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  1. Thanks for the replies! I am not a full beginner, but still have a lot to learn. Have already experience with an Ozone Flow 4m kite on handles, however don't really like the on/off power of the fixed bridle kite when the winds are getting higher or the gust factor is 50% or more. Also have tried couple of times a 9m foil kite from a friend - it was nice, but only started going ~13-15kn of wind and it was a bit frightening when at the same time the gusts were around 23-25kn. At the moment I would opt for a beginner/novice kite that would handle well in the 8-20kn range. I assume a 12-14m kite should be the size?
  2. Hi, i am new to the forum, apologies if the questions is a bit dumb... I am 85kg with gear, flying inland (old airfield, hard surface, but grassy) in usually gusty, shifty winds (gust factor ~20-25%, but can be 50% or higher also). Preferred to go landboarding, but later might opt for a buggy also… Looking for a new kite (at least for me) with good gust handling for wind range 3-5kn up to 25-30kn. Options I have in mind: 1. Flysurfer Peak in 6m or 9m size (new or 2nd hand) 2. Gin Shaman (2nd hand) 3. HQ Empulse 10m (2nd hand) 4. Ozone Explore V2 8m (2nd hand, like new) 5. Born kite LongStar 3 in 5.5m or 8.5m size (new) 6. Born kite RaceStar+ in 5.5m size (new) 7. PL Phantom II 15m (2nd hand) Due to gusty winds, the Phantom would be a good choice – I’ve read reviews about how well the Phantom/ARC can handle gusts, but I also know that it flies better above 10kn (not really a low wind kite). Can it be used in lower winds (4-7kn) with longer lines (30-40m)? Some comments on different forums also mentioned, that the newer single skin kites can provide similar gust handling as old ARCs, but with much less fuss about preparation. --> SS seems quite a good option. Born kites – I am a bit thinking if I could get on with a 1 kite quiver with a 5.5 RS+ given the wide wind range (4-26kn showed on manufacturer webpage). Is it possible to cruise on landboard with a 5m RS+ in 4-10 kn of wind if you work the kite a bit / or with using longer lines? Or better opting for a 2 kite quiver? What is the useful range of LS and RS+ kites with landboard? Is it possible to jump with a SS kite if you loop it? Any suggestions / comments welcome! Have a nice ride!
  3. Hi, I would be interested.
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