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  1. Good luck Joel, fingers crossed for you. I'm keen to check out some history .?
  2. mik333

    Website Upgrades

    Is he planning a new child?? Or is he just practising??? Site improvements look good. Joel is always the busy boy. Michael
  3. Great review John. I enjoyed your comprehensive review and look forward to seeing the kite in action. Hope to catch up soon at 13th Beach. Michael
  4. mik333

    Back to Work

    It would be strange for me too, considering that I've been retired for seventeen months. So, following the recommendation by Goz, I might be able to fill in my twilight years with Bambillow ads. Actually, I am never bored. I have many interests and other hobbies to keep me happy. Michael
  5. mik333

    Back to Work

    That is progress, Goz. Well done. My doc told me not to lift anything heavy for six weeks, so I have been sitting down to pee. Lol I'm now driving and just have occasional twinges with the internal stitches, when I overdo it with little jobs around the house. I hope to try a buggy fly in ten days, but not at 13th Beach. The drag back up to the car park afterwards is daunting. Hey Goz, are there any future spinal risks for you with sports related stresses? Michael
  6. mik333

    Making the videos

    John, you are amazing. Really looking forward to your efforts, as I'm sure many others will. Thanks, Michael
  7. mik333

    More claypan goodness

    You captured the atmosphere very well, Bill. You forgot that I turned over a new leaf regarding sand spraying..... Joel looks like a doting father..nice shot. Michael
  8. mik333

    Sunday Clay Pan Dango!

    You capture the moment Mezz. Especially the critter in the GT. Michael
  9. mik333

    Big day on the claypan

    Rob usually indicates with his fingers, how many guys he needs to give him a tow back up the dunes.... Michael
  10. mik333

    The Pain Train

    Hang in there Goz. From your post with the scar pic, in "Get Well mr 333" the surgeons did a very neat stitching job on your back. once you are healed, you will be the star turn at parties with your shirt off. Michael
  11. Access to the beach has been more difficult, but a lot of the soft sand on the ramp area seems to have blown away. It is a lot easier if you have that rocky slope where you are not ploughing through soft sand while dragging the buggies to the car park. I really appreciate John's ropes and pulleys. He can be quite useful. Michael
  12. Hi mike was that you flying a single string down at Queenscliff

    1. the_hatman
    2. mik333


      The short answer is no.

      There must be someone else on the Bellarine with a kite.


    3. the_hatman


      yes it was a rather nice red and black rockesqu kite about 2.5/3m across the front and about 3/4 that across the back

  13. All looks good John. Was Sand Yeti going to buggy at the lake? Remember that you could have been travelling in the back of Doug and Mary's car nursing the dog............... Michael
  14. I can't believe the striking resemblance to your avatar.....:grin:

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. jhn.holgate


      My apologies, Michael. 

    3. mik333


      Hi john,

      we are putting our new van at the Creswick caravan park for a few days to catch up with some Ballt stuff, so will go to Dean from there. Would be great if you bring the bike ( with wheels). Thanks.

    4. jhn.holgate


      Will do.  Catch you on Sunday.

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