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  1. Coming from someone that works in the industry, i totally agree. The trouble with retail in Australia, is that the overhead costs of running a shop are the real killer. And having to run the margin to cover this, means the RRP goes up. Excessive rent in sea side areas, excessive wages and entitlements for staff and the fluctuating dollar don't help the cause at all. And then customers that try and compare the price to the US or EU, were they run totally different margins and overheads to Australia doesn't help either. Sure there are items that are expensive, but all sports have price categories. If you don't have the cash (like me with MTB) then buy something that costs less. If you're lucky enough to being doing financially well, then you can afford to buy some high dollar value items. It's an interesting game, but trying to compare prices to 10 or even 5 years ago is silly. Enjoy!
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