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Found 9 results

  1. Hi, i am new to the forum, apologies if the questions is a bit dumb... I am 85kg with gear, flying inland (old airfield, hard surface, but grassy) in usually gusty, shifty winds (gust factor ~20-25%, but can be 50% or higher also). Preferred to go landboarding, but later might opt for a buggy also… Looking for a new kite (at least for me) with good gust handling for wind range 3-5kn up to 25-30kn. Options I have in mind: 1. Flysurfer Peak in 6m or 9m size (new or 2nd hand) 2. Gin Shaman (2nd hand) 3. HQ Empulse 10m (2nd hand) 4. Ozone Explore V2 8m (2nd hand, like new) 5. Born kite LongStar 3 in 5.5m or 8.5m size (new) 6. Born kite RaceStar+ in 5.5m size (new) 7. PL Phantom II 15m (2nd hand) Due to gusty winds, the Phantom would be a good choice – I’ve read reviews about how well the Phantom/ARC can handle gusts, but I also know that it flies better above 10kn (not really a low wind kite). Can it be used in lower winds (4-7kn) with longer lines (30-40m)? Some comments on different forums also mentioned, that the newer single skin kites can provide similar gust handling as old ARCs, but with much less fuss about preparation. --> SS seems quite a good option. Born kites – I am a bit thinking if I could get on with a 1 kite quiver with a 5.5 RS+ given the wide wind range (4-26kn showed on manufacturer webpage). Is it possible to cruise on landboard with a 5m RS+ in 4-10 kn of wind if you work the kite a bit / or with using longer lines? Or better opting for a 2 kite quiver? What is the useful range of LS and RS+ kites with landboard? Is it possible to jump with a SS kite if you loop it? Any suggestions / comments welcome! Have a nice ride!
  2. So @SoutherlyBuster and I were out landboarding at Brighton beach today and we were having a blast. We first did the big upwind trudge all fine, some jumps and such along the way. Then came the high speed down winder. I was ripping along having a great time when out of nowhere my front left wheel came off!! My axle immediately dug into the ground and I kept going, (doing about 40km/h+). I did a full 360 while being dragged along, hitting my leg, back and head with some pretty decent force. Luckily I still had control of the kite and could bring it back to a zenith. So, why did my wheel come off? Well when I took a closer look at the wheel that had rolled off it had a mighty hot, seized bearing. My guess is that it rubbed against the lock nut until it came off. I was damn glad I was wearing my helmet because I hit the hard packed sand really hard, and the GoPro recorded the lot! You can see the huge mark it made on my helmet: So, moral of the story: Keep tabs on your wheel bearings and always wear a helmet. Oh, and I'm editing the footage at the moment so it will be up later.
  3. As per title. Where to go on the northerly around Melbourne? Cheers Pete
  4. The 3rd edition of Flymasters was held at IJmuiderslag (I have absolutely no idea how to pronounce that!) in the Netherlands on October 25th. Here is a brilliant vid of the event put together by Micha van Duinen
  5. Hi Guys! I just wanted to share my entry into the cometition from powerkiter.fr - it's from my summer Holiday @‌Rømø, Denmark: I'm up against some seriously hardcore kiters (Abe Alzouman and Kris Beech to name a few) so I could use some backup :-) The more views the better, so I hope you enjoy it (And don't Watch too many of the compitetions) :-D Oh a presentation of me and the video can be found here: http://www.powerkiter.fr/content/76-morten-klingenberg-landkite-video-contest //M
  6. Does anyone know where this is? https://vimeo.com/801147 I've had a search on this forum and the link to locations seems to be broken, does anyone know where I can find info on where to landboard around sydney? I live near botany bay (bexley) so spots down south would be awesome. So far i've found, correct me if i am wrong please Salt pan Reserve - Riverwood NW-SW, 7 Mile beach Gerroa, S-NE Stockton Beach - what part? I seem to remember the sand being soft here for a land board S-NE Yarra Bay, Is the spot the park that I see on google maps behind the bay, I assume SW-S Wanda Kurnell Thanks Daz
  7. RaceKites

    MBS Comp 16

    After a bunch of research (including reading all the reviews on RaceKites.com) I finally selected a Mountain Board to kite with. I purchased the MBS Comp 16 from an online retailer in the US. It was delivered today. My first impression is one of quality, detail in constructions, and that this board is substantial. I had never had the opportunity to actually see a board in person. They are large and pretty heavy! Although the board itself is smaller than a snowboard, the total package with trucks and wheels very closely resembles a snowboard. It feels like one, too. On first blush, it has the same ride and manners as my favorite snowboards. The Comp 16 is springy, yet very solid. The bindings are well designed and very comfortable. The deck is thicker than I expected, but feels lively and has plenty of "feel" to it. More in my detailed review... Since the UPS man delivered it just today (a day early none the less), I obviously need to spend some "quality" time with it, but I already think I am falling in love! Details: Board The board is a wood core board with composite cap much like a snowboard, but upside down. I can say this not because I have read any marketing info on the board (which I have), but because I can actually see through the board in some of the holes drilled to adjust the bindings. I will get more into the bindings, next. The board has nice clean graphics involving a Raven (I love Ravens) and is blue. The construction looks to be top-shelf although if I lived in a ocean climate, I would probably spend a little time making sure all the holes for inserts and the binding are sealed. They are not currently. I am excited to see how the board slides on rails and other "features". The cap on the bottom of the board has a glossy finish, but I wonder how hard it is and if it will be grabby. The top of the deck has two grip tape foot pads. Trucks The bindings are metal and composite and have a very different design than my traditional skateboard trucks. They use dual coil springs with elastomer "egg" shocks inside the springs. I have the yellow egg shock. I guess the orange egg is stiffer. The tension in the spring adjustable via some bolts that protrude up through the deck. When you tighten them down, the bolt top moves down toward the surface of the deck. I have not adjusted the tension of the Matrix trucks and am waiting to get some time on the board before I do any adjustment or tweaking. The axel of the Matrix trucks is a solid bar of metal that will allow for grinds. I am interested to see how the polymer base holds up. The range of motion of the trucks is less than on a traditional skateboard. I am interested to see how the board turns. Bindings The bindings are a pretty simple affair, but seem to be well constructed. There are two (each) metal, L-shaped plates that serve as the attachment bases for the binding strap.The strap itself is comprised of plastic, rubber, and high density foam. There is a racheting mechanism that allows for pretty precise adjustment. I wonder how much I will adjust the bindings and whether the ease of adjustment will actually become a bother if I accidently change the setting after finding the perfect tension. The buckle itself seems to be better than my snowboard bindings. I am interested to see how it holds up. Wheels The wheels and tires are polymer and rubber, respectively. I understand the tire has an inner tube. We will see how well they endure the goathead thorns that plague my bike tires. I better Slime the tires ASAP! The manual suggests a lower inflation pressure to keep speeds down. This concept seems less applicable to my intended use with a kite. The tread pattern is knobby with a center strip that is continuous. This makes the wheel suprisingly smooth and quiet on the hard surface of my garage floor. Summary I am impressed with the Comp 16. Having only seen photos and video of the board, I don't have much to compare it to in the mountainboard marketplace, but based on my 20 year experience with snowboards and skateboards, it seems to be well built utilizing technology I am familiar and comfortable with. The trucks are of a modified design compared to what I am used to, but appear to be well built. I am excited about my new acquisition and look forward to hundreds of hours of fun, ahead! I will post updates to this review after I have some time on the board. By : diablo943
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