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  1. Same as the title WTB Flysurfer 10m SOUL
  2. Straps are a must for any kind of traction, and you need to have a wide stance to have good balance, so find what stance feels right and work backwards from there, adding the diameter of the tires, to work out your board length. I don't know anything about NASA kites. But it helps if you have a kite that allows a certain amount of going up wind, a kite that flies forward when you are tacking. You'd might be better off getting a decent traction kite either on a bar or handles but I can't say for sure as I've never flown a NASA kite.
  3. You really need a plywood for the deck so you have more strength running in two directions. Good job on getting it together @Renato Borowski Filho
  4. So I got back from my Kitesurfing trip last night. Five days of great kiting and a few aches and pains. The last day was an unexpected gift as I only drove to Thoedolite Creek, Woodgate, to say my farewells and have one more look at what’s got to be one of my favourite kite spots to date. But the wind gods were on my side despite what the forecast was showing and I had the best session of the trip before the drive home. I spent the first day at Elliot heads and the rest at Thoedolite, driving there and back from Bundy. It really is a beautiful kite spot. For anyone wanting to learn on f
  5. I got to Bundaberg, yesterday, Wednesday, evening. I’m staying at a backpackers as it’s only 20km to Elliot Heads. Another session saved by the Soul 12m. Very light wind, maybe 8-10kn. But still really easy to get up on the board and planing along. Having Some food, then try the twin tip, but wind is still a bit low. Should be better tomorrow. Day 1 pics:
  6. Thanks @bakersdozen, that worked. haha
  7. Just a posting question. How do you refer to another member and get that highlighted, example - @Pari or @membersname?
  8. I don't know either of these tires. I think the one with the tread is the same dimensions as mine, but just more rugged. What I do know is that the smooth tires, with less tread, are better for the hard to medium sand as they do not break up the sand. But for the other terrains you listed- well I suppose the tire with the tread might be best, just a guess. I don't think you'll get the perfect tire for all the terrains listed, just a compromise. I'd also be mindful of weight. These tires look very heavy. The ones that I have and others like @Plummet and @bakersdozen , are the lighter of th
  9. I'm planning another few days up at these locations again- Need to get away, been in Kingy to much. I'll try to get some pics this time.
  10. Nice one. I can see this, making our own board parts, becoming more common as access to home digital manufacturing is adopted more. BTW- ABS is notorious for warping unless in an enclosed printer set up and can also have split layers for the same reason. If you have any troubles, I can highly recommend PETG. Easy to print, good impact resistance, cheaper and plenty strong for this application. Well done dude.
  11. So these don't work for the Soul, about a month of use from new. I JUST BOUGHT FOUR OF THESE, GONNA GIVE THEM A GO.
  12. These look interesting, from Wichard Single plain bearing block - Stainless steel sheave 12 - Fixed eye
  13. Haha, that never occurred to me but thanks for the tip, I’ll keep it for next time I need a set!
  14. You should get yourself some black granny tires to complete the coolness factor. This is the Aliexpress place. You get tire and tubes so it works out a good deal. But if you order more than two at a time you get stung for a lot of postage, but up to two and postage is cheap. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000910816058.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.382a648eif8pFD
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