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  1. Thanks for all the good feedback
  2. Hi there, the Ozone Chrono EXP V3 shows this range chart. I believe this chart is meant for a snow kiter? So, for a buggy I just pick one size bigger ?
  3. Have fun! I kite in Europe, I will not make It 😀
  4. Surf kiting killed the hobby, dude.
  5. You are right, a Nova open cell, good for land use.
  6. Hello again, What do you think of the new IBEX, open cell, medium aspect, high cell count, snow kite of Peter Lynn?
  7. I notice that there is the Chrono and the Chrono exp, right? The chrone exp is used as a snow kite, and the vid shows you can easily land alone! what about this kite for the buggy? would it be a good engine, fast enough compared to my vapors?
  8. @Chook nice vid hitting well above 80 km/h! any concerns with flying an R1 on my own on the beach? can you land them solo safely also at higher winds? Got no reference, i m sorry, but how is the PL aero and nova related to the R1, besides that the R1 has an elevated price? thanks again!
  9. Hi Tiger37, A while ago I met someone with a Racestar kite of Bornkites. That one was on my list, but I could easily outrun him with my vapor kite. So, it seems to be that this type of kite would be a step backward not forward
  10. Hi fellow buggy freaks, sorry for asking a typical question from a die hard peter lynn vapor2 user: but what would be a good depower kite to start the depower adventure? i was thinking, it should be open cell, as i frequently go alone, so i need to be able to start and land on my own? i was thinking, a kite with a moderate aspect ratio? Although, will this disappoint me, as the speed will be lower compared to the vapor kites ? so, i ended up with the PL lynx? or Leopard? please advice, looking forward to your massive feedback Vincent
  11. Na looks stupid. the idea will be forgotten soon.
  12. WIE110

    Flysurfer Speed5 12M

    I wonder why you get so little feedback from such good reviews?
  13. Asking price: the 3.8 for 200€, the 7.3 for 260€, excluding transport.
  14. PL vapor kite for sale, sizing 3.8 and 7.3. Used a handfull of times, still in top condition. I 'm moving to kite surfing, so It's time to sell. Good offer is welcome. Vincent
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