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  1. oops, I'm back in nz now
  2. Yip, these soldier craps need training, they don't run as fast as they use too. Oh well at least the sea gulls are happy
  3. Everyone use to stay at Driftwood motel
  4. It doesn't look like T and I can make it this year ? T has a stomach problem and now has a NJ tube for feeding . It doesn't stop her from kitebiking and kitesurfing tho, but we can't get travel insurance with it as we are still under the care of the hospital.
  5. Two beautiful weeks at Yeppoon with awesome kiting friends, plus the proud moments of helping and watch my daughter Theresa learn how to use a depower kite and the painful road of mastering the art of kitebiking, which Theresa did to the highest level by breaking two World records. it's time to head home today, till next year http://popeyethewelder.com/archives/16184
  6. A couple of snaps for you to ponder on and why didn't you book your holidays for Easter in this beautiful location ? Another awesome day with good friends
  7. Don't laugh about this too hard as you are going to need it. I used a full wet suit and dive booties in my kitebike WR 95.6 kmh to reduce drag
  8. You have Crocs there ! I think, I'll leave the foil board at home now and stick with kitebiking ?
  9. Yeah flight aren't cheap this year , I had to push the dates out two extra days each end to get down from $1200 to $850, I really don't mind staying 4 more days ? March 28 till April 23 < my b.day sitting in airports
  10. Easter is just around the corner guys and girls, so get your shit together and I'll see ya there ? Don't forget to bring your best Hawaiian shirt. I'll bring the pink tutu for you to wear if you don't have a Hawaiian shirt ?
  11. gannet

    Carbon Axle

    Hopefully that helps The grub screw goes into the s/s tube , carbon tube and s/s pipe, but not the nuts. I get the cabon tube from C-Tech nz. I use a thick wall carbon tube so it only flexs on a hard landing and will not break or bend like s/s. I've made foil shape axles before and they work very well, just a shit load more work to make the end plugs and mount to side rails. And before you ask NO I'm way to busy, making a E-Foil at the mo
  12. I was told back when it started, they were night bugging in the dark , no lights. All you could see from camp was a blob and arms with handles which looked like antlers / moose going past
  13. I traveled with Qantas 30 kg each way NZ to Yeppoon and left my kitebike at my Dad place in Yeppoon for next year ? I put the call out for spare buggys in NZ and there are about 4 buggys here that people willing to let you guys use. Most of them are the smaller PL type tho. Al has the bigger buggy that Chook used. I know what's like using someone else's buggy it's like borrowing someone else's underpants! they just don't fit as nice as your own ? They are enough bigfoot wheels here, so you dont need to bring them
  14. Travel insurance with sporting accidents cover. And bring your best Hawaiian shirt as they stand out when night buggying, Actually they just stand out anywhere ?
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