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  1. Haakon K

    Sysmic S3

    Just got an update on the S3 from Chris this weekend, there's gonna be 1 month(ish) delay because of a new model seat (some changes for the better, he assures), and the makers of these things are quite busy, as it goes. So, my sliver of hope for a last buggy ride before the winter hits Oslo seems very thin now - these last weeks has been very mild so I had my hopes up... Ah, well - that'll just make it more of a christmas present, then.
  2. Haakon K

    Sysmic S3

    I am the same situation, tried to get ahold of an S3 1 year ago. Got put on hold 'cause of supply difficulties and e-mailed Chris maybe 2 times more only to get an order in for now oct/nov shipping. You and me both. I've kinda waited 1 year already. But, now - I can't wait !! Bag's are not in stock, but I'd love to get one. Or 2 in different sizes. Chris says they might be back though 🙂 Please keep the rest of us informed if you figure modifications other ppl can benefit from also. I've ordered mine w/2 sets of wheels: 3x lightweight 'Zero gravity' rims on barrows (goo
  3. *post deleted due to unjust silliness
  4. Oh yeah! Go for it !! I put a FS Infinty 2 bar on Peak1 6m, and it really benefitted from getting a better bar. Almost like it changed into a Peak #1,5 - better control trough turns, bigger range and, [gasp] trim adjustment OTF !. I even imagined the kite lost some of its worst flutter noise when depowering. And best; you lose the 'bar-bite' that makes it very hard to turn and use depower on a Infinty 1.0. Definately a great upgrade, 50 cm is probably useful for the 6m and 9m both - YMMV. *Edit; Ah, and think about the fact that the race bar comes with thinner lines. Better perf
  5. Cool if you found something interesting! I mostly posted this because of the hilarious text in the first post, cut out from the advert for those tyres with snakeskin deco'd sidewalls. Thought it'd be something for you aussies to chew on... Cooler than whitesides?
  6. Make a striking impact, as the days of black tires come to a screeching halt. Every specialized design ignites a thrilling wave of identity. Every color roars with vivid moonlit glare. Enter the new territory of renegade rubber. It is time to fire up your image, and burn it straight into your tires. http://www.classic-cycle.de/en/Tires-Tubes-Parts/Tires/20-inch/SweetskinZ-20x2-125-Rattleback-Freestyle-Dirt.html Something for igeighty to barbeque up for your next meet? Some interesting rims and tyres on the site, BTW. 20" rims upto 132mm wide !!
  7. My humble thanks everyone, good input from good ppl. I am drawn towards the V-Max II, thinking it's more of my intended ride style. Hopefully it still turns tight. I've been getting more time now on my friends Bigfoot, really getting the hang of it I feel. Need to fly the kite with the steering wheel (lotsa steering in our shifty winds) aswell as with bar and lines. I would have to undo the rear axle of the V-Max each time for transport. But atleast you guys warned me, so I am prepared for the extra hassle. I am gonna look into different wheels probably not this season, but next ma
  8. I am looking to get my first buggy. The best value options available to me, seems to be either the Flexifoil Navaro for 500£, or Libre V-Max II for 610£, i.e. a price difference of 110£. What to expect from these two buggies in ride characteristics? Would there be any notable differences in materials/wheels/general build quality? Any opinions on longevity? I haven’t been able to find specs on wheels (both have 20mm axle), which wheel sizes do each buggy have exactly, and is any of them able to accept any bigger sizes? What’s the weight on these beauties ready to ride? Are any
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