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  1. Hi @timG Sorry to hear you've snapped your board, mate. Trampa decks have a good reputation for kite landboarding and maybe the only option still available for you in the UK, as most of the other manufacturers are now not producing carbon decks anymore. For maximum pop, you'd want a flexible deck - but the great thing about Trampa is that they can customise a deck based on your weight and preferences. This will ensure that you will get enough pop, without snapping the deck - obviously all based on your weight. Shoot them an email with your preferences and your weight and they will come ba
  2. Looks like that's the exact day we will be moving house, given the current schedule at this stage. Although I'm frothing for a session, will have to play it by ear.
  3. @Pari if you just type in the " @ " and then wait for a bit and type in the first few letters of the member you want to tag - the forum should automatically start to find those usernames. Depending on what device you are using - it may be slightly different behavior. Let us know if it works for you.
  4. Wonderful work there mate! Look what @Parihas started.
  5. Great video! love the different angles, very dreamy vibe along with the soundtrack. What type of 360 camera are you running?
  6. Please see if you can post those pictures in a format we can see - we can help you better that way. Sounds like a good plan. Just ensure that your bearings will be able to fit both your rims and your trucks both ways. Sounds like good progress !!
  7. Hi Renato, You don't want to use these tyres to kite with. They are filled with foam and therefore have no give in them for different surfaces. You will slide across the grass and dig into the gravel/sand. If you want to consider using granny wheels, I would save for a landboard with suitable trucks and appropriate sized axles to install pump up tyres onto. You will be much better off and glad you made the effort.
  8. Thanks for sharing your story @Bommi ! Have you tried to reach out to Trampa and tell them what you are trying to achieve? Based on your weight and preferences, they may be able to customise a board for you ie. ply layers and drill patterns etc. The Holypro 35° you tried may have been a 17ply (maximum stiffness and weight), so it still may suit you in a lighter ply. Also to cut some weight off, you can trim the board down - there are heaps of posts on here about people doing that in the past. Failing that, you can always look into DIY - @plummet on here made his own carbon fibre board some yea
  9. Hi Henrik, and welcome to Extreme Kites. Where are you from and what is your story? Have you tried for anything suitable from Trampa? They have a small, but customisable, selection for kiteboard specific decks; https://trampaboards.com/kiteboard-decks-c-233.html
  10. Dude, where's the fun in buying them?? Your supposed to bowl over old grannies and pinch them, while they are down 😝 ..or did @plummet teach me the wrong way?
  11. bakersdozen

    Pimped Boards

    Most of the boards from THE pimped board thread
  12. Here's mine. Started life as a GI Flight Lite. Then velcro bindings, revos and granny wheels were added (good old MBS 3 spoke hubs). Then after some time, I had longer axles made up 100mm wider. Then a make-over with the board being patched up a little and carbon fibre vinyl wrapped, new grip tape & Trampa grab handle added. The most recent addition was MBS F5 bindings.
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