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Poker Face @ Kingston 2018


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Calendar Event Added :good: 
If you're coming hit "going" so it adds you to the list.  


Well I have just sent through a booking request to Kingston S.E Caravan Park for January 2018.

We anticipate to arrive Saturday 13th January and leave on Australia Day (as per usual)

Who else will be heading over there in January?

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Added Calendar Event
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Just heard from Ann Marie at Kingston that the park has been sold - they are taking bookings, but it will not be until August until the booking deposit is taken (after the prices are reviewed) Currently it is $35 per night for an unpowered site. It you are a Family Parks member, there is a 10% discount available. 

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Booking all confirmed - I sent through an email to check our booking, now that the council own the park, and attached to the email was a "view booking online" link, so I am able to manage my whole booking and payments through there. Very nifty!

$35.00 per night for an unpowered site 

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Calendar Event Added :good: 
If you're coming hit "going" so it adds you to the list.  

This time around I'm going to organise a poker run, we should have enough additional hands to make this happen :clapping:

Kingston Poker Run
Set time frame of 30 or 60 minutes, the aim is to complete as many laps in the timeframe as possible.
If the wind is light we'll make the race longer and laps shorter
If the wind is blowing we'll make the race shorter and laps longer to spread the field.
There will be multiple turn markers at each end to separate the pilots.
Each marker will have a playing card attached to the top of it, grab it as you go past.
A briefing will take place 10 minutes before hand, to explain the layout and basic rules.

Anyone is welcome to participate, the winner is the person at the end with the best poker hand :good: 


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Just now, igeighty said:

I wonder if bull has any lake forecast :)

Bull & Jenny dropped in this morning for a couple of hours, they were down for the Melbourne Cup.  Lake was discussed, not much rain there lately however not as dry as it was years back.  If we can get the top 1/3 or top 1/2 it would be a good result.  

Anyway, you're the one married to the meteorologist what's the forecast?

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On 08/11/2017 at 5:50 PM, igeighty said:

@Tiger37, heading over this year buddy ?

I wonder if @bull31 has any lake forecast :)


anyone in contact with the SA guys ?

@igeighty I'm hoping to get there again this year but can't be sure just yet. It's always fun and if I do come, I'll bring the caravan and stay in the usual site. 

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7 hours ago, .Joel said:

And here I was thinking you were posting a new speed record you had set :P 

Nah I'm doomed!!!!  I'm still having therapy from the photo you sent me. It still terrifies me every time I enter my shed. :eek:



Reckon were dreaming with a wet winter once again. Too damp is my bet!!! ..........but dry enough to hold a Nationals. :goofy:


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