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Destin, Florida 

Like new! I maybe flew it 5 times. I bought this one new in mid 90's in Bel Mar, NJ

I love this kite! but I never use it as much as I should. I really miss my hyper-kites star cruisers 12 ply that are impossible to find. 

Value $$ ? I tried to search the last sale on ebay, but couldn't find it. Im a legit seller on ebay since 2001 and can make a listing.

it's all there, even an extra stand off, and two extra top center support spars.


(replies through the forum please)









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New to group. An old guy who has been flying a Big Easy MEFM since early 90's. It's been expertly 'restored' a time or two by folks at Kite Company in Newport OR (they are great, by the way).  Purchased in Charlotte NC and flown mostly  on the North Carolina coastal beaches. Quick question for anyone who might know:

What are the lengths of the two upper spreaders? I've misplaced one and don't know which one. Obviously, if I knew mm or inch lengths of the original two I'd know which one I need to replace.

Thanks in adavance. Much appreciated.


Dick Pahle 

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Gday @Dick Pahle

the ones I have are the Australian ones, 

they use beman spars for the top spreader. 
beman carbon light 14 at 545 mm

beman carbon strong 14 at 575 mm

seems weird the strong/light combo, I would swap the weights :)

but yeah that’s one kite that I know came out of warrens hands to myself.

lovely old kites…



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Thank you, kindly

Exactly what I needed. Seems I've lost the Beman Light 14 545.

The one I do have is the Strong 575. I agree. The strong/light seems a bit backward. 

Is your Australian mate still making MEFM's? I've heard they are/were very well made. 

Again, sincere thanks for fast and accurate response. 




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