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  1. Hey chook it's raining in brisvages so yeah u done it again half the reason why I cant make it again ! But lookin at startin to plan for next year mate as that will be 10 years back to the first year I went to Yeppoon ! ? Have fun all ya put plenty of pics up to make it like I'm there !pmsl
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    Yep was the only pic I had on my tab to see if my old album was still here lol sorry if it upsets anyone but I thought it was a keel pic and I'd luv to do the moose one day in NZ
  4. Hi I'm wolfie I used to fly lots not so much now getting old so maybe need a new one to start the passion again I love twins too lol
  5. A huge shout out to Joel and Mel thanks so much for the ride that's been extremekites the way u both have done so much for the sport that is awesome, on a personal note I miss our late nite phone calls Joel when u have been going to get a feed as u have been fixing things to do with the site or other computer malfunctions, you and Mel are awesome it's been hard due to work for me to b fully into it and kiting in general has taken a back seat but a job change an not working away this will change soon look forward to getting back on the kites once a couple of things are out of the way hopefully
  6. That would b like the blind leading the blind with chook an basil wouldn't it lol
  7. Must b good bugging as no posts yet other than Andys rain one on Fbook
  8. Because of the ol roosters order this may blow out all the wind hope he put his jet in too to make more may have to come the se c on week if I make it at all again another new job and change !, but I may b able to put some more time in to this now an get out there again an start kiting again !
  9. 7.2mtr COMBAT by PKD in 12knts + as it's like a loco on royed's but normally it's awesome also in general any small kite in over 30knts lol cause they spank u real quick
  10. Oooo

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    Sluggo more than a catch up we NEED BEER!! it's been to long but hoping that's going to change I'm looking at coming home to work for a bit I'm in town till the 2nd then gone till the 28th Jan so yeah CALL ME U STILL GOT ME NUMBER IF NOT CALL MARTY!! lETS GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!!!
  11. Oooo

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    Only me been so long forgot how to fly but still know how to park kites in trees but we had good wind Bryan Marty an me andy666 came for a walk but didn't fly It's been way too long!!!
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