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  1. Hi all, Was wondering if any of those on here, have done the Yeppoon Easter trip and where/what were the best accommodation options? TIA.
  2. Hi Bob, Mate i will try to get down there that weekend (weather permitting) Cheers 🙂
  3. Hi Andy, thanks for the info. i sort of knew Brisbane was shite for buggying, but hoped to find at least an average spot not too far away. i install a/c for work and have a lot of free time in the cooler months, so free to travel, was really hoping there were at least a couple of people to gain some experience with. I will definitely try Bribie and maybe kingscliff as well. i have had a couple of lessons kite surfing, but have a dodgy knee and ankle so... sitting easier 🙂 P.s. i;d be keen on a yeppoon trip next time its happening.
  4. hi all, was wondering if there's any buggy fans in Brisbane (besides me). am new to the sport and as yet find it very difficult, as always on my own. I have a buggy and quite a quiver of 4 line kites, also have a second buggy and a couple of de-power kites on the way. Would love to meet a couple of like minded people to get some buggy experience with, and or help with motivation etc...
  5. All good mate, i have to make room for it anyway ( find a spot where the missus wont notice it) 🙂
  6. That'd be great, thank you. As long as the freight/postage cost aren't too bad i'll definitely take it. Cheers Tony Bakes.
  7. hi mate, is this still available? if so would you ship to brisbane?
  8. hi flyboy , you still got that board? price?
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