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Extreme Kites moves to .ORG



It’s no secret that Land Kiting over the past decade has suffered a loss of momentum, as the number of kiters has reduced the fragmentation of the community has increased.  This has accelerated how disjointed we are as a community from resources that were once easier to access.

Today Extreme Kites has moved to a .ORG domain to clearly signal to everyone that we want you to join us and be part of our community.  To help bring more of us together from all over the world, and in turn hopefully together reconnect and enjoy information and content that we thought had been lost forever.

There’s some amazing projects in the pipeline for this community, the process of recovering the old KiteCrowd website is only step one and arguably one of the easier goals to achieve.  Yesterday I announced the new Downloads Section which is already starting to see some updates. 

Thank you for being a part of Extreme Kites, more updates to keep rolling out :) 


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Joel - great thanks for your leadership on this important issue. As an American I've always greatly enjoyed getting to know so many of you from around and under the world and of course sharing and learning so much. A rag tag outfit of misfits (just the way we like 'em) keeps Power Kite Forum alive as well. Hold the flag high!

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This is a fantastic initiative @.Joel. The new format is great - easy to navigate and a real treasure trove where anybody with even a remote interest in kites and kiting can lose themselves for hours. What I particularly like is the welcoming and inclusive message behind it. Well done and a massive Thank You! :hatsoff:

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