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  1. Yea its a great spot, no bears this time, tracks and poop everywhere where we skid out. The was a wolverine cruising around near our camp, looks like it had found a goose.
  2. Thompson pass, Apr 1-10 2022 Snow, wind, mountains, great people, more snow, lots of wind, kites, paraglders, speed gliders, ski planes, way more snow, bonfires, fluffy dogs, kite gliding, ridge soaring, exploring, big mountains, glaciers, RV camping, snowkite races, big mountain races, snowkite clinics, para/speedwing clinics, live band party, gear raffle, big auroras. Good times. Tom 6M explore.mp4 Tom loveland.mp4 pillowsled.mp4
  3. May 2022 Cy Conrad & Gav Mulvay. Double traverse from Exit glacier 7 days, fly in ski out, 1 big angry storm in a small flappy tent. Good times. cruzin.mp4
  4. Hey Pele. Ive used a 10 inch hub motor in a buggy, it worked great but was pretty heavy. Climbing sand dunes with a kite and full throttle front wheel spin is great. It was a gearless motor, they have no freewheel so there's some extra friction at high speed. I see there's 8in versions available now, haven't tried any. https://www.aliexpress.com/wholesale?catId=0&initiative_id=SB_20220725012117&SearchText=hub+motor+8+inch&spm=a2g0o.productlist.1000002.0 Geared is lighter and no friction but i haven't seen them in 8 inch. Could use a small geared 350w bike hub motor and replace the spokes with 3d printed wide 8in rim. Hub motors all have plain steel axles so they dont love salt water. I use a home made friction drive kit now, can keep it in a dry bag until its needed, and swap it between bike and buggy.
  5. Hi Mate,


    I saw that you have some buggy parts for sale (this time last year)

    you put up some wheels, I am really keen to find out where you got them from, I am doing a project and those wheels are perfect for what is required.


    I'm not so much keen on the tyres, but the wheels themselves.


    see attached pic




  6. We can ship bigfoots to Aus. ATV wheels are heavier because you need a hub with wheel studs, and alloy wheels are heavier than plastic, most buggy wheels are made for golf carts, or lawn equipment. some pics attached, the smooth tyres are duros , the ribbed tyres are kenda beach racers.
  7. Theres bare composite axles in- 1m x 31.6mm, carbon or red or blue/kevlar finish, $60ea (fits inside 35mm steel tube). 1.3m x 31.6mm, carbon finish $80ea 1.4m x 35mm, carbon kevlar hybrid finish, NZ made $120, 1 available. fits 37mm tube, have enough fittings to complete.
  8. The end plates are all 20mm, some are stub axle style, some are bolt style. Not angled but I have seen people shim them for camber.
  9. The seats are great, lots of adjustment so they fit most things, 4x removable side pads. I only have bare composite axels in 1.3 and 1.4m. No problem, there's plenty of seats. Email me gav@plk.nz
  10. Axles $30 ea plus freight. Length Wheel bearing size sideframe size 1.4m 20mm 25/32mm 1.4m 15mm 25/32mm 1.2m 12mm 25/32mm 1m 20mm 32mm 1m 20mm 25/32mm 1m 20mm 32mm composite ends 1m 20mm 32mm composite 1m 12mm 32mm Flexifoil width 76cm 20mm 32mm 95cm 12mm 25/32 X2 1.1m 20/12mm 25/32mm 5 wheel Downtubes $25ea 50mm gooseneck 25x50mm gooseneck. Custom gooseneck 4 wheel adaptor fork. $25 5 wheel kits various. $20 set 2x kite bike adaptors $25 8x6 3 piece wheels x4, not assembled. $25ea Nabx buggy, no downtube or fork. $100 4 wheel buggy frame $100. buggy seats $50ea Wheels and tyres various, offers. 5x duro bigfoot slicks 1x duro bigfoot slick on asymmetric rim. 2x 16x6.50-8 3x 16x6.50-8 on rims, 12mm bearings. 1x 18x8.50-8 10x 4.80x400-8
  11. There's been a few people asking advice for future buggy or bike trips.
  12. Mongolia buggy travel guide, i'll put it here so it can be found. mongolia travel.pdf
  13. outlaw

    PL HI-Arc 6m

    Sold. although I do have another one.
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