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  1. Don't know if you want to post to US, but might be worth tossing a post up on PKF for sale section - there are a few folks out west that love these kites. Sorry to hear that you won't be kiting any more.
  2. Totally out of luck. Warranty is only 7 years, 364 days. They obviously don't stand behind their products.
  3. Look for hard pack sand and low tide usually. If all you have is soft sand, you can get 9 or 10 inch tires and be able to move in softer sand (look up granny tires here and you will find plummet and baker's 10 inch tire boards). You need much less kite size on land (less resistance than water). Keep the kite high if you're hitting soft sand and plowing in. Have fun!
  4. @72hundred Those Kite College vids are good. I found Progression to be well worth the $, they go through everything in excruciating detail. The sections where they point out everything you can do wrong are particularly helpful. Some of this guy's vids on launching, landing, setting up are worth a watch: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7xlkRmlJK58p_0zkBvaC2A/videos Lots of others with varying degrees of usefulness. @RedSky I'll see about posting some stuff at some point. I have a GoPro, but see it as more of a distraction, so almost never use it. And I'm pretty happy in light w
  5. Yeah, Had a great time on the 12m on an inlet in @18 - 24. All came back pretty quick. I realized I hadn't flown it in almost a year. Everything is so much easier on water powered up in a little wind. Will be a bit lighter today and tomorrow, but will hopefully get out both days. Don't do as much land boarding in the summer - they close off most of the beaches here for the birds and swimmers. Looking forward to your next edit, first one was fantastic. Not usually a fan of that type of music, but it fit perfectly, watched it 5 times in a row @72hundred I've not flown a switchblade, b
  6. I am however stalking @RedSky! We need another 360 video! But seriously, take my advice as beginner stuff as it's still somewhat fresh in my mind, but take all these guys advice as gold. I'd suggest (this is completely obvious, but has to be said anyway) taking it out the first few times way at the bottom of the wind window in somewhat steady winds if you can. The smaller sizes will launch in lighter winds than the charts specify, but have no power, so you can get to know how to fly it before you go white knuckling in a gale I understand you're in a secluded spot, but if you can fin
  7. Heya @72hundred! Not stalking you, I just happen to love this site... I'm sure others with more experience will jump in here, but 6m sounds kinda small. Generally, you want to choose your first kite for the most prevalent wind in your location, then go down or up from there. If 4-6 bft is your usual conditions, an 8m maybe seems like the call? Maybe 12-8-6 eventually? If wind is more consistent at the lower end of your spectrum, you will struggle with a smaller kite. If its generally at the higher end you will get overpowered on a bigger kite. Whatever you end up getting, just keep it in
  8. Ah, makes sense. Didn't realize that stuff weighed so much.
  9. How does the weight of this cloth compare to the weight of whatever they use on light weight foil cloth (like FS dlx?). Would be pretty great to have a foil that doesn't take in water, is even lighter, and is rip proof. Either way, stuff sounds awesome if it works as advertised. Will have to start riding LEI again.
  10. jeffnyc

    Sysmic S3

    https://www.revolve-wheel.com Website is the absolute worst sort of corporate hipster technobabble imaginable, but there ya go... foldable wheels. Do like the guy in the video and steal a set off a wheelchair.
  11. Whoa Chook - those beans worked! More km in one day than I've done since I started! Knew a hang glider pilot that used to attach a catheter tube to a condom for those long flights. If anyone following Chook feels a soothing golden mist, you'll know why... And if you start seeing little speed bumps you'll know his assless chaps and the hole in the seat is working.
  12. jeffnyc

    Landboard Pimping 2

    That is an insanely beautiful board! Really well done.
  13. Wow! That makes a lot of sense now... I was a photo retoucher for a long time, and I could find no trace of editing on those photos yesterday. I seriously couldn't figure out how they did it other than it was real, and I didn't totally believe that - I mean, who would go to all that trouble? Their ad copy on the web page totally cracks me up... "scare the hell out of your competitors" ?
  14. Were you also able to find the crab?
  15. If that comes with a bar it seems like a great price to me (if it's AU) - looks pretty clean/crispy. And a great kite to learn on. Same age as you, but quite a bit heavier at 85kg. For me the absolute best kite to learn on has been the PL Phantom 1. The auto zenith works spectacularly (you let go of the bar, it makes it's way right to the top of the window), you can let go of the bar and the kite just sits there - great when I was snow kiting and figuring out how to get into bindings, or when trying to balance on your ATB to start. It's also super smooth with power, so you don't get jerk
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