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  1. I agree with you there, the wind in Canberra and the lack of suitable space does make it difficult. I am thinking about taking the family to 7mile beach some time soon and do some flying there. As I don't know of any other beachs that are suitable and close to cbr
  2. Hey Bob, This was taken at amaroo oval, I use to fly there years ago. Unfortunately there has been a lot of development around the oval and it's a lot more busier these days which makes it difficult to fly on. How have you been?
  3. Hey all, It's been a looong time since I have posted anything and its been even longer since I have been out flying. I've recently had the itch to take me gear out and go flying again. But unfortunately due to the poor weather recently it's been difficult to get out. The other day I brought myself a new action camera the insta 360 go 2. It's a small action camera about the size of your thumb and it only weighs a few grams. Today I decided to take it out for a test run and mount it onto my kite using the magnetic mount that comes with it, Due to the wind being very light today I could only do some static flying but I was impressed with how the camera performed. The stabilisation and horizon lock works really well and it produced some great footage. I can't wait to test it out on a beach run. If anyone is in the market for a new action camera I would highly recommend getting one of these.
  4. Hey everyone. I am after a GoPro mount to mount onto my kite so i can get some good top down footage. But i am having trouble sourcing one can someone recommend me a good line mount to use for a gopro sesson 5? Cheers,
  5. Sorry i couldn't make it as well guys. I had to work unfortunately. Downside to being a shift worker.
  6. Sorry guys I wont be able to make it that weekend unfortunately I need to work.
  7. As I am a shift worker I will have to check my roster dates
  8. No worries I will try and keep checkin on the forum to see when dates will be posted. By the do any of you guys keep in contact with jonsey anymore? Does he still fly
  9. Hey guys its been a long time since I have been on the forum and even longer since i last flew a kite. Good to see some Canberra people are still fying these days :). I am keen to get back in to it just seeing if you guys meet up regularly still and if so are there still any popular flying places around Canberra anymore? It will be good to catch up. Jake.
  10. Sounds good I am happy to have a group of get together one weekend and have a fly. Just need to work out where.
  11. Cool where abouts do you fly? I use to fly at amaroo years ago with Andy and Stu and Jonsey but these days the oval is too busy and built up.
  12. Hey Guys, I haven't flown for a few years now. Just wondering if there are anyone around Canberra who fly's still?
  13. Thanks guys!, Unfortunately on one of the days when i was in the buggy i had a cop in a four wheel drive stop me and nicely tell me i shouldn't be doing this on the beach because the beach is classified as a main road he was quite happy to let us static fly the kite but no buggy. But at least we got a good fly in while we had the chance.
  14. with the right set up you can make it work, the multirotor i am using has a DJI Naza flight controller in it which has GPS and allows me to lock position so i don't get the wind drifting me around, If only i had a camera gimbal would make for an amazing shot.
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