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  1. Any NSW/ACT buggyers interested in getting together on Saturday the 14th of December and/or Sunday 15th at Shoalhaven
  2. I know it is a loong shot, but I will have my buggy and a couple of kites at Hawk's Nest (just north of newcastle nsw) on Tuesday the 12th on November. Anyone should feel free to join me for an exploration of the beach :-)
  3. So is any one going to be there next Sunday?
  4. It has been suggested that we organize a weekend probably somewhere along the south coast when NSW and Canberra kiters can get together. Of course all others welcome too. I will suggest some dates both later this year and early next year to see which suits the majority best. Please give an indication if you are interested.
  5. I'm off to check out the salt lakes at Urana. Haven't had a crack at s salt lake since I left Kalgoorlie. Anyone been there before? I'll post some picks when I get back.
  6. A few of us are going to hit Windang beach (south end near surf club and behind caravan park) tomorrow arvo around 3pm if anyone is intersted in coming. JD
  7. I've just gone and provoked the wind gods by booking a cabin at Mountain View Caravan Park from Wednesday the 17th of December through to Tuesday 23 December. I need to remember how to buggy as I can't recall a session since Kingston in January Any one is free to join me at the beach BobM
  8. Nocando.....where are you?? Couple of fellas from orange are going to meet at the soccer fields next to the bridge between Kelso and Bathurst on the 26th October. What's doin? Are you keen? Anyone else keen?
  9. I am heading up to northern NSW next week spending some time between Mylstrom/Urunga and Coffs Harbour. May get up to Byron Bay. North Beach looks promising from Google earth. I appreciate winter winds are not ideal and have not checked tides yet. However, just wondered if anybody can recommend locations in that area for buggying - is it worth me taking my kit?
  10. Well guys after talks with some of the NSW guys we thought about a MAYDAY meet at STOCKTON For the weekend Fri 16th - Sun 18th This used to be a regular event and we'd like to resurrect it they were great weekends, both for socializing and kiting. This weekend will be for kiters Accommodation can be booked at Birubi Beach Holiday Park http://www.birubibeachcaravanpark.com.a ... e.asp?id=1 Cabins for $60/80/120 - standard/ensuite/deluxe Let me know your thought JD
  11. Hi All, Just keep an eye on the SSE - ENE winds and low tides for 7 Mile NE'ers are out because the old river mouth has been reopened during the winter rain Giving only a couple of 100mtrs + all the holiday crowds to battle through So this week is great low tides and a few SE winds predicted Hope to cya there JD PS Windang is also a good choice for those directions too and a little closer to Sydney
  12. We are taking a long weekend trip up to Budgewoi next month. Just wondering if anyone can recommend any buggy'able beaches up that way, or even decent grass ovals etc.? I don't think I can go north as far as Stockton - it'd have to be within the region of The Entrance / Budgewoi area. I have looked at a beach near Magenta that looks OK on Google satellite maps, but no idea how slopey it is, what sort of sand, and if the tide goes out far. Any thoughts? Thanks - Rob
  13. A few of us are planning on heading to 7 Mile on Saturday if the prediction stays good @ present (Wed Night) the prediction is ENE which is best for Shoalhaven Heads Surf Club end So if all the usual guys are interested and of course others, come along JD
  14. its last minute but there are some southerly winds at seven mile tomorrow which ill be at playing with the landboard, if anyone is around PM me.
  15. Hey guys I'm heading up to Sydney this coming week from 30th till 3rd July, staying in the Wanda park area If any one wants to meet up for land or water kite let me know. Call me on 0430387583 Spartan
  16. After working over Easter, I have been given Friday the 26th of April off! I have booked a room at the Mountain View Caravan park at Shoalhaven Heads. That means I have four days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) to find some good wind and a sparcely populated beach. Anyone up for a seesion on Seven Mile? BobM
  17. For any one interested in a great day out for all big kids and little ones too, the bi-annual Kites and Bikes festival is tomorrow at Brunswick heads.
  18. Pari

    Kingy Meet

    Hi Guys, After Andy's suggestion, I thought I would start this thread for anyone interested in checking out Kingscliff, NSW. I'm about 2 minutes from the beach, so most days the wind is onshore (ENE to N for Kingscliff, or E to ESE for just a couple of minutes over the river at Cudgen to Cabarita beach) I will be down there, knees permitting! I drive back from work and am on the beach by 5pm NSW time. The wind is looking good for the same place Jason and I where kiting this weekend, down by the camp ground/surf club at the south end of Kingy where it sweeps round to face northish. Nice open spot when the tides out. I'm probably going to be out, going on the current Seabreeze readings, Teus,Wed and Thursday this week, playing with the Speed 3:crazypilot:, and any weekend the winds are good (but I'm away this weekend) So I hope to see someone down here soon. Good winds!
  19. I've checked the map and the tides - looks like I could make it to Windang on the Sat&Sun nights Whereabouts at Windang do you access the beach?
  20. Looking at the weather, the wind seems to be good for Seven Mile on Wednesday. I'm thinking of a Midday start with a Five or Six PM finish with ESE winds all afternoon Anyone else up for a run? BobM
  21. I've looked at my commitments and the weekend of 1&2 December 2012 is free. There is a low tide around 5 in the afternoon I am thinking of heading to Seven Mile to celebrate the start of summer Anyone else interested?
  22. For those of you that I haven't spoken to, a SE'er is due this Saturday with a good low tide at approx 1:20pm pending on area. We're thinking of either Cronulla, Windang or 7 Mile. If interested get in touch with me for location 0450 33 06 22 Cheers JD
  23. Now that I am officially "between jobs" for a whole week , I have the opportunity to go to Seven Mile on either Monday or Tuesday, but will it be worth the 3 hour drive? Doea anyone have a weather/tide prediction? BobM
  24. Hi all If anyone is free and wants to experience the wonders of 7 Mile then come on down Follow Crooked River Rd; Gerroa. Go thru Gerroa till you see a sign that says "Berry" turn right, don't turn right turn left come through the picnic ground to the circular park. Park and come out to the beach. Estimate time 4:30pm to be there. 1hr 15min drive from Heathcote (Southern Sydney) JD
  25. To all those that have contacted me over the last few days and pledged to go buggying and didn't " YOUR SOFT " Great to meet up again with those I haven't seen for a while for various reason's Yesterday Sunday was an arvo at Windang Beach, simply awesome 15/20kts peaking to 25kts at the end of the day My 8mtr Speed 2 is truly an awesome weapon in that wind range, wish I had the GPS I reckon a new PB was hit yesterday Launching of the undulations, flying through the air and landing up to 2mtrs sideways up the beach. Today was a long awaited visit to 7 Mile, those that know it ,,,, you need to do this Runs from the breakwater to Berry and back, not as strong as yesterday and had the 10mtr Speed2 deluxe out. So for those of you that are interested, tomorrow arvo weather permitting (hopefully no rain) - be at Cronulla/Wanda Beach from 3pm onwards. JD
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