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  1. Hi All, Not sure how many kiters there are around Sydney anymore, but a few of us older Extreme Kiters are going to 7 Mile Beach (Gerroa - Shoalhaven Heads) the weekend of 17-18th October 2020. The tides are supposed to be good, but it will all depend on wind and weather. Hopefully everything will fall into place and have a good weekend. Hope to see a few people there JD
  2. Same with me guys sorry but I have a very badly infected right leg and nearly impossible to walk Hopefully maybe an Easter Meet for a day JD
  3. Hi Guys, If you wish to try another weekend before winter and if it's doable with everyone April 6/7 Sat/Sun Saturday 6 April 3:42 AM AEDT 0.22 meters (0.72 ft) Low Tide 7:11 AM AEDT Sunrise 7:37 AM AEDT Moonrise 9:47 AM AEDT 1.34 meters (4.40 ft) High Tide 3:53 PM AEDT 0.21 meters (0.69 ft) Low Tide 6:45 PM AEDT Sunset 7:32 PM AEDT Moonset 10:06 PM AEDT 1.41 meters (4.63 ft) High Tide Sunday 7 April 3:21 AM AEST 0.21 meters (0.69 ft) Low Tide 6:12 AM AEST Sunrise 7:35 AM AEST Moonrise 9:24 AM AEST 1.29 meters (4.23 ft) High Tide 3:24 PM AEST 0.24 meters (0.79 ft) Low Tide 5:44 PM AEST Sunset 7:04 PM AEST Moonset 9:41 PM AEST 1.43 meters (4.69 ft) High Tide This would also depend on wind and weather JD
  4. Sorry guys, had to much work (real estate agents) just has to be done. Good wind from what your saying. Question, how hard is it to get big buggys onto the beach from Currarong end, its very difficult from hammershead. Will have to try another day if possible, Sundays suit me best ... about the only day I don't work. JD
  5. Coming all the way from Canberra and winds/direction can never be guaranteed, 7 Mile offers a wider wind direction than Windang. (Caravan park right on beach like Gerroa) Windang is just closer for Sydney guys after a day trip with SSE to Easterly winds. JD
  6. Hi All, I know its a week off approx and anything can change but the winds and direction at present are looking good for 7 Mile or Windang beaches JD
  7. Hmmmm kiting Often thought about it but never the right opportunity over the last year or so I would definitely be up for it, I know Andrew would be in for it and probably Gareth too. JD ... really hanging to drag the buggy out
  8. jdhot


    Hi Gilbert, I have plenty of kites - depends on what your after Call me 0450 33 06 22 John
  9. jdhot

    Sydney Guys

    Hi Guys, Sorry I missed out, don't have a lot of time on my hands lately.. house reno's. Also not receiving notifications on threads, will have to make more time to check here. Would still be up for a met if anymore are going to happen, need to take my beast out for a run. JD
  10. jdhot

    Sydney Guys

    Has anybody been to 7 mile recently and knows if the river mouth is open or closed just south of Shoalhaven Heads surf club? JD
  11. jdhot

    Sydney Guys

    It was a good call guys - avg wind 4.1kts
  12. jdhot

    Sydney Guys

    Hi Guys, I think Bob's made the best decision to pull the pins The NNE is ok for the very far southern end (Shoalhaven Heads to breakwater) if the river mouth is closed off, not sure. But the changing conditions and wind directions, I'm out to Strong Southerly wind on Sunday will mean SWesterly straight along the beach. Hopefully soon guys JD
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