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  1. Yep , Hi John, Lucy is married to a second cousin and only live a few kms from our farm but on VIC side and also have farm land in SA as do many farmers in this area . It has gone crazy with with people not being able to do shopping or go to doctors etc. They now have to travel a lot further into VIC to do these things. Jenny’s brother leases our farm and he also lives just over the border in VIC and he has to travel a lot further to go through border check points even though our farm and another of theirs is only a few kms down the road from them. Don’t know the answer to the issues but it’s
  2. Yep that sure is mine. Jenny sold hers to Andy at Australia Day fly. I haven't used mine a lot in the last few years and after a small stroke early Jan thought it wise to down size a few toys and give me more room in the shed now that we are semi permanent living here in Kingston SE. Cheers to everyone in these strange times.
  3. Good to know you left the sandhill behind Chook, and I’m sure your mileage was better after that?. We’ve been home a few days then hooked van back on and are in Mt Barker SA for the weekend and caught up with the grandkids including our new granddaughter (Poppy) who was born a few weeks ago 7 weeks prem. Great few hours for Jen and I to nurse her as she’s not much bigger than a bag of coffee beans. There all healthy and gave us lots of hugs and kisses. Great to be a grandparent and your time will come soon enough Chook and Anne. Glad you’re home safe. ?
  4. Hi Bob, theres been many winter storms over the last few years which has eroded the the beach to almost claim the road as well the environmental greenies would only let them put sand bags there and were wash away in the first storm so this last winter common sense and local knowledge has sought funding and put in a large rock wall and rebuilt part of the dune system to enable the bike path and road to remain open once again marvellous thing local knowledge and not listening to the people in ivory towers who think they know best ps: sorry for getting on my soapbox
  5. Hi guys As Mez said we haven’t been to Kingston for a few months to keep everyone updated on the state of the clay pan. Unlike the rest of Australia this area and about 120kms east has had an above average wet winter but having said that I went for a drive up long beach and it’s the smoothest and cleanest the beach has ever been and a visit out to the clay pan showed water on the eastern half so may be a chance to buggy along the highway side which is not what I expected as our last visit early November the water was almost over the causeway. Should be a great get together and so
  6. bull31

    Bye Dad.

    Jen and I both send our condolences. Big hugs all-round.
  7. Hi Mez, We’ve been travelling in the caravan up to the Vic high country and followed the Murray River back to Mildura then home for a few weeks. Catching up with family and have had a nice time with all the grandkids in the last week which was great. Came to Kingston late this arvo to mow and tidy then back home tomorrow. Then off again on the livin’ The dream trail , we never know where we’ll be or where we’re going. Cheers to all
  8. Ok guys we haven't been to Kingston a lot this year as we have been doing the grey nomad (we're actually Seenagers, not quite seniors but past teenagers) travel thing, but we have occasionally gotten down there to mow lawns and tidy up then return home. On our last trip down early December we decided to go for a drive up to the granites via the bitumen and looks clean and flat and good to go as usual. We called in at the claypan on our way back and it still has shallow water all over it and ducks and swans on it but with some hot warm weather over the next 4 or 5 weeks it may dry back far enou
  9. Congrats to both of you. Certainly an exciting new chapter in both of your lives with so many friends around you. Your always welcome in our home shack or caravan. Cheers and love to the three of you
  10. I knew it was your birthday Joel, but sittin in the shack with my bowl of lollies and instead of wishing you a happy birthday I ate some for you . Cheers Mate
  11. I haven't been back to Kingston since the 27th Jan but need to go to mow lawns maybe this week. we haven't had any rain since the Kingston meet and we have had some heat and wind so it may be drying out and if I get a chance I'll have a look but even in a few weeks it would be unkiteable anyway as the cold wet nights and shorter daylight doesnt give it time to dry. It may not have been good for us kiters but its been great for the local farmers with all the lakes and water courses full as they haven't had to feed hay this year so its not bad for all Cheers Bull
  12. Yes Norm, that's the plan to travel 8 mths of the year see where it takes us. There are lots of places we will be able to visit and Esperence is on the list. Bit of a swim to get to see you guys not sure if I can put an outboard on the back to get over there.
  13. Almost the exact copy joel boat/jetski tick gopro tick table chairs tick weber q tick suitcase tick skateboard/kitebuggy tick food tick pets/kite buddys tick awning tick scotch in cup while cooking tick price cheaper must be secondhand
  14. Thanks Mark, our kids have bought it for us but they don't know about it yet, spose they will find out when our wills are read in 30 or40 years.
  15. Hi Kiters Have spent weekend at Kingston to give the new caravan some free camping experience, stayed at the jetty free park last night and moved up to the granites car park for tonight. There has been a fair bit of damage done to the dunes with some storms and high tides over the last few months washing part of the bike track near Wyomi into the sea and a section of the jetty broken away and ended up way down long beach. On our way from Kingston to the Granites we went past the claypan which if you wanted to kite at the moment ,flippers and a snorkel would be more important than knee
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