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  1. Welcome @Artfulthanks for sharing your story and it's great to have you on board. Glad to hear @RedSkyhad some inspiration on you. Hopefully some UK folk might chime in and share some tips for you and your location 😀
  2. Hi Mez, there were few tents propped up at the Caravan park . I didn't go and have a good look, but doesn't appear to be any movement so far.
  3. With a combination of pretty inconsistent weather and various lockdowns over the past year or more, it had been a while since I had the opportunity to get out and have a kite. I had already taken Friday off work and headed down to Sandy Point given the promising forecast and my window of opportunity. It was so great to blow out the cobwebs and get back to one of my most favourite places to be.
  4. Had a great solo run today at Sandy Point. Consistent on-shore all day 15-20 knots at the start and then backed off towards the end of the session. Cloudy day, but the sun made several appearances which made it even more enjoyable. Should have enough footage to throw a cheeky edit together over the weekend.
  5. So, who's thinking about heading down to Sandy Point this long weekend? Given the current forecast, i'm heading down on Friday for low tide and stay for the day. Then I will consider going back on Monday if the forecast holds. Sat and Sun doesn't look promising with offshore winds currently predicted.
  6. Nice presents there mate. We will await your reviews 😁
  7. Welcome back @IainB.. We haven't had a review of the new model yet, once you get yours please feel free to post one and we can feature the review.
  8. @AndrewKitesWelcome to Extreme Kites!
  9. I could picture you in one of these @.Joel even with the tinted visor at night ahah
  10. Found this when moving house in amongst my kite stuff. If anyone is interested let me know. @andy666 ??
  11. Haha, yes there is a gallery dedicated to the boards out of this thread. Now, we want a video please 😃
  12. Thanks for sharing @Pari looking absolutely superb mate! Great job. Have added these pics to the pimped board gallery too 😃
  13. bakersdozen

    Pimped Boards

    Most of the boards from THE pimped board thread
  14. Hi mate, I've only flown a 7m Pulse and it was heaps good fun. Stable, heaps of power, good lift and felt super safe overall. If it's in good condition I think you will have a ball mate. It really just did what it was told and delivered well.
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