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  1. Hey Kevin, thanks, very helpful info. It makes sense what you said about moving the foot pads out. I matched the width with my 134cm twin tip but I could tell in the very short time I tried the board out that I just couldn’t get the front end up. Need much more pressure on that back foot, so I will definitely be moving those pads further out. I’m still excited about getting some extra sessions in with this. But yes, getting good on the foil is my ultimate goal, I just need more trips to flat water spots where I can practice- hopefully this year now that travel in Australia is back on.
  2. The Flydoor arrived today. Had to have a try on it, but there was a little too much chop to get past and the front kept digging into the water, as I feared. It rides very flat and trying to pop the front over the waves proved to much. Mind the wind was really lite, maybe 9 knots. I think I have a bit of learning to do with it. But I was surprised at how quick I shot off once I was up on the board, so I'm hopeful that it will find a place on those days when the water is flatter and the wind 10knots up. It's a nice looking board, must say. Feels very big, especially next to my everyday
  3. Oh, I wasn’t asking so much about riding waves, I get it that it’s too flat a board for that. More just asking how do you find it in the chop and general swell. Are you still down Balina way? If so I’m guessing you have similar conditions to me- waves you have to get through. Just wondering what it’s like with a big, flat board in those situations. I guess I’m going to find out soon enough. Mind you I’m not liking thought of going out in this cold!
  4. Thanks for that info. Yeah, 170 is big. I might have seen the same board for sale, there was a Flydoor 4 on seabreeze that I almost went for. but I didn't like the look of the big fin in the middle for shallow water. My main concern is how it will perform in waves, I doubt I'll be doing much flat water riding- sometimes we get a bit of flat water in Kingy when the tide is out. How did you find it in waves?
  5. Last season was one of the worst for years. I'd planned to get more practice in on the foil board but that didn't happen. I blame the wind condition of course 😉. Nah, just so frickin' hard and I didn't get enough time on flat water conditions. Anyway I want an easier, more immediate solutions to get out in those really low wind days so I have a new Flydoor 6 on it's way. Once I get a bit of time on it I'll report back, maybe a little review. Has anyone had experience with the Flydoors? I'd be keen to hear what you think of them.
  6. There seems to be a move to more minimal design in a lot of products generally, clean and simple- from fonts and graphic design, to interior and industrial design, but there are probably some advantages too, to the construction of some of the kites.
  7. Seems the trend for all kites is this really minimal, linear style of graphics. This seems especially so when you look at Ozone or Duotone for example. But yeah, the Speed 3 was a really nice looking kite.
  8. This answers my question. Our Kite Life review. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/0vja9KhCOzY" title="YouTube video player" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  9. I just watched the new Soul video from Flysurfer and it has a new colour scheme. Does anyone know if there have been any upgrades to the kite?
  10. Looking forward to seeing those pics!
  11. Thanks @SoutherlyBuster, yes it was a bit of a stretch that an old 5m FS would be OK for a wave kite. But I never heard back from the seller anyway.
  12. Thanks dude. Yeah I put this up on the ‘pimped’ thread also. I think I didn’t understand- there’s a gallery? Oh, great and thanks
  13. Hey @plummet, how’s it? I’m not seeing notifications for some unknown reason, so sorry for delayed response. I’ve just finished MK1 of my board rebuild. Here are some pics. I’ve put a more detailed description on the ‘Pimped Boards’ thread.
  14. OK folks, here is some proper home grown board porn for you. wheels and truck housings are 3D printed in PETG and ASA respectively. The grab handle is printed from Nylon/carbon fibre filament. The top of the deck has had a new coat of epoxy as the original clear wrap delaminated. The deck has been reshaped, loosing quite a bit of weight, plywood sides sealed with polyurethane varnish. The bottom of the deck has had one layer, all over and a second layer in the middle section for reinforcement, of uni-directional carbon fibre. Unfortunately here I had ran out of peel ply and w
  15. Thanks for that. I haven't heard back from the seller yet.
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