
  20. Feyd

    Peter Lynn Charger

    I've had a few sessions with the new Chargers and wanted that I would share my impressions so far. It's a little early for me to give a really detailed report but I wanted to at least give a basic overview. I'm not going to cover the bar or the bag right now. I'll just say the bar is great so far. Better than the '07 and the bag is... well it's a bag and we're not flying the bags. (Nice bag tho) My impressions in a nutshell.... Build quality is excellent. Super stable. Auto zeniths as good if not better than the Venom 2. Seems to sit foward/centered in the power zone. Dead
  21. rawair

    HQ Apex 7.5M

    HQ Apex 7.5M blue/white/black First impressions The kite comes in a sturdy rucksack (Day-Glo orange), with a few clips and attachment points on the bag to add extras, it also has an expandable/zipped opening to make packing the kite away easier. The rucksack is large and there's is plenty of room for extras if you desire, if you crap at packing you can still get it in. 1st Launch When we were ready and wind around 8mph we gave it is 1st launch. The kite powered to the zenith with ease and gave a nice reassuring tug on the harness. The winds were light and on a day when the winds
  22. Alright, I had to add another voice into the conversation because of all of the helpful advice I've received here on racekites.com I'm a beginner into the sport, and based out of the US, so there aren't many local kite stores I can stroll into and get help from. I have owned and flown a Prism Stylus p.2 for about a year now, and having enjoyed that I wanted something bigger with more thrill. There have been many reviews here which describe how the Pansh kite arrives. In about 6 business days, in a plain brown box, with no instructions and no kite killers. That's my experience as well
  23. I bought this as a total newbie for £175 from edge power kites based in Norwich. I went in not really knowing which kite I was going to buy. The guy (sales) was really helpful and took an hour or so to show me various options available to me for my budget. When he showed me how to set up the ite I was impressed by the quality of manufacture. It felt really soild and most importantly safe. I bought the handles option and they feel really comfortable, even the leader is covered with about an inch of soft (hard wearing) neoprene which sits between your fingers when flying the kite. KITE PULL
  24. I bought a reel leash as I was tired of spending more time in a session body dragging back to my board after my kite ended up in the sea than actually trying to kitesurf. Here are my thoughts on the Oceanus "Eel" reel leash. Build quality: The overall construction is very good quality, stainless steel is used throughout all the metal parts, and by the looks of it polycarbonate plastic for the actual body and some of the internals which is nice and thick so should stand up to knocks well. the leash it'self is a soft nylon ribbon with a stainless clip for atta
  25. Peter Lynn has launched the Reactor as a medium/high aspect ration kite aimed at intermediate to advanced flyers for buggying and landboarding. The package comes with a reasonably good quality backpack - not as nicely finished as Ozone but useful all the same and the same style as the larger bags used for the twinskin kites such as the Venom.. Inside you'll find the kite and a ready to fly pack comprising 2 x 25m 210Kg lines, 2 x 110Kg lines, a plastic ground stake and aluminium handles. Each pair of lines is on a separate winder so its VERY quick and easy to set up. The handles have grou
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