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  1. Fantastic to see whats happening over the other side of the world!!!! Boy that beach makes me envious with all that open sand. WOW!!!! Thanks for posting and keep it up. Stay safe.
  2. Mulching soldier crabs in Yeppoon?
  3. I have an Access harness. How big are you as it's made to go over snow gear so quite a large fit. Very little use as my son only used it twice. It's like the one on the snow thats not my harness.
  4. Very best wishes Trevor. We really enjoyed your company and stories. We are really going to miss your tallents on the beach mate. You keep smiling.
  5. I have no experience with them or any other 5 line kites sorry. My Chrono's are a bit more forgiving (lower aspect ratio)than the full race kites but still perform well. Just not quite as quick.
  6. Yes I mainly kite buggy by myself. I use the Ozone 4 line race bar and when you release the chicken loop the bar slides up a single power line. I fly as low to the ground as possible and then release. Best to get someone to wrap their arms around the bottom 1/3 of the kite to land you to avoid this. Dont grab a tip of a race foil as the internal reinforcing straps dont go all the way to the last few cells on each side and can tear easily. I have to be honest sometimes the lines and bridle does get really tangled in strong winds as it flaps about while I'm getting to the kite it to sand it down. I have the original Ozone R1's and they are MUCH more robust than the series 2's,3's or 4's. The material is much stronger on the originals and it's great, as they will wear on the front leading edges where the plastic profile retainers are inserted at the front of the ribs, if used on sharp salt, clay or shells. I also have an 8m R1 Version 2 and it's a much more delicate/thinner material (but much lighter) thats easily prone to ripping, or cells ripping through the air holes if it hits the ground badly. I bought it cheaply damaged and it was an increadible amount of work to repair it. Never flown an PL Aero so cant compare their performance. You wont be disapointed with depower!
  7. Yes Vapors need a gentle touch to get the best out of them. I loved them and still have 4 of them. I really hesitated to fly my 7m Ozone R1 I bought for a start but once I gave it a go I was hooked after the first 10 minutes. Thanks @gannet your a great coach. The depower is still sensitive to fly well, but the depower made it so much safer for this old fella. Being able to let off any power in the turn instantly was a refreshing change. They still high speed stall like a vapor if your rough, but I'm sure you will enjoy a race kite. Long Beach at Kingston South East in South Australia. I also had an 8mtr Ozone Access which I tried but it was so sedate after flying the Vapors I sold it along with an Access 6. They were just no thrill and no upwind like a depower race kite. You wont be dissapointed jumping straight into a depower race kite at all. It didnt take me long to aquire a quiver of R1's. 7, 11, 13, 15 and I have an 18 ELF Joker 7. Also have a Chrono 18 and a 15 Chrono2 but love the R1's more for pure speed. Long Beach in Kingston SE, South Australia. Hope this helps, Cheers Chook
  8. Brilliant Pari. Thanks for sharing.
  9. I'm not much help Andy as I'm not up to speed on a Peter lynn buggy. Just this from https://www.buggykiteshop.com/wheel-spares/wheel.html
  10. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/164932328672?hash=item2666bb9ce0:g:QqIAAOSwrlJg2DuZ&frcectupt=true
  11. It's awesome and followed their experiments closely. I watched this with interest 10 years ago. Sailing landyachts I still smile when I can do 4 times the wind speed.
  12. Chook

    Sysmic S3

    Thanks for all those great photos. It looks great and I would love you to give us a follow up on how the rear axle performs.
  13. Cheap PL buggy in Perth WA. https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/balga/surfing/kite-buggy-peter-lynn-compxr/1260032911
  14. Yes that is always my pre launch check, to see if the blocks are all rotating smoothly. I haven't had a problem with the fine sand (actually our arctic white beaches in Esperance are calcium carbonate not silica. See pic below.), but the course sand in Yeppoon Queensland does bind up the small pulley blocks on my 18m2 ELF easily. The Ozone R1's have slightly larger Ronstan 20mm blocks with dyneema loop and haven't given me any problems after freeing them up after I bought them second hand.
  15. Well I received confirmation of my accommodation at the caravan park in Kingston yesterday for next year. After a telephone conversation with them this morning they are really going over and above to work through these covid times and Western Australia's hard border policy. If I give them at least 7 days notice my deposit will be refunded in full. Less than 7 days I will be charged a $20.00 cancelation fee. How good is that. So............. Fingers crossed we will arrive in Kingston on the 16th Jan and depart on the 27th Jan 2021. I have also booked for 2022 incase next year turns to shit. Booking #: #13500 Chook Henderson Arrival Due: 14 Jan 2022 Departure Due: 27 Jan 2022 No. of Nights: 13 Acc. Category: Two Bedroom Ensuite Cabins Adults: 2 Children: 0 Infants: 0 Animals: 0 Total Tariff: $1,865.50 Deposit Due: $143.50 on 19 Sep 2020 See the team there.
  16. 17 downloads

