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  1. Eluder

    Sysmic S3

    Great video and nice flying
  2. @skier Is the Viron still available or has it been sold?
  3. Ahh right, That makes sense. I also learnt to fly using fixed bridle but then made the switch to bigger kites with d-power. Now after a 7 year hiatus from buggying I've found that I've lost all my confidence in flying bigger kites using d-power and because I fly alone these days I have safety concerns with flying larger d-power kites. So I figured to regain my confidence in flying d-power I should look for a small d-power kite to relearn and to regain my confidence before moving up in kite size.
  4. I'm also looking at getting a similar kite. Out of curiosity is there any particular reason why you are going for the Ozone explore over the Flysurfer peak?
  5. Hi @AndyFlyJess, Thankyou for your post it brought back some wonderful memories of your Dad. I use to fly with your Dad at Amaroo oval every weekend. In fact it was Andy who first taught me how to fly. The past 6 months I have been slowly getting back into kite bugging, when I find the time I have been heading out to Amaroo oval for a fly and even to this day I still remember the techniques that he taught me to make flying easier and safer he was a great friend a mentor. I have a lot of great memories with your father, I remember when his youngest son asked andy to wear a cape when ever he went out flying and sure enough there was andy ever weekend wearing a blue cape and flying through the air. Here are is a collection of videos of your Dad and the Canberra kiting crew back in the day. I will add some more videos to this thread later on tonight when i have some more time.
  6. Tried briskites unfortunately they are all out of stock and they don't sell much buggy gear anymore. Seems to be the case with all Australian shops. 😞
  7. Hey all, Unfortunately I have miss placed my libre Deluxe kite buggy seat so I am on the hunt for a new one. But I am struggling to find a supplier that sells them. Would anyone happen to know where I can buy one or recommend an equally good harness that I can purchase?
  8. Sad to hear that you had to give it up, All the best trevor.
  9. @bakersdozen the song is called Come up by dwonji. @.Joel Thanks for adding the logo to the files database. I will be sure to use it in my next video. I will have to try and find an ozone access. I have just been given a flexifoil blade iv 6.5m to try out. But I am a little worried that I will struggle holding onto it as I don't have a harness. The beamer goes great it was recommended to me years ago by andyfly when he was teaching me how kite such a good little kite.
  10. I had the opportunity to go out and fly the other day. Unfortunately the wind was extremely unstable but I did my best to make the most of it with such a little kite. I really need to start looking at bigger kites soon. Also would any one happen to have a high resolution of the Extreme kites logo? I would like to put the logo in my videos in the hopes that one day the videos may draw more people to kite bugging and to the forum.
  11. How many buggy flyers are there left in Canberra now. It must be just you and me bobm.
  12. Such a great package at a good price. I haven't heard of the Long Star kite brand before, How does it perform? Also would you happen to know if the composite Axel fits flexifoil buggy
  13. I agree with you there, the wind in Canberra and the lack of suitable space does make it difficult. I am thinking about taking the family to 7mile beach some time soon and do some flying there. As I don't know of any other beachs that are suitable and close to cbr
  14. Hey Bob, This was taken at amaroo oval, I use to fly there years ago. Unfortunately there has been a lot of development around the oval and it's a lot more busier these days which makes it difficult to fly on. How have you been?
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