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  1. Thanks that's a great tip. I'll bear that in mind
  2. Thanks plummet for the ranges and kites very useful. Awaiting delivery now of the kite, I've some YouTube videos to catch up on!
  3. Thanks @roblukin, Don't actually know anyone - I could look into that. In the mean time any good YouTube resources? I've found https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL41dAinz_9ZeaG5FJ_XU8vyBAE_HL_Cgl which seems pretty good. Cheers @RedSky, I'll definitely post back an update once I get going with. Thanks for the drive from the airport offer - would sound amazing if it wasn't for that old thing of "work" , it seems to get in the way a lot! Cheers @jeffnyc, thanks for all the help. I'll post back alright. Really looking forward to giving it a go now.
  4. Thanks @jeffnyc, I've a huge beach usually. I'll give it a go in Bf 4 or less if it launches. I must say - I'm getting excited to try it out. It has been years since I had a new kite!
  5. Just ordered there. In the end went with 6m as this is my first LEI and first time actually strapped in so didn't want too much power. I'll keep it to high ish wind days initially and maybe if all is going well in 12 months time or so get a 9m to cover more of the range. The cost was slightly eye watering (way more than any other kite has cost me including vapour and yakuza gt), so it'll have to be around the 12 month mark before investing again (probably!)
  6. @jeffnyc Thanks no worries re the stalking, happy for the input. I think I might start with 6m, as this will be first kite and the whole point initially was to get a kite that resistant to the rain and wet sand, and rain and wet sand generally come with the higher winds in west Ireland! Thanks Oh god two votes for 8m - maybe I'll split the difference and go for 7m! Riding a Peter Lynn Comp Xr+ buggy with the wider back axle than usual with the wide wheels. I got it second hand and it has served me well so far.
  7. Thanks for replying @roblukin Given your advice, and that I'm new to LEI's I think I'll go with a 6m which should handle should be good to about 27 knots for me as it get better with it over many sessions and I can always use it lighter days initially. I'm looking specifically at the Cabrinha Switchblade at 6m's. https://www.cabrinhakites.com/products/switchblade No mention of delta on their website and they call it a "hybrid design" - so seems OK on that front. Also it gets a favorable mention here; https://www.kitesurfist.com/best-kiteboarding-kites-for-beginners/ @plummet If you're around your input much appreciated as I might order this weekend.
  8. @andy666 Thanks. What size would be reasonable for Beaufort 5 and 6 for an LEI high performance kite like a switch blade for kite buggying? (17 to 27 knots) I'm thinking of going small first and then if needed have a larger kite at a later stage for low wind conditions.
  9. Hi, Over on a different forum was sent here for advice and specifically from Plummet ( http://www.powerkiteforum.com/viewthread.php?tid=36463#pid334543 ). My post count is too low to message Plummet directly though! Basically I've been flying FB kites for kite buggying for years and getting sick of wet sand / sand ending sessions, also lulls and gusts causing issues, so over on that other thread I'm looking at a 9m Cabrinha Switchblade. My considerations are this; Solo flying possible for launches and lands (this is essential). Suitable for Beaufort 4 to 6. (9m Cabrinha is listed as 13-27 knots, Bf4 to Bf 6), although theses are probably recommendations for being on water. Increased wind range with one kite - (an improvement over FB) I've been advised to avoid classic "C" kites but instead go for a hybrid kite. I understand though that most of the modern kites would be considered hybrids. Many thanks in advance!
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