    The original Flexifoil Stranger kite manual with kite specifications and setup guide.
  17. Chook


    Wow!! Very impressive build with front and rear suspension.
  18. I took a punt on a bag of kites out of Sydney sight unseen from a lady I had purchased some "Blade" power kites from from many years ago. She rang me out of the blue when she found this bag when shifting house. (See it always pays to send a postcard of Esperance and a few $5.00 "Scratchies", thanking the seller for her help, when buying from her. She had done the extra yards by getting the blades into a box/packaged and into the post for me. She still had this post card on her fridge with my mobile number on it). This new parcel arrived a few weeks back and the postage and bubble wrap ended up being half the purchase cost. I finally got round to undoing it and sorting them out today. (Well actually getting my welding bench clean enough to put ripstop on). Out come some nice bits of history in among them was. 3 x 6 foot stackers in fantastic nick. Lines, straps and Stacker lines. Their manuals were included. In the photo below I already had the 4 foot (blue sleeve) My 8 foot (pink and yellow sleeve) and 6 foot (pink sleeve) in this photo. There is also a 10 foot red "Stacker" of mine that is not pictured, but I havent got any spars for it. Everything else pictured was inside the blue and silver bag from her. It's all price marked marked in English pounds. There was a mint Flexifoil "Stranger" complete with sleeve, lines and manual. Inside an internal pocket in the bag was this little beauty that I know nothing about or seen before. Also in mint condition. All round a nice purchase from a lovely elderly lady (who wanted them to go to a good home) and I've never met. Cant wait to try them out. Some days are diamonds eh?
  19. Awesome viewing Juan. Thanks for the English subtitles too.
  20. Glad your still in the game @Tiger37 and more importantly doing well. Take care and would love to kite with you again one day. Cheers.
  21. At the end of last month I got the confirmation of my booking for the caravan cabin in Kingston SE. Not liking my chances of getting there now. Not that I want to go through our WA hard border. I have always loved the Nullabor and I like it EVEN MORE now it's keeping us safer. I still have $1,483 in credit with Virgin for my Yeppoon trip that didn't happen and I recon I've kissed that credit goodbye. Kingston is a bit too close to Sicktoria at the moment anyway. Anything that happens next year is a bonus I'd say. I'm only planning my international trip for 2022 at the moment with tongue in cheek.
  22. Neatly done Andy. Looks real professionally finished off with its cover.
  23. Hey a huge thankyou to Bernie in Yeppoon for sorting out the return of my kite gear. Cheers mate. AUS $126.00 is the cheapest It's ever been to post one way so well done Bernie. Is it ok for you to hang onto the other parcel/bar till next Easter Bernie? If not please give me a yell. I always post my box a month ahead to allow for any delays and it includes spares etc, ready for our annual months pilgrimage over Easter in Yeppoon. Then the world turned to shit and the wheels fell off with Covid 19. Boy have I missed catching up with everyone and the beaches. It's left a big hole in my yearly planning. I unpacked it straight away (when my wife picked it up from the post office today) and have put everything safely away. I try hard to keep the weight down to less than 20kgs. Included was my 19m2 ELF, 15m2 and my 7m2 R1's, all my 666 armour, Shin pads, Helmet, gloves, 2 white sports pressure T-shirts, 2 bars, spare lines, 3 soft kite dry bags, Peter lynn buggy dry bag (that I bought home to repair last year) , my kite repair kit with sticky-back ripstop in 6 colours, spare bridles, fids needles and speed-systems etc, full set of wheel and steering head bearings, grease, pliers and 2 pairs of sunnies. All fits into this box. The box is behind the orange R1. I enclose the contents within a double black "wheely bin" liner to protect it against moisture. This cardboard box has now been across Australia 16 times and there and back to New Zealand for the "Moose meet". I think most of the Christmas stamps have now fallen off the stickytape covering. The post office uses up all of the previous Chrissy stamps on my box to get rid of them. Anyway is was with a sad heart I put my gear back unused. But the positive thing is I'm in fantastic health. Take care gang and keep safe. Catch you next year. (Yes I've already booked the unit for a month.) Chook
  24. I use #3 with a spar. The angle of the flag still does change slightly with wind speed but I can live with this small amount. Took a bit of fiddling to get it right as the "pull angle" is different the further up the lifter line you go.
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