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  1. What John has done is shown that the long star can be purchased kite only and then flown on a 3 line set up with bar and lines you may already have in your kit bag which may appeal to some people.He has modified the control system to his liking which is shown to be an option without buying a new bar and lines. Watching the two videos it does seem that the 3 line set up is a bit more aggressive than the more relaxed 5 line set up but that may have been down to the wind conditions he had on the day of filming the 3 line system. Thanks John for all your time and work with this........... Fantastic
  2. Another great quality video just what I have been waiting for........Thanks John Wow that is incredible the first day of spring, it's the tail end of summer here fast moving into autumn
  3. Bus conductors were always common place in my life as a kid but long gone now. Loved their ticket machines strapped over their shoulder and a ticket given on payment, they were either grey white or orange in colour.
  4. Hey John just thought this has surely got to inspire a new song or hit so to speak??????
  5. Wow this subject is motoring away,it's like Christmas morning every day this week.I keep getting email from the forum saying so and so has made a comment on extreme kites.Personally I am waiting for Johns video reviews as I personally enjoy them because he includes different views of the kite and equipment, both distance filming and close ups of equipment details along with descriptive and informative comments.Its like being up close and personal with kite gear. Thanks Windance I must try and find someone in the UK to get a hands on demo
  6. Thanks John that 3m looks fantastic. I think that bar and lines are yours right John?It doesn't look like the standard bar and lines supplied by Bornkites?
  7. I want one I see that born kites offer kite only option.I have spare depower bars and lines would it be possible to fly them on the gear I already have as I am reluctant to buy other bars especially if it's not necessary.
  8. Come on John get on with it and post those video reviews? like that flow green colour
  9. Very much looking forward to the reviews from John
  10. Here is the website for prism http://www.prismkites.com/products-sl-isotope.php
  11. Just seen a couple of these here in the UK at the Dunstable Downs kite festival, they are such beautiful kites to watch in the sky.The Dunstable downs venue is a fantastic spot not just for kite sports but for all wind sports such as hang gliding and paragliding ect All looking over the Cotswald and the views go on fo miles with rolling hills, local villages and farming land.The sunsets in the summer are incredible too. http://www.nationaltrust.org.uk/dunstable-downs-and-the-whipsnade-estate/
  12. Now here is a link you will all find interesting....Enjoy http://www.kj-kites.com
  13. U turn have been around many years they are a paraglider manufacturer http://www.u-turn.de/site/index.php?L=1 Here's another site Pegas kites all in polish thought.I have a couple of their kites fantastic build quality too http://www.pegas2000.cz
  14. Here's a one you may or may have not seen.Enjoy http://www.15watt.co.uk/index.htm
  15. Wow a classic blade 3 in very good shape too.The Central support was added to stop the center collapsing,worked a treat too. http://www.flexifoil.com/manuals
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