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  1. I did try a prototype build of one those sliders - with a BMX front wheel and golf buggy rear wheels. Never actually launched it but heres a pic for your viewing pleasure....
  2. not my advert but..... Garmin eTrex 10 handheld GPS - $60 http://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/aspley/miscellaneous-goods/garmin-etrex-10-handheld-gps/1109088282 09/04/2016 Looks like its gone.
  3. G'day, I'm looking for a buggy dry bag. Let me know what you have and how much you want for it. Will need postage to SA please. Cheers, Mark.
  4. The camouflage buggy gets a test run. Appears it works real well.
  5. A 400 meter kite! Hadn't seen that before. I've found a kite bag for it....
  6. Thanks for that RedSky. Just listened to the BBC LastWord (Sat 13 Feb 2016) - lifted his 70 year old Granny to 30ft with a kite - "I limited her with a nice thick rope" classic! Produced up to 75,000 kites a week - holy kites Batman. My days of flying the Peter Powell stunt kite brings back good memories - Seacliff Beach S.A. I was unemployed at the time and made the decision to spend some "government sponsorship" on myself. It was a big purchase - no regrets. What's to like about kite sports? - Everything! With thanks to Peter Powell for the inspiration.
  7. Sad news. Peters kites started in 1974 and are still going strong. I have my original - bought it in 1980 - and a host of "parts kites and accessories" that I bought at a garage sale. I'll have to get it out again and fly it as a memorial!
  8. Bravo! Nice work Joel. The high views of the buggies is sensational with the shadows from the kites. Laughed at the kid in the buggy trailer - looked chilled.
  9. Legend! AliExpress wins - listed as drawstring lock. I did search eBay but annoyingly too slow and frustrating. AliExpress my new go to website. Thanks for that.
  10. I kept looking and they seem to be called "Cord Lock with wheel" or "Drawstring lock". Australian supplier sells per the 100 units. Don't quite need that many - 2 large size would be nice!
  11. G'day, Sorry if this is in the wrong forum . Trying to source name and supplier of these gizmos... Have tried searching: cleat, double cleat, sheave cleat, shock lock, shock cord cleat . They are used often on shock cord or any small diameter cord to temporarily tie off / lock the cord. This one has a "floating" cam lock wheel. Prefer plastic / nylon if available. Cheers, Mark
  12. Mrs Edwards! What the?
  13. Now, that I like! Excellent image John.
  14. Welcome Arne. Thanks for sharing your video with the forum. Mark.
  15. Price reduction to $100. Still open to offers or swaps. And looking for a buggy dry bag.
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