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  1. Regarding the repairs to the fabrics, I managed to do it perfectly, they were perfect, even already building foil kites and NASA, the bladder problem is related to gluing, welding and material, something practically impossible to repair.
  2. I am even ashamed to post these photos of the repair attempts, but in this case, when I had the problem in the kite, the leading edge tore in full sail and the bladder did not burst creating a giant ball in the middle. It was repaired but with time the situation only got worse, many patches on patches until I tried a solution with this PU glue. Outside the kite the air held, but when you put it inside the sleeve, the pressure was great which made the glue open in another place.
  3. Good morning everyone. This is my Guerilla 15m, I have it for a long time and I still have fun with it. I managed to do a kite surf once with him, but he is a kite that despite having a good traction, it is very slow, with a lot of drag and very open curves, which is difficult for me to sail with my weight 100kg and winds from 10 to 12 knots. I would like to know if it is possible to use it for kiteskating or if it is too big. Where I live, the winds are very gusty, so in a moment I have a dragging force and in seconds it ends up disappearing. What is the ideal wind for me to start kiteskating
  4. My idea is to have a kite so I can take my first steps in kiteskating, so I decided to do this nasa and I would like to use it with a kitesurf bar, so I am using the front lines and the brake together, I saw a video of a depower for NASA and I was dreaming of being able to use it like this (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uYAGJkNdUak&ab_channel=quedecree). I'm getting beaten a lot with the adjustments of the lines, this week I changed the measurements for the second version of the npw5, but as I had changed the distances of the T measurement it ended up going wrong and it made the collapse
  5. I was sailing and after an incident the kite tore in the middle, including the leading edge. The bladder created a huge ball on the brake where I had to fix it and several panels were glued. After a long time, these repairs broke down and I tried to recover with other material and it only got worse. I lost all that part, approximately 1.50 m of bladder, the rest is perfect. I wanted to find a solution for bladders made with easily accessible material, but I see that it is impossible. Either I get a whole new bladder or try to join it with a used one.
  6. I would like to buy leading edge bladder for North Rhino II kite size 18
  7. Good morning everyone. I am a kitesurfer who for 10 years I live 600km from the nearest beach and can only practice 1 to 2 times a year, when there are wind conditions on the beach that flew. I am wanting to start the practice of kiteskating and decided to build a NASA kite and I am using the first version of the construction program (see the attached image), building a 3.9m² NASA. The first wing flew but I am experiencing instability problems in the nose, although it has a lot of traction, in the dives it closes the nose inwards, creating breath, loss of pressure and speed. I would like to kn
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