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  1. Inspirational. That drive to succeed, to never give in. Fantastic
  2. Great little set of instructions. Nothing worse than trying to outrun your buggy when walking downhill.
  3. Good luck Joel, fingers crossed for you. I'm keen to check out some history .?
  4. Wonderful news. Great pic of Olivia caring for her little brother.
  5. Hi John. Van looks great and is the ideal choice for stable towing. Our Eco is a Dec 2010 build, number 546. We are just on pause, waiting for some virus respite. Need that vaccine ASAP. The only plus for us is the weather on the NSW east coast has been worse than ours.
  6. mik333

    For sale

    I have no problem paying good money for a good kite..... I am just wary of ripped bridle bits, BRO.
  7. mik333

    For sale

    Thanks for the response, but I think I'll give it a miss. Good luck with your sales. Michael
  8. mik333

    For sale

    Hi, just looking for a price on the 4.5 Century. Thanks Michael
  9. Bit hard to follow... Is that $450 for each item or $450 the lot? Just to make it clear for others. ?
  10. Knowing John, I'm sure the windbreaker would be an optional extra ?
  11. I am keen if the wind works out. If I can get away, I'll be there ?
  12. I'm after a 4.5 metre and an 8 metre Century 2 kite. There must be some lurking in in garages or wardrobes somewhere. Michael
  13. Those handles could be useful as splints for any broken bones...........?
  14. Good to see that you are still kicking. I'm interested in seeing them fly. Might be better than those killer speed wings!! Have to catch up
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