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  1. Dude, where's the fun in buying them?? Your supposed to bowl over old grannies and pinch them, while they are down 😝 ..or did @plummet teach me the wrong way?
  2. bakersdozen

    Pimped Boards

    Most of the boards from THE pimped board thread
  3. Here's mine. Started life as a GI Flight Lite. Then velcro bindings, revos and granny wheels were added (good old MBS 3 spoke hubs). Then after some time, I had longer axles made up 100mm wider. Then a make-over with the board being patched up a little and carbon fibre vinyl wrapped, new grip tape & Trampa grab handle added. The most recent addition was MBS F5 bindings.
  4. @.Joel no worries. Glad to be able to bring all this absolute goodness back to life. Most of the images were restored - only those with dead links remain. If anyone wants to amend their posts from the past with the right photos, just me a PM and we can fix it up. I have also put most of these into a new Board Gallery, for viewing pleasure, located here; I will monitor this thread and add any new pictures into the gallery as well. So, who's next - @m.klinge @Mfwetu i'm looking at you guys. And @Pari once your new board is pimped and ready please 😃
  5. Montana 9.5 is a great kite - I'll let you fly mine if we ever get to kite on the same substrate 😀
  6. Oh, the memories.
  7. For sure, there will be a market now that all the kitecrowd folk are on here. I was hoping you'd be in a position to do upgrades, spares etc. once you get some testing under your belt. Bushings and the parts that wear would be so good. 😂 I'm still excited
  8. Awesome, I figured you would play around with a few materials now you have the means. I'd be glad to be a test guinepig for anything down the track. Be good to put these spare axles to use 😉
  9. Yesss! Nice one @Pari that is awesome news. I *might* be just as excited as you (if you can't already tell)
  10. They were just some generic foot straps I got from Munro boards ages ago - all velcro. I've since updated them to the new MBS F5 - heaps more comfortable as I prefer the MBS style. I'll have a look for them on the weekend and update some board photos too.
  11. Another big move in the direction of greater good for the whole land kite community worldwide. Onya @.Joel And a big thanks to @alanshortfor allowing us to carry on his hard work.
  12. No, they are an original DX set, I bought from a kitecrowd member years ago. The carbon is just a wrap around the edges - bling only. I've had no issues in the many years I've been running them this way. They're gonna get slammed either way they are oriented If that's how you ride. These axles are stainless and I had them made 100mm wider than the standard axles that came originally with the trucks. Which reminds me I still have the original axles here not being utilised. Might have to do something about that soon after @Pari does some further tests 😉
  13. bakersdozen


    @roblukin's one finger salute!
  14. @SoutherlyBusterneeds to see this one.
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