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  1. Bump.......C4 13m sold and payed for two days ago, to me..... PM'd Dave....please respond????
  2. Hey Dude did I insult you? At least acknowledge the PM.
  3. I have been jumping "badly" in my buggy for about a year and its starting to show as you can see in the pic the front wheel is skewed and the rear axle is bent slightly. I have decided to modify a second buggy in these areas in an attempt to stop the buggy getting damaged from bad/heavy landings. After doing some research into the different ways other people modified there buggies it became apparent that most people do there own thing. If you look at other buggies on the beach or in the forums this becomes obvious quite quickly. So it really is a bit of an open book as far as what is
  4. Stu who needs mates. Bump for top quality gear. Buy with confidence.
  5. Totally awesome Sam. You have improved so much in a short time. These guys dont see how much you push yourself and the effort you put in. Keep it up dude.
  6. What does this improve on the kite?
  7. That is a nice set up there Chris B. What spreader bar are you using?
  8. I'm the same weight as you and I had a similar problem to you. After a lot of deliberation i went for the flight light, just over the trampa. The decision was down to the weight of the trampa deck I am more than happy with the GI and would recommend it to anyone.
  9. i flew this kite last night and its very floaty> Top condition so buy with confidence
  10. What condition is the kite in?
  11. Awesome kite you wont regret getting this. Fantastic on the board. Mine is turning into my one kite quiver.
  12. Looks real nice there rededdy. What grab handle is that? What is the distance between the boltdown holes? I am looking for a grab handle to fit my flite light.
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